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The lust for my girlfriends mother!

There was something really comforting in my girlfriends mother. Megan (the girlfriend) and I had been together a little while, and I was accepted very much into her f****y, especially her parents. Julie (Megan’s mother) had a very straight to the point persona and never held back from telling her opinion, this alone was very sexy

This story is complete fantasy, but oh how I wish that one day it may come true.

I sit here on the bed, contemplating writing about her, how throughout the day and even the months beforehand how much I would so love to not only thrust myself inside her but to experience a full one on one love making experience with my possible future mother in law. I have a very healthy respect for my girlfriends parents, but sexual desires and lust in a 24 year olds body clouds your judgements! I often dream to myself of her just sitting on my lap, my hand on her thigh as she pulls my face to hers.

Don’t get me wrong I love my girlfriend to bits, but should Julie ever come on to me I don’t know if I would ever be strong enough to say no. For that matter I think I’d just take over control and tear away at the layers that covered her body!

In her 50s she still had that spark in her eye. Sexual innuendo her forte, you just knew that in her prime she was dirty.

Being a guy who always wanted that older woman fantasy she could most certainly fulfil that. She wore leggings like trousers and whenever I was fortunate enough to see her bend over you could see right through. Tops that fitted tight to her big breasts, which then meant her nipples would show right through. She isn’t your stereotypical easy on the eye, but my god she was sexy, and along with getting to know her and being in her presence more often I knew I would move heaven and earth to have her riding me! I write this whilst sat upstairs, walking back from the bathroom I go past the laundry basket and her underwear lay there on top.

I’m not one for the underwear fantasy but I sniff deeply where her mature pussy had been that day, I sniff her bra which had touched her skin all day. I’m hard at the thought of one day taking these items of clothing from her body.

Between me and you I’ve jacked off over her a few times already, even used her underwear as I stroked my cock to climax over her.

How could you ever let the mother of your girlfriend who is married know you just want to fuck the living day lights out of her? I’m naturally shy but even so, I can’t flirt with her, the guilt would be too much for even that. Her husband I respect a lot and I wouldn’t dream of ruining a lovely f****y, but wanting something this bad meant it was unhealthy not to pursue surely?

I now sit downstairs and she sits opposite me.

Her breasts tight to her top, her legs crossed over, I just want to take her right here right now! I try catch her eye but it’s no use. even if I did what would I even do next?! She leans forward and plenty of cleavage then comes on show and I get aroused. I then imagine unbuttoning the top and burying my face and cock in those breasts, before I know it I am throbbing hard.

My imagination runs wild and I rub the front of my jeans as I imagine what might happen if she came and sat on my lap. Her stern voice in conversation makes me wonder how she’d be during sex, firm, authoritive and demanding. By this point it’s unbearable and I make a break to the toilet. Do I cum hard now? Next thing I know a text says get your ass downstairs now, it’s Megan.

I feel like replying if you mum wants my cock then I’m there! I suppose I can carry this story on another time, but for now just perve over a very fine and sexy woman? I think i’ll do just that 😉

*to be continued*.

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