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The Office Girl

Scott woke with a startle… “Shit!” he thought, “I’m late for work”. He looked over at the time, it was only 3am.. “bugger” he muttered… He lay there for a bit and images of the office girl Dianne were swirling around in his mind. He hadn’t touched his wife in over 6 months, since he had started his devious plan to seduce the new office manager and laying there thinking about her had his cock stiffening and before too long he was fully erect.. “Fuck me, what am i gonna do with this”? he thought to himself.

“Shit…. ” Scott wasn’t interested in wanting to tap the missus or wank it off, but his member was now hard as rock and was starting to gently pump n pulsate. The temptation was there, but he refrained hoping it would go down.
He couldn’t lay there any longer, so he got up. He glanced at the time, 3. 30am. “Hmm…” he wondered if Dianne was asleep or laying there pondering her future.

She was 5 years younger than him, he had known of her through a friend who was seeing her and who he had told was too young at the time to be fucking her, but incidentally had ended up fucking this girl and impregnating her at a young age, when she was 16. That was 18 years ago. Scott had always thought she was a gorgeous looking girl, long brunette hair and deliciously brown eyes.

She was about 5′ 9″ and slender and really held herself well. Scott never consciously flirted with her or made any effort to associate with her over the years, but was aware that she was around in the town and enjoyed looking at her even though there was no real friendship.
Dianne’s resume came across his desk for an admin position at his work one day and a little wicked thought crossed his mind.

He had to have this girl working here with him, just the eye candy was enough to stimulate his boring days at work. His cock was still rock hard and the thought of that beautiful brunette wasn’t helping it go down.
“Fuck this” he thought. He put on his tracksuit and a jumper and decided to go for a walk. It was difficult to walk with nothing holding his cock back and the soft fleece lining was only aggravating his already throbbing head to no end.

Scott had decided to change his walk route and by the time he reached his destination, his precum had started dripping down his leg…

Scott stood outside Dianne’s bedroom window and regained his breath. He had no idea why he was there, but something inside of him just told him it was right. He had been putting in some substantial time flirting and working towards seducing her and it felt right to be standing here.

He moved to where he could the kitchen light on through the front door glass. Her partner usually started work around 4am so he knew that he’d be gone soon enough. Scott waited eagerly for him to leave, he had sat down on the verandah bench to wait, anxiously looking over his shoulder to ensure that people couldn’t make out his silhouette against the house.. it wouldn’t be long now… The lights went out.. Scott heard a vehicle start up, he smiled to himself, he knew that he had a window of no more than 2 hours before his wife woke up.

He put his plan into action.
The car drove out of the drive as Scott walked up to the front door, he made sure that he was in the shadows as the partner sped away..
His hand grabbed the lever and he pushed it down.. the door came ajar..Scott’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest ‘What now?’ he thought.. He never imagined he’d get this far thinking that the front door would be locked but his throbbing member pulsating with the beats of his heart bought him round to what he was there for, ‘this is fucking exciting’ Scott thought to himself.

He cautiously stepped into the house testing for squeaking floorboards.. nothing… “You beauty” he thought.. He closed the door behind him. He was in.
Scott knew where Dianne’s bedroom was as they had discussed the layout of her house for renovations etc. He made his way there, treading carefully.. his heart was still racing like crazy and his cock was that hard he didn’t even know it was there…
He got down on the ground and crawled until he found the edge of the bed… he was starting to get really anxious now, this was unbelievable, he couldn’t believe his luck at how far he had gone, he knew now that there was no turning back.

He felt up on the bed slowly feeling in the dark, and found her foot. He froze. She didn’t stir. His cock pulsated… his courage had grown and was feeling more ambitious. He slid his hand under the covers up to her knee feeling the softness of her skin, where he paused and listened to her breathing, ‘no change’ he thought.. suddenly she moved. ‘Fuck! I’m done for here’ he thought. She rolled over onto her back with her legs wide apart, ‘this is getting easier so it’s now or never’ and he quickly drove his hand up and stopped, cupping her mound.

No movement whatsoever.. Scott couldn’t suppress the smile on his face and thinking how awesome this was. He pulled out his cock. “Shit this is the hardest mongrel I’ve hard for ages” he thought. He was a modest 8 inches and a knob as big as a crab apple, he firmed the grip n started working the flange over. Dianne started to stir a little and he stopped. She whispered.. “don’t stop”. Scott wasn’t sure if she was dreaming or if she was talking to him (or partner) so he continued.

He started working his thumb over her bud of pleasure, receiving a moan for his attention. He stopped stroking his cock because he was going to shoot the load all over the side of the bed and he wasn’t keen on wasting it there or having to clean it up properly to hide the evidence of his invasion.
Scott started stroking down her pussy, he massaged her lips softly, softly until he felt the secretion of her excitement.. her fluid was thick n slimy and he found the centre of it and slid his thick middle finger inside her.

Dianne arched her back n moaned louder. Dianne was tight and hot inside… her insides clamped around his finger holding it in. He worked her hole slowly, just gently easing the finger in and out, slowly increasing the lubrication that was building. Scott slid in his index finger and worked her opening a little more easing the muscles into relaxation he then followed with his ring finger, Dianne took them all and pushed hard down on them, her moaning was becoming louder now, so Scott eased off, he pulled them out all at once, leaving her glistening hole gaping.

“she’s good and relaxed’ he thought, and smiled at how much of a deviant he was becoming. Dianne whimpered at the sudden removal of the fulfilling feeling and searched to have her void filled again.
Scott thought long and hard about his next move, ‘Fuck this’ Scott said and stripped back the covers. He exposed Dianne’s body to the night air and proceeded to finger her again, one, two, three, her gaping hole took them easily she bought her knees up to her chest, opening her hole even more, four.

“shit” Scott thought and proceeded to feed her ferociously hungry pussy with most of his hand “Surely she must wake up now” he thought as the motion of most of his hand found its way in and out of her. Dianne was still out to it. This got the better of Scott, so he pulled out his wet n slimy digits and drove his throbbing dripping cock inside her, “This will wake her” he thought, but still nothing.

She started fucking his pole like it was her last and moaning very loud. He grabbed a pillow and put over her face, this drove her wild and she bucked and rocked and really thrust her hips back n forth working his full length. Scott couldn’t hold out and just as he was about to cum she squirted, this tipped him over the edge and he shot ropes and ropes of sticky hot cum deep inside her.

He let his full weight fall on her while he gathered his breath, reality kicked in. ” Fuck, I better get the fuck outta here”. Dianne still hadn’t woke. “What the fuck was going on?” Scott wondered as he pulled his cock out of her oozing cum soaked hole and got off the bed. He was still hard, and needed more attention. He gently grabbed her face and guided his manhood into her mouth, she took it and saw that she smiled when she tasted her own juices and his cum mixed together.

Scott couldn’t believe his luck, here was the office hotty sporting his semen and now sucking him clean after fucking her. She sucked his cock like a baby on a tit and then gobbled it all right to his balls, Scott didn’t have to wait long, and he fired another load deep into her mouth, she gagged a little but she swallowed it all…. she still hadn’t woken up.
Scott got up from the bed and looked down at the still frame of Dianne.

This is the oddest thing, so he started touching her tits cupping the B cups. She had nipples that were half inch thick and about 3/4 inch long. Scott started sucking them making them hard, he wanted to spend more time here taking advantage of this sleeping beauty, but a quick check of his watch said it was 4. 30pm. “It’s only been an hour” he thought and in a flash Scott was hard again, he had time for one more fuck.

He gently rolled Dianne over onto her stomach and tucked her knees up under her belly into doggy position, her cunt was dribbling both his and her fluids and Scott just drove his thickened member deep into her, she let out an almighty groan as the thickened cock split her open, even after the finger and cock fucking she was still fairly tight. Scott thrust his cock in and out and used his thumb to manipulate her arsehole.

She was loosening up, he lubed her anus with their fluids and he pulled out his member and rubbed her anus with his head. Slowly he teased it over the opening, just pausing enough each time to penetrate a little deeper, she slowly opened and his head pushed through the sphincter and he was in. Dianne moaned and still hadn’t woken. Scott started gently easing his member deeper inside her arse working it back n forth teasing the hole further open until his entire length was in.

He knew he wasn’t able to hold out long and he burst another load deep inside her. Dianne still hadn’t woken through the entire ordeal and Scott was amazed. He slowly pulled his member from her, tucked her back into bed gave her a kiss and left the house.

“Scott…. Scotty” Scott could feel somebody shaking him and he woke. He looked up to see Dianne peering down at him, with a look of worry on her face.

” What are you doing here?” Scott looked about, he was on a verandah bench on Dianne’s front porch. He went to sit up and realised that he had a massive wet patch in his trackpants and he felt the embarrasment start to creep into his face. Dianne had also noticed the massive stain and smiled. “It’s ok” she said, trying to help ease the embarrasment Scott was feeling. He smiled awkwardly and apologised and made off for home.

Scott realised that it had all been a dream, well not all of it obviously because he woke on Dianne’s porch, but a dream just the same and he had managed to spray three loads in his pants. How the fuck was he going to explain this one to his wife?.

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