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The move

Jan 2

Hello all,

It was not long after she returned from Ohio and moved to Georgetown that I recieved a call form my slut saying she needed me to help her move back to Myrtle Beach. She wanted me to come up right away, but that was not possible. I was able to make it up there over the weekend and were I met her daughter’s new boyfriend.

My slut was at work, so her daughter, the daughters boyfriend and I loaded up my beat up truck and made the first trip to Myrtle Beach to get them moved in. Once we made it to there new place we unloaded the truck and they wanted to lounge around and wait for her to get off work. While we were there the daughter began to inquire and tease about the way her mom and I had moved the furniture around the last time I was there and did not put things back in place.

She began to tell me of another friend her mother had when we first started talking, but I had to stop her and tell her thet we (her mom and I) have an understanding. She is free to fuck whomever she desire because of the distance between us, and my situation I cannot get there at the drop of a dime. So I do not give a fuck, who she is fucking when I am not around.

She then told me her mom said I mus not like anal sex, since I only attempted it once. Of course I said, that bitch, I will make her ass cry…lol.. We left to go my slut from work and drove back to Georgetown to finish loading the furniture and return to back to the beach. Since I had to get back and it was getting dark, as we were driving back, I started looking for places to pull off the main road that was a lil secluded where I could open up my door and get a quick fuck before I got her back to her place.

I pulled over a couple of times, but it was not secluded enough so I drove on to her place. Once we unloaded the truck and set things in place it was getting a lil late. We went back in to her place were she took me by the hand and walked me into the bedroom and said look I have a bed. I took my clothes off and sat on the mattress. She took her clothes off walked over to me and kissed me the raised up and placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy and sat down on it.

She began to ride up and down my dick while kissing me and sighing. She then placed her hands behind her back on my legs and leaned back for support and then started slamming her pussy on my dick. I took for a little while at which time I scooped my hands under her legs and told her to place her hands around my neck and stood up. Yes, I knew this was going to take her over the edge so I stood up and started to pound that pussy for all Iwas worth and that bitch exploded.

I told her she better hold on because there is nothing behind her but the floor. I only gave her a few more fast hard strokes and then turned around so she could fall onto the bed while I hammered the hell out of that sweet pussy. I love the way her pussy grips my dick when she orgasms. That shit drives me wild. I slowed down my strokes to stop from coming and to allow her a litle time to recover.

I took my leg and placed it one the bed over one of her legs, the I took her other leg and pulled it up on my shoulder and started long stroking that pussy. I do not know how long we were fucking like that, but trust me it was not long, and that pussy started talking to me, and of course that shit had me about to bust a nut so I had to pull out.

I went down and started eating her pussy until that bitch exploded again. I then started finger fucking her and rubbing her gspot as I was eating that pussy. I got like three finger in her when she exploded again, at which time I got up and put her on all fours. I slid my dick into that pussy and it was wet, juicy, and hot as hell. Her pussy just grabbed my dick and she started cumming and slamming that pussy into me and I was trying to find her cervis.

I love a slut that truly loves to fuck and is comfortable with her sexual appetite and depravity. I told her do not move and reached over and got some lube from the night stand. I lubed my dick up and walked up to her and started easing my dick into her ass, oh she was shocked…lol. I did not say a word and continued to attempt to push the head of my dick into her ass.

She started begging me to stop, and I say, No, this is what you been asking for and you are going to take it tonight. I stop pushing and told her to relax, but I had no intent on allowing her to get to relax. After a few seconds I started pushing th head of my dick into her ass again. Finally my head when in and she damn near screamed…she was begging for me to stop.

I knew she was in pain, but I was not going to stop. I also had already decided not to attempt to puch anymore of my dick in her. I was going to just fuck her ass with the head of my dick for a lil while to teach her ass a lesson. I slowly fucjked her ass with head of my dick listening to her whimper, and cry, and beg me to please stop.

When I felt like I made my point, I slid my dick out of her and walked into the bathroom to wash the shit off my dick. I got a little concerned when I saw a little bleed on my dick and I stuck my head out of the bathroom and asked her if she was ok. She said that she was, so continued to wash my dick. When I went back into the bedroom, she was still lying on her stomach kind of whimpering.

I rolled her over and placed her legs on my shoulders and slammed my hard dick into her pussy. That bitch began to orgasm immediately. I love the way she responds to my dick it never ceases to amaze me. I ponded her pussy mercilessly until I came also at which time i fell on top of her. We were both out of breath and fucked out.

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