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The Doctor’s Favor

I was never a real big sports nut, but for my kids, I played the consummate
soccer dad. Our community had a “non competitive” league, and we’re always
short on coaches. I new most of the parents and kids in my son’s age group
after about 6 years in the league. I had worked at an assistant coach for
the past 2 years and had learned a lot about coaching.

The kids came from all sorts of backgrounds, from wealthy to poor.

One of
the major requirements of the league was an annual physical for the players.
Every year we went through the hassle of getting each k**’s physical on
record, so this year I decided to try something new.

It was a long shot, but I had a close friend who had a friend who was a
medical doctor, recently out of medical school. I had met him once at a
neighborhood BBQ, and he seemed like the sort of guy who might be willing to
give the kids a physical.

I called Brad, introduced myself, and was relieved
when he remembered who I was. I laid out the request, and was grateful when
he agreed. We arranged the time and place, the needed form and releases. I
would be there to be the second adult in the room, for liability reasons. He
agreed to accept a $5 fee each, which would mainly cover his costs for gas
and materials.

The Saturday finally arrived for the physicals, and the kids gradually
arriving and waiting in the lobby of the community center beside the
practice fields.

I was relieved when he actually showed up a half-hour
early, and was amazed how young he looked. He had that California
‘surfer-dude’ look about him, with blond hair and blue eyes. His smile lit
up the room, and I found myself instantly liking this guy. Together we set
up a make shift examination room in the boys locker room, allowing privacy.

I was bored out of my skin by the time he finished with the all the kids.

The coach has already taken the boys out for practice and I stayed behind to
help Brad clean up. I was shocked when I heard him say “It says on the
league forms that the coaches need a physical too. How about we get yours
out of the way right now?”

I was not too fond of doctor visits, and a little nervous about Brad poking
around, but I had become comfortable around him, captured by his smile, and
decided to take a risk.

I was a little nervous about being undressed in
front of such a perfect physical specimen as Brad, but he was a doctor, used
to all kinds of bodies.

I responded “Sure why not, and it saves me the hassle of an office visit. “

Brad said “Well I guess you know the procedure by now. Take your shirt off
and sit on the table. “

I felt my nipples get hard in the cool basement room, especially when he
touched me with the cold metal of the stethoscope.

He went through all the
mouth, nose, and ears stuff, and I found myself responding to his touch. I
lay down as he felt around my abdomen, and felt a twinge when his fingers
approached my waist.

“As an adult I need to be a little more thorough. Why don’t you take off
your slacks and lay down,” he said. I was instantly in a panic as I was
partially aroused and about to be embarrassed.

I lifted my hips and slipped
my white jockey briefs to mid thigh. His hands were warm as he gently spread
my legs apart and touched my testicles. I’ve had many doctors touch me here
before, but none felt as personal and intimate as Brad.

“You know, you should give yourself regular exams for lumps. ” He seemed to
take his time feeling each, one at a time. By this time there was no hiding
my arousal.

Brad simply ignored the fact, all the time playing magic on my
body by his touch. I suddenly realized that Brad was not wearing latex
gloves. The examination had turned into erotic exploration. Part of me
wanted to run screaming from the room, but the more inquisitive part of me
liked the attention and the touch of his fingers. Lying on the table I could
also detect that Brad’s slacks had an obvious tenting action.

I suddenly
wondered what Brad looked like naked. It was as if the two halves of me were
arguing about what to do next.

Brad asked me to stand, as he felt for any hernias, the old ‘turn your head
and cough’ routine. His hands were like magic, and my erection would not
subside, and to my horror, there was a drop of clear shinny fluid at the
tip. He had me cough several times while he moved his fingers around my

A drop has drooled and had landed on his hand. I had never felt so
out of control in my entire life, nor had I ever had sexual thoughts about a
man. I watched in increasing admiration as my hard dick bounced around, a
second slick pearl of fluid was at the tip.

Brad asked me a few questions, increasingly personal. “Any problem getting
or keeping erections?” he asked.

“No” I answered.

“I guess I could have skipped that question,” he said looking at my engorged

I could clearly see his erection. In a response unlike any I’d ever spoken,
I said “Doesn’t look like you have a problem in that department yourself. “

“This is your examination, not mine. Any pain urinating?” he said, a huge
smile spread across his face.

“Not that I’ve noticed. “

“Since you’re almost 40, I need to check your prostate.

Have you done this

“No, this will be my first. Will it hurt?” I asked.

“No, we had to practice on each other in medical school, and I found it
rather pleasurable. I need for you to lean over the table and point your
toes. “

My mind was so flooded by sexual thoughts that I didn’t even question that I
would comply. I turned enough to watch him place some clear lubrication on
his freshly gloved fingertips.

My underwear had long since landed on the
floor, and I was totally naked. I pushed my erection down to be clearly
visible to Brad and I laid on the table top, feet on the floor.

“This might be a little uncomfortable at first,” Brad said.

I waited with anticipation as his finger approached my rectum. His finger
quickly entered the muscle ring, and clearly circled the opening. I felt a
little pain and discomfort, but was totally aroused.

When Brad pressed my
prostate gland, it felt like fireworks had gone off in my insides. I could
hear the groan escape my throat, as if I was watching this happen to someone

“Does that hurt?” he asked.

“No, but it sure felt weird,” I replied. Brad did not instantly remove his
fingers, and continued to probe around. I felt myself spread further for
better access, and push against his fingers.

The sensations and nerves that
he was touching were like sexual magic. Before I realized what was
happening, my body was preparing for an imminent orgasm. His fingers were
still inside as I felt my rectum contracting, and the first volley of semen
hit the floor. Two, three, four contractions followed, and yet Brad did not
withdraw his finger. By now I was thinking how his cock would feel up my
ass, too aroused to be worried or embarrassed by my orgasm.

“Prostate function appears to be exceptional” he said in superficial
clinical voice, still with his finger up my ass. “Is this a typical volume
of seminal fluid?” he asked.

“My gawd, no. I haven’t cum like this since I was a teenager. Whatever you
touched in there was like the fountain of youth. What did you do?”

“The prostate is a very sensitive organ. Can you feel it, I’m pressing it

“Yes, it’s kind of sensitive now?”

“That’s normal after orgasm.

The male body has lots of erogenous nerves
around the rectum and near the prostate. Most guys cannot admit how great
this feels. ” He said, his finger still knuckle deep inside me. I pushed
against his movements, and felt myself recovering and becoming aroused

“How did you learn to do that?” I asked.

“Lots of practice during medical school. I actually practiced on my room
mate till we both got it right.

It’s not all that complicated. Would you
like to try?”

By now my erection had returned, quicker than recent memory could recall.
“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, no problem. It’s all in the name of medical science. The door is
locked, and we’re alone,” he responded.

When he withdrew his finger, I felt a sudden emptiness. I began to pull up
my shorts, but decided against it and et them fall to the floor.

Mark took
off his lab coat, folded it and sat it on a chair. He helped me get my hand
gloved up, and squirted some lubrication on the tip. With little fanfare, he
dropped his slacks and boxers to the floor. My eyes were instantly drawn to
his erection. His blond hair was almost invisible, making his cock and balls
look bigger. I had never seen another erection outside of porno movies, and
suddenly wanted to explore more.

Mark turned, and placed his hands on the
table, still standing, and spread his legs. I could see his balls hanging
low. I moved in closer, and could feel the heat of his body against my bare

I wasn’t sure how to begin, but I could clearly see the opening, just like a
tiny rosebud. I could tell that Brad was really ready for some action as he
pushed against my finger, and could see him raise his butt by lowering his
chest to the table.

My first finger slipped easily inside. Mark made some
audible groans, clearly in pleasure. I circled the opening and added a
second finger. Mark guided me to his prostate, and encouraged me to message

My own erection was touching Brad’s skin. I was leaving sticky trails
wherever it touched. I was suddenly overcome by the urge to enter him, a
thought totally foreign to me. Mark was increasing pushing against my
fingers, and I slipped a third finger inside.

Brad’s only audible words were “Fuck me!”

I was torn between the urge to run away, and the stronger urge to penetrate
and plunder his ass. The second urge won. Dr. Brad had a supply of condoms
in his bag, and directed me to them. He again lowered his chest to the
table, lifting his ass higher in the air. His stiff manhood wedged between
his body and the table. His balls were red, and not longer dangled, but had
pulled up tight.

I had to withdraw my fingers to manage the condom. I quickly rolled it down,
making sure the lubrication was on the outside. I applied some of the jelly
to the tip, and moved closer. I pressed my cock against his rectum, and
enjoyed the feel. We were skin to skin, and I pressed forward, as if some
call of mother nature were being obeyed. I slipped easily inside, and he
easily took my entire shaft.

My balls were suddenly touching his. I waited,
as if to completely absorb the memory. I knew I’d be jerking off to this
picture for years to cum.

I pulled back out, almost totally, and pressed forward. Mark responded with
his same request “Fuck me!” and added a “NOW” for good measure. I plunged
forward, and felt my balls slap against his. His ass was tight and warm, and
seemed to suck me inwards.

I moved closer to get deeper. I pulled his hips
backwards. I lost all control, almost like a primeval person took control,
wanting to fuck and control, **** and plunder, and most of all cum. I had
never felt so alive, so focused, so macho in my entire life. Brad was
whimpering by the time I blasted cum and filled the condom.

Mark made sure I kept a hold on the condom as I withdrew.

I was amazed how
full the reservoir tip looked, especially as it was my second orgasm. Mark
stood up and turned around. He had not yet cum, and had his fist around his
hard organ. He sat on the table, and began to stroke his phallus. Having
lost all of my usual inhibitions, I leaned forward and took the tip in my
mouth. The pre-cum was slippery on my lips, but had very little taste.

Having never sucked a cock, I was unsure how to begin, but just used my
tongue and lips on the tip. Mark was desperate to cum, and continued to pump
with his hand, lifting his butt off the table. I could see the contorted
look on his face as his eyes rolled backwards. His muscles in his back
arched, the tension obvious. He tried to warn me, but I continued to suck on
his cock.

The first blast of cum was a surprise, mostly due to my inexperience. I
quickly withdrew my mouth, only to get the second blast right between the
eyes. The rest hit his tummy and finally dripped down his fist. His body
relaxed and he lay quietly on the table. I was unsure what to do or say, so
I quietly wiped my face with a tissue. I was totally engrossed in Brad’s
body and the amount of cum on his body.

I rubbed the cum into his skin,
while giving special attention to his nipples.

“Man that was incredible,” he said “I haven’t cum like that in years. Hand
me some of those paper towels, will ya. “

I watched in rapt attention, as he cleaned his body. He even removed some of
the excess lubricant from his ass. I could have watched for hours, but in
minutes he was dressing. My wilted dick refused to stand again, and I began
to dress.

Brad asked “Was this your first time?”

“Yes, I never knew this kind of pleasure existed. I take it that it’s not
your first time?”

“Nah, I discovered this in medical school when my room mate and I practiced
rectal exams on each other. I sure miss him, he really new how to fuck my
ass. You’re pretty good learner yourself. “

“Well thanks, I guess” I replied, slightly embarrassed.

We quickly packed up all the stuff and loaded his car. I was unsure what to
say or do, embarrassed by my sudden sexual awakening. Brad’s thoughts were
two steps ahead of me.

“Hey, I’m going fishing next Saturday. How would you like to join me?” he

“I’d love it,” I said, with a huge smile on my face. I could hardly wait
till then.

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