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The Hostage Chapter 4

Martin had outlived his usefulness in the Mideast. Both sides now knew
that he was a mole. He was offered a discharge from the army or stateside
reassignment. Had he not met Trevor, he would have stayed in the service.
But at last he had found his soul mate, and he accepted his honorable
discharge. He and Trevor were shipped home on an army transport which
landed at Langley Air f***e Base in Virginia.

From there, their next stop was Atlanta, Ga. where Trevor wanted to post
the story of Martin’s heroics with CNN, but the government wouldn’t let
him. The operation was considered classified. Instead, Trevor asked for,
and got a transfer to CNN headquarters in Chicago. He had no family, and
since Martin feared for his mother’s safety, they agreed to settle in
Chicago. Martin did not know his uncle’s whereabouts. He had been placed
on a dangerous persons’ list, and flying into the US would be more
difficult for him now.

However, Martin knew that it would not be
impossible, what with all the insurgent cells which existed throughout the
world. As much as he feared his uncle, he feared telling his mother about
his relationship with Trevor even more.

When they got off the plane at O’Hare, they went immediately to Baggage
Claim. While they were waiting for their luggage, Martin grinned at
Trevor. “You know what?” he asked. “We haven’t been alone or unobserved
since we met.

Let’s spend tonight in a hotel, and we’ll go home tomorrow
morning. “

“I like how you think. Let’s add a great stateside dinner to the
scenario. “

“You’re on, buddy. ” Martin smiled. “I’ll just call my mother and tell her
that we have been delayed, and will arrive tomorrow late in the morning. “

When they checked into the hotel, Trevor noted that it was a good three
hours until dinner time.

They smiled at each other, undressed and jumped
into the shower. They had incorrectly assumed that they would fuck each
other in bed, but playing in the shower proved to be too arousing. Using
soap as a lubricant, they finally unloaded in each other’s guts.
Afterwards, they clung to each other, unwilling to let go. Their energies
were spent for the moment, so they climbed into bed and dozed for a couple
of hours.

After dinner, they resumed making love. They started with a lusty game of
sixty-nine. After both had cum, they kissed each other, and mixed their
jism together in their dueling mouths. After a couple of hours, they were
hard again and had no trouble fucking each other, this time using
lubricant. They made love most of the night, and did not fall asleep until
early in the morning.

While the two men were demonstrating their love for each other, Janina
Spenser was awakened from a fitful sleep.

She thought she heard a strange
sound, but she had been jumpy ever since her uncle’s surprise visit, so she
dismissed it as being just her nerves.

As a result, she was nearly wide awake, when someone bounded through her
open bedroom door, and threw his body on top of her. His massive hands
encircled her throat and began to choke her.

“You spawned a traitor,” he yelled. “My brother is crying in Paradise
because his grandson has spurned Allah.

For this you will both die. I am
disappointed. I thought your faggot son would be here tonight. No
matter. I’ll handle you one at a t…”

He never finished his sentence. Suddenly bleed gushed from his mouth and
his neck, and his massive frame slumped on Janina’s tiny body. She was
still having trouble breathing, but she managed to push the body off her,
and it rolled on the floor. She lay in bed sobbing and trying to catch her
breath for almost an hour.

Finally, she calmed down enough to dial 911.
Then she looked at her alarm clock with its luminous dial. It was five
o’clock in the morning. She dialed Martin’s cell phone, but unfortunately
it was shut off and she didn’t know where he was. She left him a message.
“A terrible tragedy has occurred,” she said. “Call me as soon as you can. “

The paramedics treated her bruised neck, but she declined hospital

After she was cared for and the body was removed, the police
took her statement.

“It was not I he was after,” she explained. “I believe he was after my
son, who was supposed to have come home last night, but will not be home
until sometime this morning. The dead man is my uncle. He surprised us
with a visit, just before my son was deployed to the Middle East. He tried
to get my son to agree to spy for the so called Army of Allah.

my son refused. I have lived in fear ever since his visit, so I have slept
with a steak knife under my pillow all these months. When he started to
choke me, I was able to reach under my pillow and thrust the knife into his
neck. From the amount of bleed he spewed out, I think I hit his jugular. “

“Why do you think he was after your son?” the policeman asked.

“My son was on a secret mission for the army. I don’t know what it was,
and I think it was classified. “

The policeman was satisfied. “I’m going to leave a policewoman here with
you until your son arrives,” he said. “Why don’t you change the bed sheets
and try to get some rest. You’re safe now. “

When Trevor and Martin woke up, the sun was high in the sky.

It was 10:30
AM. They showered together and played some more. They had until 1 PM to
check out. By the time they were dressed and ready to vacate the room it
was nearly noon and they decided to have brunch before heading to Trevor’s

At brunch, Trevor said. “I love you, Martin, but there is one thing that
really troubles me. I didn’t want to ask, but now I must.

Why did you
kill Ahmed?”

“Ah, sweet love, did I not tell you before this? Ahmed was a spy for the
other side. I knew that because I knew everyone who was aiding them. It
was a pleasure to kill him. He had provided them with so much information
to help them murder innocent people, that he deserved to die. “

Trevor gripped Martin’s hand. “I should have known that you wouldn’t kill
an innocent man,” he said.

Finally, when Martin reached into his pocket to pay the brunch bill, he
retrieved his cell phone and turned it on. He saw that he had missed a
call and he listened to the message. As he did, he turned white and the
men rushed home in a cab.

They were greeted at the front door by a policewoman. “Thank God, you’re
here, Mr. Spenser,” she said. “Your mother has been through quite a
dreadful experience.

Her uncle tried to kill her, but that spunky lady got
him first. “

“Where is she?” Martin’s voice quivered as he looked around.

“I sent for a doctor and she gave your mother a sedative. Thankfully,
she’s finally asleep. “

“Where’s my uncle’s body?”

“At the city morgue. I guess when they are through with him, he’s all
yours. “

“Yes, I’ll claim the body and give him an Islamic burial.

It’s more than
he deserves. “

“If you don’t mind, I think I’ll get back to the station now. ” She handed
Martin a card. “If you need to go out of town, please call first. We may
need to question you and your mother again. ” Her police car was in the
driveway, and she left abruptly.

Martin looked around at his surroundings. He was home and he was happy but

His uncle had friends, and they would want revenge. He
wasn’t certain what to do. Just as a diversion he showed Trevor around his
new home. Unfortunately, one of the first things they saw was the laundry
room off the kitchen. The bleed stained bed linens were lying in the
hamper. Martin did not care how costly the linens were. He picked them
up, and stuffed them into the garbage can standing in the driveway just out
side the mud room door.

He didn’t want his mother ever to see them again.

When he was done disposing of the bloody sheets, Martin took Trevor
upstairs. There were only two bedrooms in the house, but fortunately each
had its own bath. They looked in on Janina. She was sleeping peacefully.
“She’s as beautiful as I knew she would be,” Trevor whispered in Martin’s

They went into Martin’s room, and dropped their two small carry on bags on
the floor.

Trevor noted that the walk in closet was big enough for both of
them, since neither had a lot of “stuff. ” In fact, Trevor had put all his
belonging in three small cartons when they were in Atlanta, and he shipped
them to Martin’s home in Chicago. They should be arriving any moment.

There was only one standard size bed in the room. “What will your mother
say to this?” Trevor asked Martin pointing at the bed.

“It will be the moment of truth, sweetheart. I sure hope she accepts it,
and likes you as much as I love you. “

They unpacked their small bags and put everything in a place. Then they
went downstairs to wait for Janina to awaken.

“I’ll make us some coffee,” Martin said. While the coffee was brewing, he
took some bread, butter and jam out of the refrigerator, and popped the
bread into the toaster.

They were enjoying their little repast when Janina
burst into the kitchen screaming with delight. She wrapped her arms around
Martin and pulled his head down so that she could smother him with kisses.

She finally let go and looked at Trevor. “You must be Trevor,” she smiled.
“Martin has written so much about you, I feel like we are old friends. “
Trevor was surprised. He never saw Martin writing anything to anyone.

never even saw him use a computer. He could only wonder when he did it.
Did he awaken before Trevor, and send messages from his phone? It was the
only explanation.

“Sit down, Momma,” Martin said softly. “I…we…have something to tell
you. Trevor is coming to live with us permanently. He’s a reporter for
CNN, and most likely will travel more than I would like. As for me, I have
landed a teaching position with The University of Chicago.

I’ll be
teaching Arabic as well as Islamic Studies. “

“That’s wonderful news. ” Janina was smiling broadly, and she went over to
Trevor and kissed him on the cheek. “But we only have two bedrooms. Where
will Trevor sleep, Martin?”

Martin took a deep breath. “With me, Momma. We love each other and we are
life partners. “

Janina’s face clouded over. “When my uncle tried to kill me, he called you
a faggot, my son.

I thought he was just trying to add to my misery, but I
see it is true. “

“Yes momma, it’s true. If you only knew how much I love Trevor, you would
understand. “

Janina took her son’s hand. “This is what I understand. When I am gone,
you will not be alone. You will have a companion who will love you, share
your life with you, look after you when you are sick, and be your lifetime

For that I love Trevor already. ” Martin started to cry and Janina
wrapped her arms around him once again.

“Now,” she asked, “how long do we have to enjoy each other’s company before
you both have to go back to work. “

“I start this coming Monday,” Trevor said.

“And I start officially on the Tuesday after Labor Day in two weeks time,
but I have to go in for orientation on the Thursday and Friday before Labor

That gives us both the time to buy two automobiles. “

“Martin, I rarely use my car. You might as well use it and then you only
have to buy one new one. ” She smiled at the two men. “I want to cook all
your favorite meals, but you’ll have to tell me what your favorites are,
Trevor. “

“Not tonight,” Martin interrupted. “Tonight we are celebrating at a five
star restaurant.

Now go upstairs and put on your best outfit, Momma.
Trevor, our field jackets will have to be acceptable by the restaurant.
We’ll both need to shop for some clothes for work and for five star
restaurants. “

They all had a good laugh, and proceeded to get ready for an evening on the
town. They might not have been so happy if they had seen the small black
car parked discreetly up the street.

Two men, sitting inside the car, were
observing everything going on in the house, and everyone coming and going
in and out of the house.

To be continued….

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