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The Hostage Chapt 5 (end)

Trevor and Martin started their jobs, and Janina resumed her role of being
a stay at home mom. For a month it seemed that they could lead a normal,
peaceful life. The black car still cruised the neighborhood, and still
parked discreetly a short distance from their house. The men even began to
venture out in the evenings, and they made some friends in the gay
community. They had their favorite watering holes, but never stayed out

They still feared for Janina’s safety.

One day the inevitable happened. Trevor covered a disturbing story. SWAT
teams had raided an apartment in downtown Chicago. The apartment had been
under surveillance for months. The SWAT team confishited enough explosives
to blow up the whole city of Chicago. Unfortunately, the suspects, all
known sympathizers of The Army of Allah, had somehow known about the raid,
and were nowhere to be found. The sad news was that they were still at

Trevor immediately called Martin and told him to rush right home
after work. He said that he would get home as soon as he could. Both men
were certain that their little family was still a target for revenge.

As soon as Martin got Trevor’s call, he locked his office door, and made a
call to a secret number in Washington. Within a half hour, the number of
men in the black car, which was cruising Martin’s neighborhood, was
increased to four.

Trevor and Martin maintained a happy attitude at home, and even made
arrangements with Janina to take her out to dinner Saturday night for her
birthday. The black car was now parked for the night, two doors down the

Trevor and Martin always closed their door when they retired for the night.
They rigged the door so that a bell sounded if the door was opened without
disengaging the apparatus from inside the bedroom.

Unknown to the men,
Janina had replaced the steak knife under her pillow. She had even taken
the time to sharpen the blade.

More than a week passed after the raid, without incident. Trevor and
Martin had refrained from making love in all that time. Instead they lay
awake listening for every sound in the house until sleep overcame them.

Finally one night they relaxed a little bit and started to play.

hand enveloped Martin’s massive tool and he began to stroke it. Martin
reached over and began to masturbate Trevor. Lust took over and they
twisted into a sixty-nine position. Both were close to orgasm when the
bell clanged, indicating their door was being opened. They moved so
quickly that they became a blur as each grabbed a pistol from underneath
their pillows.

At least three men fell upon them. Two were quickly dispatched by blazing

The third stood back, shocked at what had occurred. He backed
slowly toward the door, hoping to make an escape, and was rewarded for his
efforts with a sharp knife in his back. Suddenly lights were on throughout
the house. Eight government agents were all over the place searching in
every nook and cranny. Obviously there had been more than one black
surveillance car.

Trevor and Martin just managed to put boxers on when one of the agents came
in the room.

He grabbed Martin’s hand and started pumping it. “Captain
Spenser,” he said. “It’s so good to see you again. And you too
Mr. Lawrence,” he said as an after thought.

It was Sgt. Jim Young, whom they had met in Afghanistan. Trevor was
confused. Jim called Martin, captain, when he knew he was a civilian now.
That was odd enough, but last he had heard, Martin was a lieutenant when he
was discharged.

Jim hadn’t saluted Martin, but then again, Martin was not
in uniform.

“Good work once again, sir,” Jim said. We captured five more of them
entering your house. I don’t know if we got them all, but for sure, we’ve
broken their back. “

They had all forgotten Janina, who was cowering behind the bedroom door.
She came out and looked around the bloody room. “Those bastards don’t ever
give me a chance to keep this house clean,” she lamented.

Everyone in the
room was all keyed up, but they all broke out laughing.

“I know that it’s very late,” Jim said, “but could I ask you all to dress
and come down to headquarters with me. We need to take your statements.
I’ll see to it that the bodies are removed. “

Jim looked at Martin and winked. “Sorry for the interruption, sir. “
Martin turned red.

Trevor realized that somehow he had been kept in the dark about what had
developed into a major army sting.

On the one hand he was angry with
Martin. On the other hand he wondered if he could get a story out of this
after all, without endangering his family, that is.

They were e****ted down town by the agents, so Trevor could not question
Martin. Martin could sense the anger brewing in Trevor. He took Trevor’s
hand and looked in Trevor’s eyes. His own eyes were pleading for time to

Trevor squeezed Martin’s hand to let him know that he would be
patient and understanding.

Much later that evening, when they were brought home, the three of them set
about cleaning up the house and removing the evidence of the carnage that
had occurred there. sleep was out for the night. All three were operating
on adrenalin. At last, Janina prepared breakfast, and she and Trevor
looked at Martin waiting for a much needed explanation.

As they sipped their coffee, Martin finally began. “Everything was going
according to plan regarding my transition into civilian life, and then my
mother’s uncle tried to kill me and her. After the incident, I was
contacted by a member of army intelligence. He was aware of my appointment
to teach Arabic and Islamic studies at the university. He said that
Chicago was one of the few schools in the nation that taught both.

were aware that The Army of Allah signed up many recruits from students in
this program. The army offered to reinstate me as a captain, if I would
agree to spy for them. I could keep an eye on my students, and hopefully
recognize where their loyalties were. I accepted only because I believed
we were all still in danger. I was certainly right about that. One of the
men we killed tonight, and three of the men the army captured, were
students of mine.

” Martin paused and glanced at the two dazed faces in
front of him.

At last Trevor was able to talk. “How classified is this operation?” he
asked. “Will any of it be made public?”

“Here’s what you can write,” Martin smiled at Trevor. He took a slip of
paper out of his pocket and handed it to his partner. Trevor read:

Although federal agents did not find any terrorists at the apartment, which
they raided last week, they were able to identify everyone who came and
went into the apartment.

They raided a private home last night where three
of the terrorists were killed and four more were captured. They were all
members of a terrorist group called The Army of Allah.

The text was followed with a list giving the names, ages and citizenships
of the dead and captured. There was no mention of any connection to the
university or their teacher.

Trevor smiled at Martin and he pulled his telephone out of his pocket.

went into the living room and called in the story while Janina stared long
and hard at her son. “We will always be in danger, won’t we?” she asked.

“Yes, Momma, unfortunately we will always be on the enemy list of The Army
of Allah. At least this way I can continue to do my part to thwart them,
and to fight them. I’m so sorry. “

“Don’t be sorry,” Janina said kindly.

“I’m the one who set the stage when
I ran away with your father. If this is the price we must pay for freedom,
so be it. “

Trevor returned with a grin on his face. “Thanks Babe,” he said, “Now
let’s talk. How long are you going to lead a double life?”

“Until I feel safe for all of us, no matter how many years it takes. Hey,
look at it this way.

The university is paying me and the army is paying
me. I am earning two salaries and two pensions. We’ll be able to retire
in grand style in some tropical paradise. “

“If we are lucky enough to survive. Hey k**do, I told my boss I was up all
night covering the story, and I wouldn’t be in to work today. “

“I’ll call in sick,” Martin announced.

“I think I’ll go to the mall after I clean up the kitchen,” Janina said.

As soon as they heard her leave the house, Trevor and Martin went upstairs.
They needed desperately to make love after being so rudely interrupted this
past evening. They undressed rapidly with the intention of taking a shower
and maybe fucking in the shower. They had been up all night, and had
stayed awake for many nights before that listening for danger. Suddenly
neither of them could keep their eyes open.

They fell naked on their bed
and hunkered close. They grabbed each other’s cocks and fell fast asleep.
Their shower and their love making would have to wait until they woke up
several hours later.

They were safe, at least for the moment. A black car with two passengers
was parked serenely in front of the house. They could sleep tranquilly,
and recover their strength.

The End.

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