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The delivery girl- Submission from a friend

I was so broke I took a job as a pizza delivery girl. That was a long time ago. One of my first nights I was assigned to deliver a pizza to a hotel room. No problem. I go the hotel and found the room. I knocked on the door and shouted “Pizza delivery”. When the door opened a woman, quite a bit older than me, told me to come in. The room was a typical motel room; two twin beds, a small table, a dresser and a TV.

The woman was dressed in what I can only describe as biker clothing. Leather boots, leather skirt, leather vest, and she even had a leather hat on.

When I entered the room, she directed me to put the pizza on the table. I immediately noticed something was not right. On one of the beds, the blankets were pulled up and it looked like something large was under the blanket. The other bed looked freshly made up though.

Once I got inside the room and the door closed three more women rushed out of the bathroom. Within a second they were on me, throwing me to the floor. One woman clamped her hand over my mouth silencing me. I kicked and fought but with four against one, I had no chance.

My shirt was ripped off me and my arms were tied behind my back. Someone stuffed a rag in my mouth and wrapped tape around my head, securing the gag in my mouth.

More rope was wrapped around my bare torso, pinning my arms tightly to my body. My pants were pulled off me and more rope was wrapped around my legs near my ankles and my knees. I was then thrown onto the made up bed, completely nude, securely bound and gagged.

I was terrified about what was going to happen to me. What did these women want? I wasn’t carrying much money. I could just imagine being gang ****d by these lesbian bikers.

Suddenly the blanket was pulled off the other bed. There was nude girl, bound and gagged, tied spread eagle on the bed. She had about a hundred clothes pins clamped on the tits, her arm, hers legs, her toes, and her pussy. There was some sort of a device inserted in her pussy with wires coming out of it. Her body was covered with welts that were shaped like stripes. I thought immediately they could only have come from a cane or something similar.

All the biker girls were laughing and cheering. The lead biker girl looked at me and said, “You know who this is?” pointing to the other girl. “She is last week’s pizza girl!” she said, laughing at me.

I looked closer at the other girl. Her wrists and ankles were red and marked from the ropes binding her. It appeared she had been tied like that for a long time. All the clothes pins were had strings tying them together.

One on the biker girls stood on the other bed and gathered up all the strings attached to the clothes pins and turned to me and said, “Watch this sweetie. ” With one smooth pull, she yanked all the clothes pins off the bound girl. Her muffled screams filled the room. I could hear her crying and sobbing through her gag. The biker girl who had pulled the clothes pins off then looked at me and said, “Your turn next, if you don’t cooperate bitch.

The lead biker girl then grabbed my head and fucked me to look at her. “I’m gonna explain this to once, so listen up. My friends and I need a pussy eatin’ bitch to service us whenever we want. Miss goody-two shoes over there didn’t want to lick our pussies so we are training her. Do you want the same kind of training? Or are you gonna be our bitch?”

I had seen the way they trained someone who resisted so I decided until I could come up with an escape plan, I’d be their bitch, as they called it.

So when she took they gag off me, I said “I’ll do whatever you say, just don’t hurt me. Please don’t hurt me. I’ll be good. I’ll do whatever you say. ”

“Good answer, bitch. Hey girls, we have a winner! You can start with me. ” She pulled her panties off and pulled me to the floor. She sat on the bed and positioned me so my face was in her pussy.

I licked her pussy like there was no tomorrow. She wrapped her booted legs around my head and squeezed me tight. I could feel her boot heels on my bare back as I licked her as best I could, still being bound hand and foot. I had to figure out a way to get them to untie me, so I said, “I think I could do a better job if I could use my hands to rub your tits.

“Nice try sweetie, I wasn’t born yesterday. Just keep eatin’. You’ve got three more of my sisters to take care of when you’re finished with me”.

So went the next 8 hours. Me eating pussy, and getting whipped with a belt every now and then, and me trying to think of a way out of this mess. Finally around daylight all four of the bikers had fallen asleep or passed out.

I kept trying to wiggle my way out of the ropes. I managed to get loose and grabbed a blanket to cover my nudity and ran out the door and called the cops.

The police arrived in about 30 minutes. There must be a doughnut shop nearby. Anyway, when they got there everybody was gone; even their other hostage. I explained what had happened to the men in blue, but I may as well have been talking to the moon.

They didn’t believe anything I said and even threatened to file charges against me if I kept telling them my ‘ridiculous’ story.

The cops took me downtown to the police station for questioning. I was still clinging to the blanket, which was my only covering. I asked for something to cover my nudity, but they were not very sympathetic. Finally one of the lady cops held up an orange jump suit. She said, “You can wear this after I do a full body search”.

I stood up and opened my blanket showing her I was completely naked. The cop was putting on a latex glove. “I need to do a cavity search bitch. ”

I said, “Never mind then, I don’t need the jumpsuit that bad”.

“You don’t understand” she said, “I need to do a cavity search, bend over”.

She stuck a finger in my pussy and spent her sweet time probing for who knows what.

Next she lubed up her finger and stuck it in my butt hole. She spent even more time probing around inside me. I have never been so humiliated! She then threw the jumpsuit at me and ordered me to put it on. I was then taken to a jail cell. I screamed that I came here to report a crime and that I did nothing wrong. The cops just said, “Right, you’re innocent of everything, just like everybody in here”.

She then pushed me in the cell and slammed the door. CLANK. The sound of that door slamming shut was devastating to my morale.

So here I am, stuck in a jail cell with a bunch or women prisoners, no money, no phone, and no clothes except for the orange jump suit they gave me. I am being accused of filing a false report of a crime. I tried to tell my guard that there is a girl being held captive and tortured by these biker girls but nobody would listen to me.

After a while four of the women prisoners surrounded me and held me down while another prisoner roughly fondled my breasts and pussy. I was screaming for help when the guard threw something into the cell. What the hell is that?!! A strap-on dildo, make that a huge strap-on dildo. I was just about to be gang ****d I thought when another guard came in and told my guard that I was cleared to go.

My pizza boss came down to the station and straightened things out. My boss took me home. He told me I owed him big time for helping me out of my jam. Great, now he wants to use me too! It was at that very second I decided I would rather be broke than go through another night like this. My pizza delivery career was now over. “I quit!”.

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