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The Lonely Wife 11

Chapter 11
After Donovan went home Jack and I were in the family room watching TV.
“So are you really OK with all that is going on?” Jack asked
“Absolutely! Before you and I were growing apart now we can get off thinking about sexy stuff. Our little girl now has a boyfriend that knows how fuck her good and she wants to try new things too. We are now a family that has common interest and that is having great sex but we also know how to love.

Are you OK with things as they are?”
“Yes but I am worried about one thing. ”
“What’s that?”
“I had no idea that I would get so turned on by my Jenny having sex. I just don’t know if I’m going to be able to not try and fuck her myself. ”
“Jack, I know that most people would look bad on that but if Jenny wants to fuck you and you want to fuck her then why not?”
“You really would be OK with me fucking Jenny?”
“Yes, she is beautiful and very sexy.

Every guy we know will want some of her pussy and if she wants their cocks then she will get them. She told Donovan tonight that she wants to be his girlfriend but she plans on fucking other guys. She said that she has watched porn and there are things she intends to try. ”
“That’s right Daddy. There are a lot of things I want to do. ” Jenny said as she came into the room
“Like what baby girl?” Jack asked
“Well I would like to be gangbanged by at least five guys and maybe more.

I also want to get a cock in my pussy and ass at the same time. I want to have sex with a black guy. I also want have a lesbian experience. But one thing I want to do is meet some older men for sex with me. ”
“Wow little girl you do have a wild bunch of desires. ” Jack said
“What about you Mom? Is there some sex fantasies that you want to fulfill?” Jenny grinned
“Sure, I want get fucked in the ass while a woman licks my pussy.

“Hell, I would love to help that one come true!” Jack said
“I also want to try some black cocks out and I would love to have my husband watch me do it. ”
“What about you Daddy? Do you have a fantasy you want to come true?”
Jack looked a little uncomfortable and I knew he wanted to fuck his little girl. Would he tell her?
“Yes, I have several I would love to have.

I would love to fuck your Mom after she has just fucked another man. I want to fuck some teen pussy. I also want to fuck my boss’s wife. ”
“Is that all?” I asked
“No, Jenny this sounds bad but I would love to fuck you as well. ”
“Well that is going to happen soon because I want you to be the first man to fuck me in the ass but you better hurry because Donovan loves sticking his thumb up my butt and will want his cock there soon.

Jack hugged her to him and kissed her lips in a non-fatherly way.
“Jenny, Can that wait for a day or two? I have been fucking and getting sucked for the last six hours and I want to be my best for what you want. ”
“That would better for me too. My pussy is a little soar after Donovan’s big cock. ”
“Jenny you just lost your virginity a few hours ago so it is no surprise that your little pussy is a little tender.

By tomorrow you will be better and I am sure Donovan will be fucking you after school. ” I said
“I hope so! I really do like him a lot!”
We all headed to bed but we all were looking forward to the things to come.
The next week flew by. Donovan did come over and have sex with Jenny every day after school. On Thursday I came home to find Jack standing at Jenny’s bedroom door jacking off as Donovan fucked her with her legs over his shoulders.

You could see the cum from a previous fuck coating his cock each time he pulled out. Donovan groaned as he pumped another load into her waiting pussy. He pulled out and rolled off of her and you could see the sperm running out of her.
“Ask her to fuck Jack. ” I told him
Jack just stood there.
“Jenny, your Daddy is really turned on by your sloppy cunt and wants to cum in it too.

Can he?”
“Come here Daddy. Slip it in here, Donovan knows I want to fuck you. ”
“Go ahead Jack, I’m cool with it. ”
Jack dropped his pants and climb between his daughter’s open legs. Jenny guided his cock into her pussy. Jack started pumping.
“Fuck me hard Daddy! Fuck me real hard!”
I was surprised that Jack didn’t blow immediately but instead he fucked her hard for over ten minutes.
“Here it cums baby girl.

Fuck yeah that is good pussy. Fuck my balls just keep pumping cum. Take it baby!”
“Damn Jack really pumped a load!” Donovan said with admiration
I looked down and saw that Donovan had a nice boner again and I decided I could use a nice fuck too. I lead him over to the bed and bent over showing my waiting pussy. He needed no further encouragement as he pushed that big cock into me.

“Look Daddy, Mommy’s getting fucked!”
“Yes baby girl she is. She needs a good fuck just like we did. ” Jack said
“Come on Donovan show them how we used to fuck at the hotel. ”
Donovan grabbed my hips and fucked me hard.
“Fuck me like the slut I am! Bang my pussy hard!”
“Jenny, I love fucking your mom. Jack, your wife is a great fuck!”
He started cumming in my pussy hard.

I could feel the juices running down my thighs.

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