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The Fairy Stepfather

scene:Manchester 2013:42 year old Caroline Walshe,a single mum,is working in her job on the counter at Tescos-one of the many poorly paid jobs the poor woman has had during her tough life on the council estate-she is slim and redhaired and would be considered attractive but for dowdy overalls-her normal clothes at home are not much better-a smelly tracksuit she got cheap in a charity shop five years ago,like many in the city she is constantly struggling to make ends meet-she is behind the rent this week-in desperation she fiddles the till-of course she is found out and gets the sack-a terrible scene takes place in the store-the police ar called and Caroline is arrested and flung in a police cell-she expects to go to jail-just like most of her ex-boyfriends-d**g-dealers and gang-leaders-who have all badly treated her-she rarely has had a happy memory-they used to knock her about and steal money from her,Caroline has just a single c***d from her many relationships-Penny-now a girl of 19-already with a criminal record for shoplifting-it seems likely she will go the same way as her mother and father and end up in prison,Caroline sobs her heart out as she is locked in the police cell.

the next morning she has a surprise ‘this kind gentleman has offered to pay you bail’ the police officer tells her-the business suited young gentleman steps forward and smiles ‘miss Walshe-your troubles are all over!’Caroline was gobsmacked!a few months later Caroline’s trial came up-instead of going to jail for six months she got a suspended sentence-but that was not all-the man took her shopping and told her ‘money is no object!’-the dowdy middle-aged woman was transformed within a few weeks into a sophisticated woman-her personal habits changed as well-she was encouraged to give up smoking and lose weight-she started going to the gym!within six months she was unregognisable!she even stopped swearing and started going to church!finally-it seems she had finally met her dream man!he asked for her hand in marriage and she accepted!the man was totally different to all her other boyfriends-most significantly he refused to sl**p with her!but her was never short in showing his affection for her in other ways-he loved kissing her passionately and tickling her-most significantly of all he loved spanking her!his rough hand could bring her to orgasm within seconds!and so the couple were married-everyone of Caroline’s friends was delighted for her-save for Penny-she hated him!Penny continued to shoplift and stay out till all hours-of course something had to be done!’Caroline-you know i would do anything to make you happy?’he said one day ‘you have already done so my love!you have given me everthing i could ever wish for!’she beamed ‘but-my love-i have not brought you true happiness have i-there is nothing more precious than the love of a mother for her daughter-she wants her to be happy and contented-but look at Penny!’Caroline frowned ‘i’m so sorry about Penny darling!’she said sympathetically-the man had showered presents on Penny but received not as much as a thank you from her!’i understand the problem!’ the man tapped his nose ‘she takes everything for granted!why should she be grateful for my beautiful presents when she can get them all for herself by stealing?’Caroline nodded ‘we all know what will happen eventually don’t we?’ the man continued ‘she will end up in jail!just like you almost did!”oh!but if that happens you can bail her out like you did me surely?’Caroline smiled ‘Caroline-people can only change themselves if they truly want to-like you did!’oh!i could never had done it without you Peter![this was the mans name-Peter Heaven]Peter then stood up and went to the full length mirror-a gift from him to her ‘look Caroline!look what could happen if you hadn’t met me!’the mirror’s surface seem to cloud over-images started to form on its surface-Caroline saw herself in court again-she got six months in prison!but this changed Penny!finally she saw the error of her ways-she stopped being the selfish brat and started to support her mother-she got a nice job as a secretary to a successful bussinessman-she was able to earn enough money to pay he mother a nice little cottage in Yorkshire-but sadly Caroline would die of cancer from her continued heavy smoking-the mirror cleared again-Caroline was staring deep into it-tears streaming down her face ‘you see?’ Peter says ‘the road to happiness can take many paths,we make a million decisions every day of our lives-any one of these can ultimately bring about either our salvation or our destruction’Peter looked deep into Caroline’s beautiful green eyes ‘i made a big mistake interfering in your personal destiny-but i acted on instinct-i was warned of the consequences!”by who?’ the now thoroughly bemused Caroline said-Peter just looked upwards ‘you are fucking k**ding me!’Caroline said-yes-she was now a regular church-goer-but was Peter one of Gods angels?’Peter threw back his head and laughed!’when he stopped he explained everything-Peter was no ‘angel’-he was a hypnother****t originally,who later became a stage hynotist-with the name ‘Peter Heaven’-all those images she saw in the mirror was purely by ‘suggestion’-the actual images of herself and Caroline had come from her subconscious mind ‘i have tried to influence Penny,believe me-but her mind is to closed-she doesn’t wantto change her life!”Peter explained ‘let me give a little demonstation of what i mean-he stared deeply into Caroline’s eyes ‘you will obey everything i say!”i will obey everthing you say!’she repeated ‘take off all your clothes!’-Caroline obeyed ‘bend over the sofa!’-again she obeyed-Peter then went to the cupboard and brought out a school cane ‘you have been a very bad girl!you must be punished!”i must be punished!’Caroline said-beginning to feel a moistness between her legs ‘i deserve six of the best!’-Peter then drew the cane back-but instead of striking the naked buttocks of Caroline he struck at the chair behind him-after each stroke Caroline cried out!after the sixth stroke Peter said ‘you may rub your bottom now Caroline ‘thank you sir!’-Caroline then came round ‘that fucking hurt you bastard!’Caroline turned to Peter-rubbing her burning bottom furiously ‘Caroline-take your hands away-i didn’t cane you!”what do you mean i didn’t cane you-there are marks all over my ass!’she said-stareing into the mirror-seeing the bright red marks on her pale white buttocks ‘look again Caroline!’-she obeyed-and both the intense pain and the marks magically vanish!’Caroline was gobsmacked!’you felt the pain because you wanted to feel the pain!’Peter was absolutely right of course-Caroline wanted to be caned-it made her wet!she knew she loved it when he spanked her after all ‘now-a final demonstration of my power’ he goes over to the cupboard again-he draws out a gun-he uncocks it-showing it to be full of bullets ‘kill yourself you stupid bitch!’he says-thrusting it into her hands-Caroline looked confused ‘i order you to obey me!’he stares into her eyes-Caroline stares back into his eyes-unable to see what he did next ‘i give you to the count of ten to kill yourself-if you don’t-then you must kill me!’-Caroline slowly draws the gun up to her head-but then she shouts ‘no!i won’t do it!’-Peter snatches the gun from her ‘useless bitch!it seems i have to do everthing!he draws the gun up to his own head-then turns it on the terrified Caroline ‘die!’he pulled the trigger…and Caroline was soaked full in the face with water from the gun-it was a water pistol!Peter had pulled the switch when she was staring into her eyes!’you see?you could bring yourself to kill yourself!now-if i had performed this same ‘trick’in your police cell that night-what do you think would have happened?’Caroline nodded grimly ‘i would have indeed killed myself!’Peter smiled kindly and then embraced the still naked Caroline-he started to get an erection!”now now dear!not till were married!’Caroline said cheekily ‘i’m only a man after all!’ he laughed back ‘Caroline smiled warmly at him-she then went over to the cane-which had been dropped on the floor and picked it-she then handed it to him and said ‘don’t worry my darling!i’m sure we can find othher ways of amusing ourselves till then!’she winked saucily at him at then went back to the sofa-assuming ‘the position’ as before-Peter grinned broadly and began to make a few practice ‘swishes’ with the cane before he got down to business!the next morning,Caroline came down to breakfast in their flat-sitting rather gingerly on the hard wooden seat,she tucks into her fry-up made by her husband as a special treat for putting he through such grief last night[she now rarely had a fried breakfast-eating much more ‘sensibly’ now,Penny was also at the breakfast table-as surly as ever-Peter decides to give the girl one last chance to change-‘guess what i’ve got for you Penny-tickets to see one direction in concert this weekend!’Caroline clapped her hands in glee!’oh!did you hear that Penny!’-one direction was of course Penny’s favourite band-but was she grateful-was she eck!’pfff!got some tickets off Brian for the concert months ago!’she sneered![Brian was one of the local petty crooks-the tickets were ‘bootlegs’ of course-Brian planned to make a packet!]Peter then grabbed the tickets from Penny and tore them up in her face!’hey!they cost me 60 quid those tickets!’Penny protested ‘really?’Peter smirked back ‘i got them all three for just 30 quid!’Penny was not pleased!’that cheating bastard!i’ll kill him!’and got off her chair and left the table ‘er-where do you think your going young lady?’Penny sneered back ‘i’m getting dressed and going to get my mates to do Brian!WHAT DO YOU THINK!’-and with that she stormed up to her bedroom.

after getting dressed in her pink tracksuit she came down-Peter roughly grabbed he arm ‘fuck off!’ she said to him ‘Penny i believe you have forgotten something?have you had a shower today?’he then sniffed at her armpits ‘phew!it appears not!’and with that he grabbed her left ear and pulled the still protesting girl into the bathroom-he then stripped her naked and turned on the shower and f***ed her head under it!it was kept on the ‘cold’ setting’-10 minites later Penny was shivering!’p-please!give me a-t-towel!’she pleaded-but Peter’s face was stern-he knew he was starting to get through to the girl-this was the first time the girl had even said please!’Towel’s have to be earned girl!’ he said-he grabbed her ear again and took her-still naked-into the back garden-it was now winter and freezing!’i’ll catch pneumonia!’ she protested as he pushed her out of the door and locked it!’not if you exercise girl!’ he smirked back ‘i want you to burn off some of the flab on you!’and with that he went in-Penny was soon freezing!her pale freckled white-skin soon covered in goosebumps!she started to cry!soon her pretty green eyes were very red-she then started to sneeze!Peter comes back-now accompanied by Caroline-Penny’s face lit up!surely her mother would let her come in?but Caroline shook her head sadly and she and Peter both returned to the living room-they turn on the telly-the weather says they could be a big frost tonight!and so Penny was left till morning in the garden-she considered climbing over the fence-but if if she did that what then?she was bound to be caugtht by someone!she was also bitterly hungry-she of course had no food since breakfast!broken-she did what Peter had told her to do-exercise-she did her best but collapsed exhausted on the ground after just five minites!eventually she sought shelter from the bitter frost under the bushes at the end of the garden-to add to her woes she got her ass stung by a patch of stinging nettles![it was by then very dark]Peter didn’t let up-the next morning he goes out into the garden-he finds Penny still asl**p-and throws a bucket of freezing cold water over her!’rise and shine!you’ve got work to do!’he grabs her and brings her into the house-he gives her another shower-but it was a nice warm one this time!he then cooked her a lovely breakfast-which the girl wolfed down!’Peter’s face was still grim ‘things are gonna change around here girl!i don’t wan’t you mixing with those lowlifes ever again!”those ‘lowlifes’ appen to be me mates!’she sneered back ‘were moving to a new neighbourhood soon-you’ll make some new friends-and this time some ‘decent’ ones!’he replied,but then he smiled!’been a bit of a shit haven’t i Penny?but-in all honesty-don’t you think you deserved it?’Penny smiled sadly-Peter was right of course!and what about those one direction tickets?she had behaved like a total bitch to him since she first met him-and he had got her tickets for her favourite band!and then there was her mum-she was now so happy!’i’ve got a lot of making up to do aven’t i?’Peter smiled!’tell you what-it seems like a great shame to let these tickets go to waste-are you free this weekend Penny?’Penny-now in her nightdress-flung her arms around his neck and kissed him!and so that weekend,the three had a great time at the concert-it looked at though everyone was going to live happy ever after-but Peter was then killed in a hit and run accident-Caroline of course got another waster of a boyfriend and started to backslide into her old ways-it was her boyfriends fists and not her loving husband’s hard but kind hands she was now on the receiving end of.

one day-after her boyfriend had become d***k and had beaten her once again-she looked once again sadly into the mirror-its surface clouded over once more-Peter was standing there!’she remembered what he had said to her. the next day-Caroline chucked out her useless boyfriend-she began to ‘glam up’ again-but she didn’t go to church like before-one day,while coming home,some building workers wolf-whistle her-when she got home she went online on her daughters laptop-within a few weeks she had set herself up as an ‘e****t’-with her beautiful redhair,green eyes and shapely figure she was soon attracting a lot of male attention-but she was no ‘cheap’ whore-she charged a grand for dinner and five grand for actual sex-the money was soon rolling in!her daughter Penny fully supported her mother-very soon they were able to move out of the estate-moving to an expensive penthouse in london-Penny became an art student-a talent in her own right,the old mirror that Peter had bought was taken with great care to their new location-and remains there to this day-and,thankfully not very often,when Caroline was feeling sad,she would stand naked in front of the mirror-holding the cane Peter had also given to her-she would then place the cane carefully over the mirror and lie facedown on her bed-closing her eyes and then waiting for Peter to show his love for her once more!THE END!.

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