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The Good Guy Loses

“The Good Guy Loses”

Let me start off by saying that I am not married. I am a college student and I share an apartment with my girlfriend. Her name is Julie. We were together for about a year before we decided to live together. Originally I was going to go in with some guys I’m friends with to get an apartment. But Julie’s family was rather poor, and they couldn’t afford to pay for her to live in an apartment.

She really didn’t want to live in the dorms again and I didn’t want her to live far from me so we decided to get jobs and get an apartment together with me footing most of the costs.

I really didn’t mind because I love her. It was fall semester 1995 when we began living together. Things were great the entire school year. Since we have similar majors, we had similar schedules and classes.

We had no problems studying and even though we were busy, had a pretty damn good sex life as well. Then the end of school came along.

During spring semester Julie and I decided to stay at campus during the summer to get some credits out of the way since we had a 12 month lease. The semester finally ended and it was great to have a month break. Up until this point things were going great, but things were about to change.

First let me take a minute to describe Julie. She is your above average looking 21 year old woman. I would have to say that she was the best looking girlfriend I had ever had. I think the sexiest quality she has is a pair of plump, luscious lips. Actually her whole mouth is sexy, everything down to her moist, pink tongue to her white teeth. She can do things with her mouth and tongue that guys only dream of.

On our first date, after just making out with her for 5 minutes, I had an orgasm in my pants! She was not much into oral sex though, well, that’s what I thought. I only got two blow jobs out of her but I ended up blowing my load in seconds flat both times. She also had long, dark brown hair and big, brown eyes and slightly tanned skin from the tanning salon.

She had average sized breasts but to make up for that she had a plump, firm ass.

Anyway, back to my story.

It was the weekend and my girlfriend said that her friend Nikki asked her if we would go out on a double date with her. I personally was in the mood to spend the night in and watch the movie I rented, alone with Julie. I really didn’t want to go but Julie insisted that it would mean a lot to Nikki and if I agreed, we would watch the movie later and I would get a special treat tonight for being a good boy.

I reluctantly agreed. I didn’t have a problem with Nikki. Sometimes I feel she gets in the way of our relationship, but that is natural to feel that way about your girlfriend’s best friend. Actually I think she is a very nice girl and I have fun hanging out with the two of them. Who I didn’t like was her date Brian.

They were dating for a couple weeks up until this time and I met him a few times before.

I thought the guy was a complete asshole. The only credit I could give this guy is that I guess he is rather good-looking. He actually was in last year’s school hunk calendar. He is rather big and muscular as well. He is on the school gymnastics team. He was rude to me every time we spoke and all he would talk about was all of the parties he goes to and how many fights he’s gotten into and how badly he has hurt people in the process and even how he’s spent a couple days in prison for fighting.

I really didn’t know what Nikki saw in this guy. That evening the plans were to go to dinner and then go to a club. They were to meet us at our apartment and them we would leave from there. Meanwhile, after Julie finished getting ready, she came out in her sexy, skin-tight, white dress I had bought her. She only wore that dress for “special occasions”. I smiled when I read her sexy eyes and got up to kiss her.

She gave me an amazing kiss and then said the rest will have to wait until tonight.

A little bit later Nikki and Brian showed up and we decided to take separate cars in case we had differing plans after the night was through. Brian and Nikki jumped in her car and I drove Julie and we headed to dinner. During the whole dinner Brian was rude as usual and I just tolerated it.

What I hated the most was how rude he was to Nikki. A couple of times I wanted to punch his face in. Then towards the end of dinner, Brian made a comment to Nikki and she responded by saying “fuck off” to his face and left. We all sat silent for a minute, Brian even looked embarrassed, I guess because Nikki just humiliated him. I loved it. When dinner was over he looked over at us and said “now what?”.

Just then Julie replied, “You could stop at our place for a moment. ” What was she thinking? I know she was probably just trying to be polite, but I didn’t want to spend any more time than I had to with this guy. He agreed and I got really pissed. Julie looked pretty mad herself.

On the drive back to our apartment, all he did was talk about how much Nikki was a bitch and how my car was a piece of shit.

When we got back, Brian saw the movie we rented and asked if he could stick around if we were going to watch it. Not being a total dick I told him he could stay. I mean hey, his girl just left him. Then I asked Julie if she could come into the other room with me. When we reached the other room, she immediately said she was sorry for inviting him over and that she thought he was such a jerk he would say “no”.

I forgave her and we kissed in anticipation of what we had planned after we got rid of this guy.

We returned into the living room and began watching the movie together on the big chair in front of the couch Brian was on. Midway through the movie, Julie commented on how she wanted a shoulder massage from me. Just then Brian said he’s been taking masseuse classes and that he gave great massages.

Julie became interested and told him that she had always wanted to go to a masseuse.

He offered to give her a shoulder massage “only if your boyfriend gives me permission. We’re all civilized adults here, right?” What could I say? I said sure hoping that Julie would turn down his offer. I mean hell, it was just a massage. Julie said alright and Brian plopped to the floor with his back against the couch and Julie sat in front of him.

I watched him begin to massage her shoulders, and quickly turned and watched the movie hoping that her massage would end soon. Jealousy was building inside of me.

Julie then said, “Boy, you are good at this. ” After a minute I heard Brian ask her if we had massage oil. He then told her how much better it is with the oil. He said, “A massage isn’t a real massage unless there is massage oil.

” With that she told him that we did have some, which really annoyed me. Then Brian called me to go and get the massage oil for him. Pissed, I said we didn’t have any. Then Julie said, “Sure we do. In the closet. ” I told her to show me as I walked down the hall. Julie caught up to me and said, “What’s wrong? Its just a little massage? Don’t be immature.

We’re all adults here. ” It was like Brian was trying to brainwash us, except Julie had already succumbed and was on his side.

What could I say to her? The girl I loved. I thought over and over, “Its only a massage, its only a massage,…” I finally said “ok” and handed her our massage oil. We walked back to the living room together and she gave Brian the oil and sat back down in front of him.

I returned to my chair in front of them. “Cherry flavored,” he commented and I blushed knowing that we never used that oil for massages. I watched in anger for a while as he lowered the straps of her dress down along side her arm and poured the oil on her shoulders. Then he began to rub it in and immediately Julie reacted by saying, “Oh my God! This does feel great!”

I continued to watch for about a minute as Brian massaged her shoulders.

Seemed harmless enough. I turned back to the movie and tried to watch it but the squishing sound of Brian’s hands massaging Julie clamored in my ears. After about 5 minutes the squishing subsided and I turned so see if they were done. When I looked, Brian’s massaging had turned into more of just caressing her oily shoulders. Julie’s eyes were closed. He then said to me, “Do you mind if I take my shirt off.

Its hot in here. You’ve seen guys on the beach all of the time topless, right?” I mumbled sure and watched as he peeled his shirt of exposing all of his rippling muscles.

He then grabbed the oil bottle and poured more on Julie, with it overflowing her shoulders, and down her arms and chest and into her dress. Then he unzipped the back of her dress and began to massage her again.

Not knowing what to do, I turned back around and started watching the movie again. Then about a minute later I heard Julie moan. I looked back in amazement as I saw her head resting back against his shoulder as he kissed her neck. I could see his hands through her white, oil saturated dress moving and caressing her tits. I felt a sick feeling in my stomach and heart when I saw this.

Within seconds the front of her dress fell off exposing his hands cupping her bare breasts.

I looked at Julie. She was breathing heavily as Brian’s strong, powerful hands were gliding over her breasts. Just then I got up enough nerve to stop this. I got up, walked toward them and simply said, “Julie” hoping that would snap her out of her trance so she would stop this herself. I mean, I’m about 135 lbs.

and I wasn’t about to take on this guy. Instead she opened her eyes, looked at me and said, “Don’t be jealous, we’re all adults here, aren’t we?”

Then with Brian still behind her, she got to her knees while he followed, then turned her head back slightly so her cheek was touching his cheek and just the corners of their mouths were touching. Then I watched as she opened her mouth wide, and I know just to taunt me, ever so slowly began to lick his lips with her moist, pink tongue.

Brian then opened his mouth and met her tongue outside his mouth. After their tongues stroked each other for a while, Julie opened her eyes and looked at me again and smiled.

Then she turned her body to face Brian, put her arms around his neck, and slid her tongue ever so slowly into Brian’s wide open mouth. She slid her tongue in deeper and deeper until their lips were touching. Meanwhile, I noticed I was actually getting an erection watching Julie and Brian french kiss.

Julie went on taunting me. I could tell by the way she was kissing him. She didn’t lock her lips onto his like she usually kissed me. Instead, she kept her lips and mouth wide open. Because of this I could see practically inside of their mouths through the huge opening at the corner of her lips as they kissed.

I wanted to stop them so badly but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t get my eyes off of Julie’s pink tongue and Brian ‘s smooth, shiny, bleed-red tongue rhythmically thrusting in and out of each other’s mouths.

I was mesmerized. Julie then ran her hands all over Brian’s now oily chest and over his rippling muscles. I noticed that the movie had ended and the apartment fell silent as the TV turned blue. Brian moved his lips down to her breasts and went to work licking off the remaining oil that had not transferred to his chest. Julie clutched the back of Brian’s head, and pressed it into her tits.

She then threw her head back with her mouth gaping open, arched her back, and groaned.

Brian’s hands found their way down to where her dress had fallen and unzipped the rest of the back. Julie’s dress then slipped off and I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. My erect penis was about to burst out of my pants as I saw her naked body in Brian’s muscular arms. He then gently pushed her down to the floor with his mouth still eating her tits. Then his head moved its way lower toward her stomach and my heart sunk with every inch.

Within seconds his mouth found its destination between her legs. Instantly Julie began to wiggle and she spread her arms over her head and wrapped her legs around his back. This blocked my view for a while, but judging on Julie’s moans, whatever he was doing, he was doing it right. Then her excitement built and her legs spread open. I saw that he had two fingers thrusting in and out of her cunt as his tongue played with her clit.

After watching for a little bit I saw that Brian was good. He was getting her more excited than I had ever gotten her. His method was simple: he kept the same rhythm with his fingers and tongue for a while, and when Julie’s moans quieted down, he would pick up the pace a little bit.

Now after about 10 minutes of this, I saw something I had never seen before: Julie had an orgasm.

I had always thought she had orgasms with me–until now. First she began to scream, something she has never done in the bedroom with me. Then she grabbed the back of his head and began thrusting her hips as if she were fucking his face. Finally her back arched, her whole body shook, and I swear she stopped breathing. She laid on the floor for a couple of minutes to catch herself as Brian played with her tits.

During this time reality hit me again. What had just happened? Did the guy I hate more than anything just seduce my girlfriend right in front of me and eat her out? I think of this guy as pure evil but yet I’m letting him take my most prized possession, Julie. The guy was evil, I mean, what kind of guy would do this to a couple. Plus I was turned on by the sight of Julie helplessly fighting him, the sight of her succumbing, and the sight of his powerful, muscular body move in and take her over.

What the hell was wrong with me? But before I could answer any of those questions, Julie sat up and lunged right for his jeans.

She fumbled a little bit with the button and zipper. Right as she began to lower his pants, I saw his cock pointing out of his boxers. It didn’t really seem any longer than mine I thought. After Julie got his jeans off she literally tore of his boxers.

I think that Julie had the same reaction as I did when she saw his cock. I was correct about the length, he might have been an inch longer than me. What made me nearly gasp was how wide it was.

Wide eyed, Julie took his cock in her hand. Her fingers were not even able go all the way around it. I had to again evaluate the scene that was in front of me while Julie stroked his cock.

Julie and Brian were now on their knees, completely naked together. I had let this go too far, and there was no way I could stop the inevitable now. Although anger and jealously were raging through my body, I had never been more turned on in all of my life.

Julie then took the oil bottle and poured it all over his body. Then she tilted her head back, closed her eyes, and poured the rest on herself.

Her hands slid all over his body , every muscle, and of course his cock. She then began to kiss and lick his oily, hairless chest. Her hands still explored his back and ass while her lips and tongue slid all over his chest. Brian then took her head and slowly lowered it down to his cock. My eyes almost popped out when she stretched her lips around his cock and began sucking. Her lips barely fit around his cock.

She began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, deeper and deeper. Brian put his head back and moaned, appreciating her deep throating technique.

I was amazed. To tell you the truth, I never knew that Julie could suck a cock like that. This was too much. The sight of Julie’s large, dark red lips stroking his wide, oily cock, the sight of his powerful, muscular arms gripping her head, and the mere sight of their oily bodies together made me ejaculate in my pants.

After about a minute Brian had an orgasm. Julie was pumping him so fast with her mouth that I had no idea that Brian had cum until I saw his white cream drip out of the corner of her lips and down the rest of his cock.

As Julie slowed down she licked him dry. I was amazed again. Julie never swallowed my cum in the two times she blew me. When I reached orgasm she used pull away and let me cum all over myself.

At this point Brian began to suck Julie’s tits and I decided to go to the bathroom for a second to clean up.

I still couldn’t believe what was happening. I think the trip to the bathroom helped me clear my head for a minute, because when I decided to go back into the other room, I actually had plans to stop them. But when as soon as I saw Brian and Julie, those plans diminished fast.

They were on their knees kissing again and it was like I was lured back to my original vantage point. They were deeply french kissing.

Once again Julie was using her “open mouth” kissing technique and I became mesmerized once again as their tongues glistened in the light. After a couple of minutes of this, things got hot. I could tell Julie wanted to get fucked. She grabbed the back of his head, locked her lips onto his, and pressed her body against his.

Their tongues disappeared from view, but the lunging action of their mouths was still evident. This is the point where I believe Julie lost all her will power, self control, and faith to me. Their hands went wild on each other’s bodies. Their oily bodies pressed and slid together, which seemed to heighten the sexual tension even more.

The wet suction from their kiss and the sloshing of their oily bodies rubbing were the only sounds in the apartment.

I saw Julie stroking Brian’s cock in between them, and it was growing fast. Fear set into my heart at the sight of this. I knew what was about to happen. When his cock was full size Julie wrapped her arms around his neck, still deeply kissing him. His hands slid down to her ass and clutched it. My cock was once again rock hard. My emotions were crazy. My heart was pounding.

Brian lifted her up by the ass with his strong arms and Julie slowly wrapped her legs around him.

It was like everything was in slow motion. The only sounds that could be heard were their movements. Julie broke the kiss and kind of leaned forward and rested her head on his shoulder with her arms making an X on his back. Brian then took one of his hands off of her ass and slipped it down in between her legs to guide his cock into her. My hands were shaking. I was able to see his hand and cock just under her ass.

He grabbed his cock and guided it upwards.

I saw the head of his cock slowly disappear between her legs. At that same moment Julie snapped her head back and moaned. At that sight, I felt my heart once again sink. His hand returned to her ass. He then lowered her down a little bit more onto his cock as the wider part began to disappear. My heart sunk even lower into my stomach.

Julie’s moan turned into a screech, which startled me. It sounded like she was in pain. Then Julie began to scream the words that I will probably remember for the rest of my life.

After she screeched, she screamed, “You’re so big! You’re so thick! You’re so fucking thick!”. This was the final blow to my broken heart. She let out an even louder, continuous shriek as she began to slowly slide down the remainder of his shaft.

Slowly, inch by inch, his huge cock filled the girl I love. Once his cock was fully inside, her shriek ended. Then she looked into his eyes with the most sensual, seductive look I had ever seen her give.

The wicked look that was in her eyes told me that she was completely under Brian’s evil control. I thought back to how loving and innocent Julie used to be and how committed she was to me.

Now I was looking at how Brian’s power had changed her. That’s what turned me on the most. She then said, “Fuck me Brian! Fuck me hard with your thick cock!”.

I had never heard Julie talk like this the entire time I have known her. It didn’t take Brian long as his hips began to rock back and forth. Julie began to scream out again saying something like, “Oh Yes! You’re so thick! You’re cock is so fucking thick!”.

I watched for a while as Brian and Julie rocked and bounced. Then Julie’s head fell back, her back arched, and her body began to shudder. She then made the loudest noise of the night. I knew that she was having her second orgasm. My cock was throbbing. The whole time she kept saying those words, “You’re so thick! You’re so fucking thick!”. Then there was one other thing she said that caught my attention.

She said, “You’re cock is so hot inside! Its like you’re on fire!”. This made me suddenly realize that Julie was getting fucked for the first time without a condom. She was on the pill, but she insisted on using a condom, “to make sure”.

After a couple of minutes Julie said in the middle of all of her screaming, “Fuck me harder! HARDER!”. Brian responded by leaning her forward and practically tackling her to the floor.

Julie was now on her back with Brian on top of her. Then his sheer power took over and he began to pound his cock into her harder than I could ever dream. Julie responded with those now familiar words, that were ringing in my head, “YES! YES! You’re so fucking thick!, You’re so fucking thick!…”

I watched all of the muscles contract each time Brian thrusted into her. Brian’s power was amazing.

Julie looked sexier than I had ever seen her in my life. She seemed to be a part of him. After about 5 minutes Brian said he was about to cum. During that 5 minutes I think she had 2 more orgasms, maybe more. It was tough to tell because they were fucking so hard. Julie screamed, “Fill me with your cum! I’m yours!” He began to fuck her even faster through his orgasm as Julie screamed, “Its so hot! Its burning me up inside!”.

Then she clutched his ass, arched her back, and pressed his cock the full length inside her for her final orgasm. Their orgasms occurred nearly at the same time, and during the time they lapsed, the sight of them in ecstasy will last with me forever. After they fucked, the night didn’t end as I anticipated. After about 10 minutes of laying on the floor, Julie took Brian’s hand and lead him to the bathroom.

They took a shower together to I guess get the oil off of their bodies. I stayed on the couch and just wanted to go to sleep. I ended up laying there and listening to Brian and Julie fuck all night. I heard Julie get a good fuck while they were in the shower. Then a little bit later I heard them fucking their brains out in our bedroom. After about an hour or so they came back into the living room area and into the kitchen where Julie hopped onto the table and Brian proceeded to fuck her.

Then the most embarrassing thing happened to me. I don’t even believe I’m writing this part but hey, I’ve gone this far in telling you my story. While they were fucking, there was a knock at the door. I don’t think they heard anything and continued to fuck. I decided to let it go and hoped that they would leave. The person knocked about 10 more times with the last knocks being more like pounds.

I decided to see who it could be at this time of night. I propped the door open a little bit to tell them to go away.

It was our neighbor, and before I could say anything he pushed himself in. When he was just inside he looked into the kitchen area and saw Julie and Brian fucking away. He stood and stared for a while before he spoke. He then looked at me and said, “I’m sorry.

I thought you were watching pornos. It was just kinda loud. Forget it. ” He glanced at them fucking again before he left and I think he even smiled. I never felt so low in my life.

During the remainder of the night, Julie and Brian also fucked on a kitchen chair, against the wall in the living room, and in our bedroom again. All of this didn’t end until about 7am.

They slept until about 3pm the next day and fucked one more time in the shower before Julie took him home.

Unfortunately for me, that night was not just a one night stand for Julie. They fucked every night, and within a week, Brian moved in with us. I have been sleeping on the couch. Since then, Julie quit her job and stopped paying for rent altogether. I continued to work, and my parents and I continued to pay the rent.

We are currently still living in this situation. I date on occasion, but as crazy as this sounds, I am still in love with Julie. As for Brian, he is as rude and cocky as ever. He loves to rub in the fact that he’s fucking the girl I love. I considered kicking her out, but then she would have no place to live. I still love her. I don’t know if that could ever change.

Maybe I’ll learn to get over her.

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