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the family cultivated crops vary not easily

ArcheAge launched during a test of trade and trial as well as new versions of ArcheAge, and many other types of content for players to choose the experience. Although only the test time is about two weeks, but thankfully ArcheAge added a lot of new ArcheAge content, allowing players praise ‘is indeed the century old, amazing! ‘During the test ArcheAge has also a number of fun events. Now let’s look at ArcheAge ArcheAge understand what content! ArcheAge documentary century century old antique Many accidents have a lot of players who had already stolen the other players had the experience of cultures.

Happen, and the only player who planted a hard choice but to accept. However, some players still brave display to complain about the other players in the channel in the world. To give you an example to illustrate that the players may have heard that the youngest son of the a****ls will be able to get the eggs, milk, meat and other training. Fortunately, his son, and the players bought only 10 ducks. At this time, no player appears after all the ducks that surround child put in his pocket.

You can imagine, when the content of the conversation, ‘Hey, why take my duck? ‘Oh yes, you said a culture of open for ducks! With a lot of questions, and explain the situation to the other players, but other players and said ‘crops would not be grown elsewhere because of common ownership to any protected player. Other players naked to take these things right. ‘Once you understand these principles, we find that the reality of a definition.

Cultures and that the family can not be cultivated anywhere, so that other players can not arbitrarily take the planting of trees for wood. You also need to plant trees to prevent other players away, remote areas require relatively safe planted trees. Even after the planting of trees, and can not be sure that the other players will take these materials. To prevent theft of trees, and chose a very secret place. It was found that planting trees in the blink of an eye stolen.

Wait until I found out later, and consider the implications of feet above the ground and complaints. What is this large number of trees, even those who stole witnessed incidents later, and I felt the importance of rice fields and homes, because only after the construction of homes in the surrounding environment, the family cultivated crops vary not easily allow other players to steal. However, you want to get <a href=” account</a> into houses and rice fields requires a lot of time and effort.

And only some of a limited selection rice crops are grown. So you want to get more crops could only find very remote places. This is the beginning of the century-old experience, only to find suitable, the farthest place of growth will not be stolen also choose to grow crops there are significant benefits by reducing the likelihood will be able to get their own cultures. You can take that to create your own products, and can produce special products at a very high price for the sale.

Remember a time, to produce plates of maize, which has been chosen for the cultivation of corn. As a result props corn, then the piece and then mean the surrounding neighbors can be done in vegetable dyes.

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