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The Maid’s Night

For privacy call me “Darling” and my wife”Love”. I am in my late forties,156cm(5’5″)tall,average weight,clean shaven,with a full head of silver(OK, grey)hair.
My wife Love is a goddess 175cm(5’9″) tall,34years,long legs,beautiful ass,thin waist, natural breasts that sway when she walks, chestnut hair that falls over her shoulders,and the centre of my life for over ten years.
We have a modest income so only one servant,our maid”Pet”. What a treasure she is!The perfect discreet servant when there are people around.

“Yes Mum. Yes Sir”no eye contact with her “betters” But a flirt,cock tease and sex toy when we are just the three of us. Pet is thirty,155cm(5’1″)tall,short blond hair,and a “fluffy”figure;ie lots of curves but she has to watch her weight.
One cool autumn night Love and I returned from a dinner party with some friends at the club. As I was helping her out of her fur (and feeling her up in the process) Pet stepped out of the den.

The looks of surprise must have amused her from wicked smile she gave us. She was wearing red leather “come fuck me” high heel boots,a red leather miniskirt,the fox fur bomber jacket we’d given her for her birthday,long red satin gloves,and lots of gaudy costume jewelry. The fur jacket was open and all she had on for a top was a cluster of necklaces. In her right gloved hand she carried a riding crop.

Pet smacked against her left palm and said”Now for the rules for tonight’s game. You will do only and exactly as I,Your Beautiful Mistress tell you. You will only speak when I tell you you may,and you will address me as “Beautiful Mistress. Do you understand?Speak”
We chorused”Yes Beautiful Mistress”
” Good,I’ve laid out your costumes on your med. Go change and get back to the den. You have five minutes.

DON’T make me wait!Speak”
Yes Beautiful Mistress”
Another side of Pet we hadn’t seen,a mistress in furs,Love and I ran upstairs all excited and changed. Loves costume was a black “baby doll”with fur trim at the collar and neck. Mine was a “cock and balls “fitted black satin thong. There was a black leather dog collar for each of us.
We rushed back to the den. Pet had been busy while we were out.

The couch was turned around facing the door,it’s back to the hearth,the big mirror from the entrance hall was on the mantle angled so we could see ourselves in it when Pet said”Stop There “as we were about half way from the door to the couch on which she sat.
“Darling,close the door and come here,Love stand where you are,hands at your side. Speak”
‘Yes Beautiful Mistress”
“Stand there”she pointed down.

I could see Love in the mirror,Love could see me and Pet who could see both of us. She patted the couch beside herself and said”Left foot”. When I complied she slid her gloved hand up and down my leg. Satin. Then reach into her shoulder bag and took out a small leather collar and put it around my ankle. Repeating the process with my other leg. Seems like I’ve been hard since I got home!”Now wrists”I held them out and she put a similar collar on each of them.

Next she went into her bag again and took out two short chains with shackles at each end and attached one to each wrist cuff and the other end of each to my collar. Now my hands hung supported by the chains just above my naval.
“Love come here,Darling go stand back there. Speak”
“Yes Beautiful Mistress”
She repeated the process of mild bondage with Love. What an erotic view from where I stood.

Love’s beautiful backside,Pet in her fur and jewels sitting in front of her,Love and my reflections in the mirror. Love caught my eye in the mirror and the tip of her tongue peeked out and discreetly swept across her lips. She was as I was.
“Go back and stand with the other slave”
“Yes Beautiful Mistress”
SMACK on Love’s thigh from the riding crop. “I did NOT give you permission to speak,did I?speak now”
“No Beautiful Mistress,I’m sorry Beautiful Mistress”
Pet stood.

Even with the high heels the was a bit shorter than Love. With her right hand she stroked the tip of the riding crop up Love’s left side from her elbow to her knee. Her left hand stroked Loves long beautiful hair,down her shoulder,groped her breast,slid down Love’s tummy,then turned satin palm up and cupped Love’s trimmed Chestnut bush. In a low sultry purr she said” No my tall slutty slave,you’re not nearly sorry as you will be.

Since I believe in team building,in fact,by the time the evening is over both of you will be sorry one of you misbehaved. Now go stand over there as I told you to”
Love moved quickly and silently.
Beautiful mistress sat back on the couch. Her fur jacket was open enough for her pink rosebud nipples on her mouthful size breasts to peak out. In her left hand she absentmindedly waved the crop back and forth while her right hand pulled the hem of her skirt up and stroked her shaved lower lips.

Oh what beautiful painful exticy for Love and I watching,not allowed to touch,lust and love and pain all mixed up!
Finally she finished and said”My that was refreshing,now Boy,come here”I rushed forward hoping. She held out her hands”Remove my gloves”I did. Then she pointed down. “Worship my boots”I struggled down because of my restrained arms,then kissed and licked her boots till she said”enough,stand and thank me then return to your spot. Speak”
“Thank you Beautiful Mistress”
“Slutty slave girl,come here”Mistress stood up.

“On your knees slave and remove my skirt”Love struggled down as I had done and took off Pet’s skirt for her. Pet then sat and said”Boy,go fetch a bottle of Champaine an ice bucket and three Champaigne glasses. Speak”
“Yes Beautiful Mistress”
As I went on my errand Beautiful Mistress leaned back on the couch,spread her legs and said to Love,who was still kneeling in front of her”Eat me”.
When I returned with the bubbly Pet was holding Love’s hair in both hands and making the little squeaking noises she makes when she comes.

After she”landed”she had Love sit beside her on the couch,told me to open a d pour three glasses,then sit on the other side of her. “Well”she said turning to me”You may propose a toast,speak”
“To our most Beautiful Mistress”. We toasted.
Then she turned to Love”Your turn. Speak”
“To our Beautiful Mistress who we love and obey with all our hearts” We toasted

Then Mistress said”A toast to my two slaves.

When I’m done with you tonight,you’ll be sore,satisfied and fucked out. “She gave a little giggle. Should we happy,afraid or both?
“Stand” and she stood,took two leather leashes out of her bag and attached one to each of our collars. “You get the ice bucket,you get the glasses” Then she led us by the leash downstairs,through the pool room,to the door we always keep locked. Our most private play room. Unlocking the door with the key from her bag,she pulled the door open and motioned us in ahead of her.

We heard her close the door and the click of the lock behind us. “Now my sweet slaves the fun begins. Pleasure for me,pain for you”. She took hold of my leash and led me to two pulleys hanging down about a meter apart. I was facing the wall of sliding mirror doors of the toy closets. Unhooking one wrist at a time she re-attached me to the pulleys,then adjusted the ropes so my wrists were at ear level about 75cm apart.

Behind me she wrapped her fur clad arms around my waist,stroked my tummy,then reach down,grabbed the satin sack with my balls in it ,and squeezing till I gasped and cooed “Wait here sweetie,I’ll be with you in a bit”
Next she took Love by the leash and led her in front of me”Down on your knees facing the mirror”Then she took two more pulley sets that were attached to rings on the floor about two meters apart on either side of Love.

She attached each to Love’s ankle cuffs and adjusted them so her ankles were about a meter apart. Now she knelt in front of Love who’s wrists were still restrained by the wrist cuffs,wrapped one fur clad arm around Love’s shoulder and with her other hand on the back of Love’s head began kissing her passionately. Once again I was so hard I thought I’d burst as the two beautiful ladies in my life kissed.

One bound unable to move,the other in total control.
After what seemed like a long time,but was probably only a minute or so,Beautiful Mistress broke off,stood and went to the mirror doors,slid one open and put something from the toy closet in her jacket pocket. Sliding the door closed she moved behind Love so I could see both their faces in the mirror. Bending over at the waist so I got a good show of her bare behind,I also noticed Love’s eyes go suddenly big as Pet pushed the ball of the gag she’d had in her pocket into Love’s mouth and secured the strap around Love’s head.

Next it was my turn. She brought a small step stool over and set it in front of me and stepped up. She began kissing and caressing everywhere except where I needed it the most. My hard cock. Oh her sweet tongue,the exotic feel of the fur as she cuddled me!All to soon it was over as she whispered”Open wide”and popped the ball of the gag into my mouth and secured it around my head.

Back to Love she unhooked her wrists and gently pushed Love forward till she fell onto her hands and knees. Tapping the riding crop between Loves thighs Mistress said “Spread em”. Then back to the toy closet she let us see her hang up the riding crop and choose the wide leather strap. Gently squeezing Love’s ass cheeks,then pushing the fur hem of her “baby doll” along to the middle of Love’s back she said”I think five should be just right.

Shall I count”and she laughed.
With that she stood up and with a full arm swing brought the strap SMACK against Love’s ass”one”. Then another swing,SMACK “two” and she knelt in front of Love”I’m going to teach you to behave my lovely”Then she was standing again Love’s eyes went wide with terror with every swing and blinked shut with the SMACK. “three”then SMACK “four”
Mistress then balanced the strap across the top of Love’s rump,walked around her and said’This is so much more of a turn on than I suspected it’d be,but I think I want to hear your pain.

I’m going to remove the gag,you can scream or speak at will till I finish whipping you. “She then picked up the strap and said”Now I’ve lost count. Was that two or three?”
No no Beautiful Mistress,it was four ,please Beautiful Mistress,I’ll be good. Please”
“Oh I know you will,but one more because I want to hear you scream”
“No no please Beautiful Mistress”
“Hush now and take a deep breath,If I don’t hear a good scream,we’ll have to try again.

She then walked behind Love,made eye contact with her in the mirror,blew her a kiss,then swung the strap. SMACK. Love let out a”girl in a horror movie”scream and began to sob.
“There” said Mistress,”That’s just what I wanted. Then Mistress came over to me,moved the stool around behind me,climbed up and rubbed and cuddled me as I looked at Love’s bright red behind and watched her sob in the mirror with pain and relief that her ordeal was over.

Mistress reached between my legs and squeezed my balls till I went”Ggghhh”into the gag”That was such a turn on,but don’t fret,I havn’t forgotten you”
She returned to Love,released her ankles and helped her to her feet,leading her by the leash around behind me. “Now you get to watch”She clipped both Love’s wrists to a single overhead pulley and adjusted it so they were at shoulder height.
Then back to me,she picked up the strap”Mmmm,Darling I know you’ve been looking forward to this all evening,but I don’t think men scream nearly as well,so I’ll leave the gag on.

SMACK “two”
Turning to Love”Isn’t this a turn on?”
SMACK”four,god what a time,once more”
She took out my gag,tossed both of them in the sink,took the strap back to the closet and returned with a dildo,lay on the bed and did herself noisily with it while we hung there and watched in pain from the beating and the lack of release.
At last she got up and said”Your Beautiful Mistress wants to see a live sex show”She then released me,took off my thong and leash and said”Go lie face up on the bed,NO touching”.

Then she released Love and had her stand by the foot of the bed. She poured herself a glass of bubbly,pulled up an easy chair,and said”Now Love,take off your nightie and lets see you fondle those big beautiful boobies”
Hard still and I didn’t dare touch myself. Finally Beautiful Mistress said to Love”Now sit on his face”It didn’t take long for Love to get relief from my tongue.
Beautiful Mistress then said.

“Now climb onto that cock of his and ride it hard till he’s done”
It didn’t take long for both of us to climax.
We locked the play room and tumbled up to the master bedroom where the three of us crawled in together and with a lot of fondling and kissing talked about the night’s fun till we drifted asl**p in a tangle of body parts.

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