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the new doctor

Rounds for me start at about 5:45 AM. I always was right with my diagnosis and
enjoyed treating the patients. I am usually in the emergency room from about
11:30 AM to about 4:00 most days, and don’t get to eat lunch until about 4:15
right before PM rounds which start at 5:00PM. Today though was different. REAL
Different. I was about to take a bite from my burger that I just fixed up with
catsup, pickles, mayo and I here over the speaker “Dr.

GoldmanCODE BLUE” Code
Blue means a major emergency was just called in and that the patient will be
arriving at the hospital momentarily. The burger was tossed in the garbage and
off I went (I’m so glad I was wearing my Reeboks) I ran into the emergency room
and listened to the paramedics talk. Apparently, a young man about 17 drove his
car into a telephone pole. They rushed him into ER, he was about 5-weighed
about 150 pounds.

The paramedics had his shirt off and h ad started the IV that
Dr. Marcus, the duty doctor, ordered. He was u*********s and it was apparent
that he had a ruptured spleane. I gave him 10mgs. of Lidacane, and started an
IV with Normal Saline because we were going to have to operate. I ordere d a
full bl**d series which would by law go to the State Police to determine if the
k** was driving d***k.

All this was done as he was being rushed inside the
emergency room/. When I got him in the room, I was assisted by Drs. O’Thomas,
Vreeland, Smith and Nurse Rodgers. Dr. Marcus the Senior physicians walked in
to supervise and give us,the new doctors any assistance we might need. Nurse
Rodgers stripped the ailing youth by cutting his denim jeans with a sharp
scizzors and then slipping them off. I looked at this body and said, I have got
to save this k**.

He was hurting. He was hurting real bad. Dr. Vreeland pointed
out that his strong stomach muscles and his build helped absorb a good portion
of the crash. But, nevertheless the k** was hurting. We added another 5 mgs of
Lidacane hoping to ease the pain as suggested by Dr. Marcus, after reviewing
the ivs. Dr. O’Thomas adm inistered the second iv as I examined his spleane. I
felt a semi-major rupture. We operated.

Dr. Hendricks performed the surgery and
I was asigned the case. Later that evening, I met with the youngsters parents
who were in tears in the waiting room. Nurse Albertson had them fill out the
papers prior to surgery and Dr. Marcus spoke to them before I was assigned the
patient. Yes, we had a long chat. You see, the young k** (his name was Ken, by
the way) was driving his brand new 1986 Iroc d***k.

His parents denied that
there son had a drinking problem. I showed them the test results,indicating
their son’s activities for t he last 48 hours. They denied it. I sat with them
till 3 AM in my office discussing the problem. They finnally conceeded. And,
they enrolled Ken in the AA program we had at the hospital. I was glad I was
able to talk some sense into these people. But as Dr. Marcus pointed out to me
at lunch the next day, itis very difficult for a parent to accept the fact that
their son or daughter is an alchoholic because they immediately interpret this
as their fault.

Dr. Marcus did compliment me on my handlng of the patient and
his parents and said he wanted to see me in his office after rounds tomorrow
morning. I was kind of nervous, but because he sounded so pleased with me, I
didn’t think it could be anything bad. I ate my dinner (this time a Turkey
Sandwhich with the best Tomatos in the world) and before I left for the day, I
checked on my star patient,Ken.

I went in to his room, I noticed he was a
little red in the face, and his pulse rate was a little sluggish. I took his
bl**d preasure and it was sluggish as well. He was partially awake now. I
spoke briefly to him yesterday. But, I don’t think he understood a word I said.
I moved the curtain around because the old lady visiting someone else was
getting on my nerves watching everything I was doing.

I felt like saying
“Listen Bitch, mind your own Business. ” But, I didn’t have time to get mad or
cau se a fight. AFterall, my main concern was Ken, my patient. I took his
pajama top off and put the stethescope to my ears and listened to his heart and
I found no irregularities in the beat. His byle level was higher than normal
because of his excessive drinking and I felt that because of the last two urine
specimens, there may be a k**ney proble.

I removed his pajama pants and felt
his lower abdoman. He was awake now. I stoped immediately and covered him up,
figuring that I should fill this k** in before I start peeking and poking. I
put the BP cuff on him and it was rising, si I reduced the Lidacane IV
(painkiller) and put him on a liquid for a while. I didn’t want to give him
solids yet because I wasn’t sure what was going on.

We got to talking. He was
telling me about the car, the accident, how stupid he was. And at that point, I
pulled the bed rail down and sat on the bed. I put my left hand lovingly on his
stomach and my right hand on his face and talked quietly, gently , and with
compassion. I didn’t want him to feel guilty for what he did. He was sick, he
had a problem.

He needed help. I said, “Ken, you’re going to be ok fella.
You’re a tough guy and you made it. ” He said,”The car, my dad,you saved me,
but I’m dead shit. ” I took my hand that was on his chest and started rubbing
his chest softly so that he felt my presence and new that I cared about him and
I said,” What you did was stupid, it was probably the biggest mistake of your

I spoke to your parents and they seem to be pretty cool about it. Now..
Ken, let’s check you out. How do you feel?” He replied with a headache, stomach
pain etc. I said, “let me poke around here, and maybe I can see what’s going
on… I took his BP again, it seamed to get more stable as the Lidacane wore
off. That was a good sign. I slipped the pajama bottoms off him again as I
said, “this shouldn’t hurt, but tell me if you are in pain.

” I examined his
testicles to see if they were inside the scrotum or withdrawn due to the
impact. They were normal. He seemed not to be having any pain in the groin
area, and his penis seemed to be quite bruised. I knew it wasn’t caused by his
auto accident. I was then wondering what was going on in this k**s life.

Part 02

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The New Doctor – Part 2 – Christopher Street BBS – (201) 992-5660

I immediately depressed the buzzer and I summoned the nurse, I ordered another
bl**d test for VD and HTLV III.

I also paged Dr. Marcus but I forgot it was
Wednesday (he plays golf, only pee-ons like me work on Wednesday) I was lucky
that I was able to see him for lunch. The nurse came in and Ken said, “What are
you doing,” at that point, I said just taking a few more tests. He said, “why
all these bl**d tests. ” AT that point I said, to myself, maybe I don’t know the
whole story.

I said, Nurse Weatherbee, Dr. Gilcrest, would you leave me and my
patient alone for five minutes. “Yes Doctor”, she replied. Dr. Gilcrest said,
“let me just examin him for a minute. ” Dr. Gilcrest was the Doctor in charge
that evening. I pulled the pajamas off him and Dr. Gilcrest examined Ken’s
penis. He first felt the testicles like I did and then began feeling the sides
of Ken’s bruised penis. He told me to feel the patients penis and pay careful
attention to the vessels that I see which appear bruised.

He said, “Can I speak
to you outside for a momemt,” I said,”I’ll be right back, Ken. I pulled his
pants back up above his waist and tied the knot to make him more comfortable.
Then I left the room. “Dr. Goldman,” said Dr. Gilcrest,” I applaud you on your
inquisitive and excellent application of your medical knowledge to this
situation. We need more doctors like you. This boy has been either fucking 20
people a night with that pecker of his or he is jerking himself off since the
day he was born.

” I said, “I ordered a full scale bl**d test for HTLV-III, and
the various strains of VD. ” Dr. Gilcrest said,”Well Carry-on Michael, You’re a
damn good doctor. ” <another ego boost> As I walked back into the room, Ken
seemed kind of upset. I sat down on the bed (this was now about 8:45 PM, I had
missed my racquetball game with Dr. Fredricks at the new club I had to join fo

) but I felt thtis was more important and couldn’t wait till morning. I
held his hand and said, Ken don’t worry, everything will be ok. Now, you’ve
gotta level with me. I won’t tell a sole. I stopped and wanted to examine him
again, I pulled the p. j. s down again, and felt the penis, I squeezed it and
asked if it hurt when I did that, “NO he said”, I squeezed his balls, that
didn’t hurt either.

I knew what he was through. And all I could think was, My
God, this k**; God please help him. Help me help him. As I examined his penis
some more, I said to him, how did it get this way. he said his “girl friend
does it to him. ” I didn’t say anything. I rolled him over onto his stomach, and
propt a pillor underneathh his legs, and pryed his ass hole open and stuck my
finger inside without any lubricant.

I felt his prostate and it was not full.
Everything checked out ok. Except his buttocks had little red pimples on it and
lash marks. At that point, I turned him back over and I took an applicator and
put alchohal over his penis and inserted the applicator (a long cotton swab
(like a Q-
Tip) he screemed, as it penetrated through the penis to the p rostrate. I did
it quickly so he wasn’t in pain for long.

I removed it and still more was
pouring out. I then said, we’re going to have to take bl**d, with all your
screwing around you may have contracted something. I felt I didn’t need the
nurse. I didn’t want her to interfere with my rapport, so I drew the bl**d
myself. Ken was scared, after all, I just stuck a giant Q-Tip up his penis and
now I am going to draw bl**d with the biggest needle he has ever seen in his

AS I tied the band around his arm, Ken started to cry. Then it all came
out. (No not the bl**d, he was too upset for me to stick him with the giant
needle. ) This is what he said: I needed money so I dance. I dance at La Cauge.
It’s fun and you see, they have this mardi gras and all the patrons are allowed
to touch you, pull on your chain, suck you, play with your ass.

And that kind
of stuff. I sl**p with someone different every night, Oh God , not AIDS…..
For a resident, this was a tough one to handle, but I dug deep inside of me,
and started thinking like a freind instead of a doctor. I said, “Ken, I know
this may seem strange comming from a Doctor, but… you know what you did was
wrong and that you can get very sick from it.

But sometimes we make mistakes,
we are only human, we make mistakes. WE MAKE MISTAKES. But, my friend, let’s
not jump to conclusions,let’s take one step at a time. Now look the other
way,”I said and when he did,I quickly jabbed the big needle in his arm as he
screamed , cryed and then SHOUTED “I HATE YOU…I HATE YOU…I HATE YOU…” I
removed the needle and he reached up to punch me in the arm (half k**dingly).

put the bl**d in the vile and put a band aid on his a rm. I patted his head
and rubbed his stomach, I tried to make him feel good as I thought (all those
people touching him, feeling his private parts) I said, I care alot about you
and I don’t want you to be sick. OK. Don’t worry…OK just don’t worry I’ll have
the results in the morning. It was eleven PM by then, I got into my car and as
I was leaving the hospital I saw his parents.

I didn’t ever get home that

Part 03

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THE NEW DOCTOR – Part 3 – Christopher Street BBS – (201) 992-5660

We came back inside the hospital, and I said to myself, I need coffee. We took
up our conversation in the cafe. It was a nice hospital cafe with really great
danish. Ken’s parents were really cool about the AA treatment program.

It was
like a 100 % turn around. They accepted the situation and seamed like they were
ready to deal with it. Especially his DAD. He was ready to go to the special AA
group for parents.

I didn’t know what to do, should I tell them or wait for the results…. He was
only 16 so if I didn’t tell them when they asked I would be breaking the law.
What I didn’t have to do was give them all the details.

I walked a fine line
between what I must do as a physician and what I must do as a human being. I
decided to stay on the side of a human being because I knew that if I violated
my patient’s trust I would no longer be able to help him.

I said, “there were extensive bruises on his body, we are doing some more tests
to see if they were a result of the accident or whether they were not.

I left
it at that. I went home to bed.

The next morning I woke up at 7:30 AM and was back on duty by 9AM. I went to
the lab to check out whether the results were in…. They weren’t in yet so I
decided to do my excercises for the morning… I took the stairs to my all star
patient’s room (as opposed to taking the elevator) He was awake and was
complaining of head pains.

His face was flushed and his mouth was dry. His
temperature was 104 and he was sick. I ordered a rush on the bl**d tests and I
got the results at noon. Ken was suffering from pnemonia. I found out that he
was not sl**ping at home three or four days a week. Rather he was sl**ping at
a friend’s apartmennt in the City where there wasn’t any heat. His resistance
must have been low because he was screwing arond every night of the week.

checked his bruises once again around his groin area and they weren’t any
better. I gave him a shot for the pain and proceeded down to the lab when I was
paged for a phone call.

The call was from Dr. Baller’s office. Dr. Baller is the person who is in
charge of the hospital. He said he wanted to speak to me at 3 that day. I
thought I did something wrong….

I was worried all day. . I was thinking
“Did I really fuck up somewhere?” I then put it out of my mind and went down to
the lab where I found out that Ken did not have AIDS. I jumped into the air
with joy and screemed in delight. It was simply pnemonia and we can treat him
for that. In fact it was a light strain of it at that….

Back in ER I was telling some of the Co-workers about the case….

and they
didn’t seem to care. But I did. I went to Ken and said, “Listen k**, I don’t
know what you’re gonna do, But…. (I wanted to scare the shit out of him so he
would stop screwing around with every gay on the street) you know those tests
that I took yesterday…They say that you are lucky this time. You don’t have
AIDS yet. But if you don’t stop screwing around with every gay man on the face
of the earth your gonna get it.

I felt the need to give it to him straight. Because what he was doing was
wrong. Not because he was gay, but because he was putting himself at risk of
catching the disease as well as becoming a carrier of it. He was relieved. He
promised not to screw around like he was doing before. But I knew that there
was more to it than meets the eye.

It was 3 PM as I walked into Dr.

Ballard’s office. It was a posh office in the
new wing of the hospital. Dr. Ballard was an older man in his early 60s and
spoke with a very deep but kind voice. He was considered a real nice guy but
had very strong convictions. I sat down on the sofa and when he came in, the
first thing out of his mouth was, “Michael, from what I hear, you’re one of the
best doctors at our hospital, that is why I have recomended you to the Board of

In addition to your regular duties here at the hospital you will be
the school systems doctor.

In addition, to your salary here at the hospital which incidently is now
$32500, you will be paid $11000 by the Board of Education. Your duties will
include doing all school physicals, and being available to the school system if
they have any questions. You start tomorrow at the High School doing routine
physicals for the sports teams.

You do this in the morning and take the
afternoon off. You need some time to yourself, after all when I was your age I
never got the wash done either (he was looking at me in my greens (wearing them
because I didn’t do the wash) And from now on…though, you’ll do the physicals
at the high schools on Wednesday mornings and you’ll take the rest of the day
off like the rest of us do.

I was elated.

Part 04

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THE NEW DOCTOR – Part 4 – Christopher Street BBS – (201) 992-5660

It was Wednesday morning, the first day I was to do physicals for The High
School. I thought it was going to be rough, but, you know it was an honor to be
chosen out of all the other residents.

So I did it. I kind of enjoyed being
out of the hospital doing something on my own. You know…no supervisors, no
head nurses to deal with, no pharmacy forms to write…no real pain in the ass
things to do. I couldn’t help but to think to myself…. “is this what private
practice is all about” this is easy. I finally got dressed, I figured that I’d
better wear something decent. So instead of putting on jeans or my green
scrubbs, I put on a nice pair of grey cords, a blue oxford shirt (with a button
down collar of course) and a knit tie.

I didn’t want to over dresss, but at the
same time I wanted to make a good impression.

I packed my bag the night before, (with my mind I probably would have forgotten
it if I didn’t place it in front of the door so I would have to trip over it
when I left)I felt so important. I felt like I was worthy of the assignment. I
was confident. I knew my shit.

(I was just a little nervous about how my shit
knew me) Couldn’t sl**p that night. It was impossible. Just was up thinking
about what I had to do the next day. But finally around three A. M. I got to
bed. The problem was waking up at 7:15 AM… Knowing that I didn’t have to go
to the hospital, I slept in until half past the hour and as usual, I was 20
minutes late at the school.

When I walked in, I figured I would just go to the
nurses office. And when I walked in I was greated with “Do you have a pass?” I
started to open my mouth and the nurse quickly snapped, “no pass no
service…. get your teacher to give you a pass…” I was cracking up, I know I
look young (Dr. Andrews in OR says I look 16. Little do they know I’m 28) I
said, you must be Nurse Rachet? (My God, Freudian Slip) “I’m sorry”, I said,
“I mean Nurse Bachetti.

“Now you go to the principal’s office right now son or
your going to the Time Out Room for a week. “Oh Shit!” I said in a mumble…but
she heard it, I tried to open my mouth and she cut me off. I continued to say,
“Mam, excuse me, I am not a student here, I am the School Doctor, I was
scheduled to be here. I understand Dr. Marcus made arrangements. But, she was
doing all her paper work and wasn’t hearing a word that I said.

I screamed
louder, “LADY, I AM NOT A STUDENT. I AM A DOCTOR. Dee Ohh Cee Tee Ohh Rrr. I
spelled it out slowly so she got the message. Then I said, if you would stop
doing what you were doing for one second you would be able to here me out. My
God! I was pissed at this woman. She made me mad. I said, “I’m sorry for
screaming at you, but you are unreal.

“I’m sorry k**, your still gonna have to
go to the principals office. I DON’T BUY IT. I then put one of my business
cards in her fat little hand and said, “Nurse, when you need a doctor give me a
call. I started walking out. When she stopped me and said, “Oh, your Dr.
Goldman? I didn’t know. Your so young and handsome. We never had a doctor like
you before. I thought you were one of the students trying to put one over on

I said, “No Nurse Rachet” I’m a doctor… “Well in that case right this
way…” The boys were scheduled appointments all day. We do the physicals
usually in groups of five. I weigh them, get their height first and then they
all go into you in the second room over there.

Now lets see, we have the soccer team first at 10:00 AM. I tried to make small
talk with the nurse as I went over the medical records of the k**s I was about
to see.

The nurse commented “Dr. Morgan never did that. Dr. Morgan did this, Dr.
Morgan did that. ” I finally said, Nurse Rachet, if you don’t like the way I do
my job then would you find yourself another doctor because I’m not going to
take anymore of your shit. (Definite Attitude Problem)

The soccer team walked in. There were about 25 k**s in all and they were all
placed in the first room it was larger, they sat down on the floor and the
nurse started calling the role.

I said, nurse, let me take care of all this ok.
Why don’t you go practice your bandages or perhaps count your your cough drops.
She was outraged and walked out of the big room. I walked out with her and
said, “Nurse let me do it my way. ” I went back inside, and she left me alone
for the day. First I organized it by calling the role, making sure each person
was in the room that should be there, then instead of having the k**s start
undressing and rushing through it, I figured, I should talk to them first and
find out a little bit about them.

Also, tell them a little bit about the great
things that they are doing for their bodies by playing soccer and also tell
them a little bit about d**gs, alcohol and the effects they have on playing
soccer. I think they appreciated the talk. They got to know me. And I got to
know them. I said guys, so that I don’t fuck Nurse Rachet’s papers up here, I
want to do the physicals in the order they appear on this list.

Now, to spead
things along, all you guys in here should strip down, take off all your clothes
including your under pants. And would Allen, Davis, Fineberg and Weinberg step
up front here, and if all you guys would stay over on the other side of the
room , we’ll be finished in about thirty minutes.

I stood there as all the guys took their clothes off. First came the shirt,
then the pants, the t-shirt, the socks, and most of the k**s left their
underpants on.

I didn’t want to wisk them away. I wanted to give each of them
the time they needed to check them out. Allen was first, he was a shy boy about
15 years old, had a nice torso and beautiful legs. I noticed the guys waiting
starting to get hard ons just watching the physicals go on. I checked the boy
out, his heart, lungs, I felt his liver and abdomen and then lowered his pants,
(I noticed a lot of the guys pearing on.

They were either interested in
noticing what was going on because they wanted to see what was going to happen
to them or they admired their team mates body. I felt his balls and his penis
and later put my finger up his ass to check his prostrate. I then had him piss
into a cup (d**g testing) I did this all day. I was looking at young bodies
14-18 years old, just checking them out.

Feeling hard muscles, nicely developed
bodies, putting my finger inside some real tight ass holes.

But these k**s looked like they were having a great time. There they were with
all their clothes off, standing there looking on at their team mates bodies.
Some of them started to laugh when I was feeling their balls and groin and they
made a face when I fingered their ass hole. They seemed like they enjoyed it so

I’m sure that I did.

Part 05

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THE NEW DOCTOR – Part 5 – Christopher Street BBS – (201) 992-5660

The wrestling team came into the room at 1 PM the same day as the soccer team
left the office. This time I decided to make it brief as I wanted to get back
to the hospital before p.

m. rounds started that night. So I said, Ok guys, my
name is Dr. Goldman, let’s do these physicals and get them over with ok. To
save time guys, why don’t you all strip down –take off all your clothes
including your underpants, and line up next to each other,

I looked at the guys slowly removing their clothes, their muscles were well
developed and they all were very well hung. Good looking k**s.

OK, whose Fred
Andrews?. Fred took a step forward, his dick was hard and wabbling from side to
side as he stepped forward. I said, ” ok hop up on the table and lay down o n
your belly. He did, I examined his spine , and slowly went down to his butt. It
was smooth, hairless tight muscular buttocks. I spread his cheeks and looked
inside the hole, discovering it being quite sore, I thought to myself but
didn’t say becaus e I didn’t want to embarrass him (yet they all were getting
hard standing there watching me pull and poke at their team mates body) “Did
you ever try KY ?” But no, I didn’t say it.

But this k** didn’t pass the
physical either. I called his parents and had them bring him to the hospital
for HLTV tests. This k** was screwing around. He turned over, and I immediately
started examining his genitals. They were hard nuts like walnuts, and his penis
was a stiff 8 inches long, it was not bruised , just seamed like he was just a
bottom man in a fuck buddy party.

Finally, I said, ok next k**.

,. Let’s see now. Gary Obermeter. Gary stepped
forward he was a short k** only 16 years old about 5-5 120 pounds if that. I
listened to his heart and because he was so small and skinny there was an echo.
To try and get a better sound from my stethescope, I laid him do wn on his back
and placed both hands on top of the piece to minimize the echo. As I did this
he squirmed a little bit, felt a little bit uncomfortable and then relaxed.

noticed a murmer but didn’t think it was a large one. Nevertheless, I noted the
chart. I felt his smooth hairless body from top to bottom, examining the size
of his organs to insure that he had enough ribbing and protection around him
that he would be safe. He was not a very strong k**, but his body was so smooth
and nimble. His ass was like butter, I bent him over and slipped my finger
inside it… he wa s clean as a whistle.

By this time, the guys were getting a little rowdy, the physicals were taking a
year and a day and I was tired, so I just lined them up, side by side, double
rowed, and checked their heart, lungs, genitals, etc. etc. Then, I had them all
turnaround ( the remainder) and I checked the prostrate of each and every one
of them. I noticed them all getting horney, pulling on their cocks, looking at
each other with wrestling eyes.

I knew that practice today would be a little
different. As they got dressed I noticed them checking each other out, in fact
one of them said, (I overheard it) that doctor is a cool dude). That made my
day. I left, and went back to the hospital for rounds.

Part 06

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THE NEW DOCTOR – Part 6 – Christopher Street BBS – (201) 992-5660

I just went back to the school to finish the physicals up.

Walked into the
nurses office and she was as usual nasty as ever. I kept mymouth shut and
walked into the room and said, ok guys, what sport do you play guys? It was
the baseball team I found out.

I gave them my lecture on d**gs and stuff as the nurse watched with utter
dismay. I was wide awake yet so very tired cause I was up all night in the
Emergency Room pumping some k**s stomach out after she tried to kill herself.

Then, the nurse said, ” Dr. would you get on with it, the LaCrosse Team will be
here in exactly 15 minutes. Would you mind. ” I thought that bitch… (I would
have started it all in a minute anyway. I didn’t need her harrassment. )

I said, you guys heard the speach before right? They nodded so, I said, ok guys
just strip down. Drop all your clothes including your underpants.

Let’s see
whose first? Jeffrey Weilder I called out. He was standing in the back and
walked up slowly to me still with his undies on. I didn’t want to embarrass
him. He was a real cute k** only 15 years old. I said to him, just stand here
son as I put my stethoscope to my ears. His body trembled so I sat him down on
the little bed and began to listen to his heart.

He had a very small chest
cavity and his skin was very soft and smooth,. I laid him down and ran my hands
over his body, I observed many of the players had errections. Gently I brought
his pants down below his knees and started to feel his cock and his balls. He
wasn’t quite fully developed down there. The penis was elongated, however, he
didn’t have any pubic hair. He was an adorable little boy though, and the guys
were looking at him with such horney eyes.


I checked his rectum out. He didn’t like that at all. But, took my finger like
a man. He pulled his pants back up and I said ok lets see if we can move on a
little faster now… John Knoller? John was a tall blonde boy about 6-2 he
weighed about 180 pounds and was built very well. His body was nicely toned and
his genitals were large but in proportion to the rest of his body.

I enjoyed feeling his large cock and his balls which were the size of two eggs.
He had such fine muscle tone and when I stuck my finger up his ass he screamed
in awe as the other guys watched on and felt the vicariousness of the plunge.
They couldn’t wait for their turn.

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