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The Dealer, Chapter 2

I awoke in the middle of the night (well, it was 5:32 a. m. and the
sky was just beginning to brighten). I had to piss like a race horse and
my mouth was dry as dust. There was also the fringe of a headache working
at my brain. My hard dick pointed at my face, throbbing and leaking as it
usually does this time of the night. I squeezed the big spongy head and
licked off my fingers.

My dick dew tasted like sweet precum with a hint of
ass. That’s when I remembered I had someone in bed with me. Leonard! I
sure wouldn’t mind topping him again.

But, first, I needed some aspirin and a drink of water. Perhaps by
then, my dick would wilt enough for me to piss. I never could pee when I
was hard. I assumed that was true of most men (although I never took a

I roused myself and stood beside the bed. At least, I wasn’t
teetering like I had last night. What an embarrassing evening that was! I
glanced over at Leonard’s sleeping form and sighed. What a hot body and
good-looking guy! The sheet bounced in time with his slow heartbeat. It
looked huge even covered. How could I possibly think that horsedick could
fit up my tight ass?

Musing about that subject wasn’t helping my hard dick to wilt.

shrugged and padded quietly to the bathroom. Locating the aspirin, I
popped three into my mouth and gulped down some water. Losing my focus on
Leonard’s dick, my own throbber had lost some of its starch (enough to
allow me to piss, at least). I noisily drained my bladder and turned to go
back to bed.

Leonard big body blocked my way. “Great minds think alike,” he
grinned at me.

“Full bladders require emptying,” I countered.

I glanced down at
his dick out of habit. It had deflated slightly, pointing at my knees
instead of at my chin. It was still formidable.

I squeezed it and smiled. “Maybe, it likes me,” I whispered,
bending slightly to lick one of his nipples into my mouth.

He moaned with pleasure. “You keep that up and I’ll never get my
radiator drained,” he sighed.

“Can’t piss when you’re hard, either?”

“Nope, but I don’t think I want to now,” he rejoined.

“You’re too
sexy to ignore when I get this hard. “

I slapped it up against his abs and walked back into the bedroom.
“Take a piss. Then we’ll discuss what needs to be done to make that big
dick happy,” I tossed over my shoulder.

“I can’t piss when it’s this hard,” he protested. I ignored him
and climbed back into bed. A minute later, I heard the heavy splash of
emptying bladder.

Then, he crawled into bed next to me and cuddled in
close. I was lying on my back and he crowded in on his side. His thick
dick pressed against my hip and against the back of my hand. Of course, I
turned my hand over and felt him up.

“Sweet dick, Man,” I whispered, squeezing a big drop of precum or
left-over piss from the thick, spongy head. It felt slippery in my
fingers, so I decided it was precum.

“It seems happy to see me. “

“My one-eye black mamba has always liked you, Darrell,” he replied,
humping my fingers and dotting my hip with more precum with each thrust.
“Couldn’t you tell each time I saw you at the warehouse?”

I chuckled softly. “Yeah, it sure liked something in there. You
sure it wasn’t Tyrone’s hot ass or big dick?”

“Yeah, it only had `eye’ for you,” he giggled.

“Smart ass!” I smiled. “But, I think both of us need to juice. “

His hand slid down my abs and found the thick root of my dick. He
slid upwards and squeezed the big head like I had his. “Yeah, yours likes
me, too,” he whispered.

“What’s not to like?” I moaned, stroking his very hard, dripping
dick. “You got it all, Man!”

“I got nothin’,” he insisted.

“I got no job, no prospects of one
either for at least 4 months, and I got no one in my life. I’m a d**g
dealer. That’s not high on the successful career ladder,” he sighed.

“But, you got an incredible body and monster dick. And you smart!
You got plans for gettin’ outta this,” I said.

“And this so called body has gotten me picked up for soliciting
more times than I wanna remember,” he blustered.

“If it hadn’t been for my
brother, I’d be serving time right now. I gave it up only when I switched
careers, Darrell. “

“You haven’t been hookin’ in the last two months?”

“Last six months,” he corrected. “Dexter, my brother, kept me on a
short leash until I could prove to him that I wasn’t takin’ on sex clients
anymore. He got me a job in a restaurant waitin’ tables which I parlayed
into a stint in the kitchen.

I made some menu suggestions and changes and
they took them and ran with them. But, I got no credit for it and no
increase in pay, so I told them to fuck off and quit. “

While he was telling me this, he’d rolled over on top of me,
supported by his elbows on the bed beside my chest. He leaned in and
kissed me gently. It felt so good. I kissed him back.

My hard dick
drooled against his abs, but his taller body allowed his dick to slide
under my nuts between my legs. The more we kissed, the more my legs
spread. His wet, slippery, dripping dick pressed hungrily against my

“I don’t get fucked,” I breathed heavily when I felt him put more
muscle behind his thrusts between my legs.

He stopped and looked down at me. “Tell me you’ve never been asked
to,” he grinned.

“That butt’s too phyne to be ignored. “

“I’ve been begged to bottom for a lot of guys, and I’ve told them
all no,” I replied.

“What are you afraid of?”

“Afraid of AIDS to start with,” I countered. “I’m taking enough
risk with my life in this kinda business. I don’t need to be stupid
besides. “

“I could wear a condom. “

“Condoms break. “

“You never had even a dildo in your ass or a carrot?” he queried.

I paused. He grinned again. “You have, haven’t you?” I didn’t answer
him, but I’m sure I blushed. He couldn’t see that in the dim light, but
I’m sure he knew. The truth was that I’d been working a fat, long dildo up
my ass regularly for the last two years. “You know I’m free of the bug,
Darrell. I’ve shown my weekly tests to Tyrone. I know you’ve seen them. “
I nodded, but didn’t budge an inch in my resolve.

He had been testing
negative since well before he quit hookin’. He’d taken monthly tests on
his own at the local free clinic until he joined my “company. ” Then, he’d
taken them weekly. I’d wondered why. Now, I knew. He wanted to fuck me

Considering how I was falling for this incredibly sexy and handsome
stud, I was obviously weakening. He’d planned this seduction well: the
wine, dinner, taking me back to my condo.

I wondered if he’d spiked the
wine, but decided that was my fault, not his. I’m overly sensitive to the
effects of alcohol. That was an added bonus for his plan.

He pushed himself up on to his hands and knees, and leaned in and
kissed me. His lips moved down my chest, licking and sucking on one nip at
a time (the other one being caressed by his experienced fingertips). Lower
his lips munched until he reached my heavy 10″ dick.

His mouth closed over
the tip and sucked in several inches of the precum-leaking

“Damn, you’re good!” I moaned. “You got all the moves. “

“It gets even better,” he grinned up at me. His full lips pulled
at one of my sagging nuts, popping it into his mouth and giving it a wet
bath. He swapped it out for the other one, knowing from experience that my
bull nuts were too big to get both in his mouth at the same time.

He spit out the second ball and lifted my legs. “I haven’t showered
since yesterday morning,” I warned.

“All the better,” he sighed, inhaling deeply at my funky hole. His
lips kissed my butt several times, then zeroed in on my ripe pucker and
kissed it. Leonard’s tongue dipped into it, burrowing my ass lips apart
and tasting more of my back door.

My dick jerked hard each time I felt his
tongue invade me. “You are so fuckin’ hot!” Leonard praised. “I could eat
this pretty ass for the rest of my life!” I almost told him that I was up
for that. This man knew how to toss a salad!

I pulled my legs into my chest and gave him a spread ass and
winking pucker to dine on. With my feet resting on his shoulders, he moved
up my chest with his kissing lips.

He hesitated a moment. I could see in
his eyes he wasn’t sure if I wanted to kiss the lips that had just rimmed
my ripe ass. I settled that question quickly when I pulled his face down
to mine and kiss him hotly.

Meanwhile, his precum-slathered dickhead rubbed against my equally
moist asshole. The more I kissed him, the more I wanted his horsedick to
be the first real dick to part my ass lips.

My hands rubbed his hard ass,
pulling and kneading them. He took that as a cue that I was eager to get

He pumped three squirts of lube into his fingers. Leonard smiled
down at me and I smiled back at him. That was all the approval he needed.
His lubed fingers pressed between my ass lips and coated several inches of
love tunnel before they withdrew.

The excess was smeared over his 11″

“I’ve wanted to do this since I first met you,” he moaned.

“So have I. “

He pressed harder, but it wouldn’t go in. I was too anxious. He
squeezed the spongy head of his dick and tried again. The no-longer-blunt
instrument slipped in easily, but expanded again rapidly inside me as the
bleed rushed back into his thick dickhead. My dildo wasn’t this thick,
but, it had prepared me somewhat.

When another two inches of shaft entered
me, I knew this was going to be a good fuck. The flared head rumbled over
my prostate hungrily. My entire body jerked at the intense pleasure, my
dick leaked profusely of precum.

Leonard rested for a moment, but his dick jerked and spasmed in my
tight tunnel. Each time it jerked, I could feel the head rub against my
prostate. This was going to be a very short ride if this kept up.

“FUCK! You’re tight,” he moaned. “Can you feel how hard I am?
And feel my nuts drawn right into the base of my dick. I’m so close! Are
you close?” he wondered stroking my throbbing, dripping dick.

I slapped his hand away. “I’ll cum if you even touch it,” I

“We were so ready for this,” he agreed, sliding another three
inches inside me. My hands on his ass urged him deeper.

“Yeah, Baby! You
so ready!” he groaned and shoved in another three inches. He pulled out
slowly, leaving just the head inside. It jerked inside the entrance to my
ass. I squeezed down on it. I’m sure I felt precum jet out and coat my
manhole tunnel. Or it could have been cum for all I knew. But, he didn’t
seem to be hitting a climax, so I assumed precum. I shouldn’t have.

I can
cum without hitting my climax, too.

His slow hip motions set up a great fucking rhythm. My hungry ass
reached up and swallowed every thrust he pushed into me. Several times, we
had to stop, so we wouldn’t climax. The more he fucked me, the more I
wanted his entire monster up my butt. I didn’t know if I could take it
all, but I sure wanted to try. My current dildo wasn’t as thick as his
horsedick, but I think it was nearly as long.

I’d sat on that heavy piece
of plastic every night for the last three weeks, geysering a big load every
time. In most of those sessions, I didn’t touch my dick, just fucked the
cum right outta me.

Finally, he hit bottom and grazed my tender, stretched ass lips
with his wiry pubes. The next thrust pushed harder. And the next one
ground his pubes and thick root against my hungry hole.

He shuddered,
squeezing his eyes shut. I felt his dick jerk and swell inside me. If I
squeezed his dick with my ass muscles, he’d cum for sure. But, I wanted
more ride, now that I’d finally taken all of his horsedick.

Sweat poured off both of us. Again, he reached for my dick, but I
slapped his hand away. “I don’t wanna cum yet, Len,” I breathed.

“I’m so close right now,” he admitted, “I don’t know if I can hold
off and wait for you.

Your ass is so good!”

“Don’t move, then. Pull yourself back from the precipice,” I said
softly. “That’s it, nice and easy,” I urged. “I’m not going to suck it
with my ass muscles until I’m ready to take your load. “

“That may not make any difference,” he winced. “If you move your
ass the wrong way, or my dick hits one of those tight spots inside your
butt, I’ll spray paint your ass tunnel for at least two feet.

You know how
hard I cum!” Indeed, I did know. He’d nearly blown the back of my head
off the first time I sucked him off. It felt like I’d swallowed a fire

Leonard leaned in and kissed me gently. I kissed him back, hanging
on to his big muscular butt cheeks. With my hands, I urged his hips
forward when he withdrew. I loved his big dick up my ass.

Why had I waited so long to take a man dick up my black pussy? I’d
always told myself I was waiting for the right man. Bullshit, of course,
but that’s what I’d told myself. In a way, I was glad I’d waited (but I’d
still prepared myself for the eventual deflowering with a good-sized
dildo). Leonard was a great guy. He fit all my criteria for a lover
(ill-defined though they may have been).

But, it was also clear to me that
there was no way we could make any kind of serious relationship work if we
continued in the d**g trade. However, there was some promise of a good
future away from my i*****l enterprise. I’d have to more seriously
consider what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Sitting on my ass
all day and keeping track of my money didn’t sound very exciting.

least, Leonard had a plan for himself. How could I fit into that?

All these observations and questions slashed through my brain as I
enjoyed another deep penetration from the first man to fuck my black ass.
Another question plowed through. Was Leonard turning me into a bottom with
just one hot fuck? Probably not, I decided. Leonard liked my big dick up
his ass as much as I loved it there.

Evidence of that came again last
night. I’d been fucking him every week for the last two months, too. I’d
even taken him into the “bedroom” at the warehouse and plowed his beautiful
ass. No one else had gotten that special treatment. No, Leonard was gonna
get some dick from me; and some ass, too. We’d have to negotiate the
proportions later.

But, right now, I could feel my nuts boiling without even touching
my dick.

Whether it was his thick dick or the spongy dickhead, his ability
to tickle my prostate each time he moved was pushing me too hard and too
fast to resist the inevitable. “LEN! I’m gonna CUM!” I groaned. “I can’t
stop!” I grabbed for my dick; but this time, his hand slapped mine away.
He picked up the pace to full ramming speed. I felt my dick jerk and leak
cum above my navel.

I knew the next climax wave would f***e my load to
shoot very hard. Hitting the headboard of my bed was common when I jerked

“CUMMING!” Leonard shouted, and slammed hard into me, spasming.
His body thrashed and flopped on my ass, his dick buried deep, jetting cum
so hard that I could feel it spreading warmth inside me. “GAWD!” he moaned
hoarsely, thrusting savagely against my ass, planting another creamy geyser
of cum deep inside me.

Additional waves of climax swept both of us into a fucking frenzy.
My hands on his ass begged him to fuck me harder and faster. My own dick
sprayed cum wildly all over the bed and me. Two shots hit me in the face
when I looked up to see his big, thick horsedick spread my asshole. I
think that sight will never leave me, but at that moment, it caused another
massive spray of jetting jizz from my overheated dick.

I lost track of the number of times my dick jerked and squirted
baby gravy. I didn’t keep track of Leonard’s either. Both of us were
having the best, most intense orgasms we’d ever had. It took us about five
minutes to finally cool down and catch our breath. Leonard had released my
legs to keep me from cramping, but his dick stayed locked in my ass. I
didn’t want his black cannon to ever leave.

But, eventually, it shrunk back down to a reasonable size and
slipped out of my thoroughly creamed love tunnel. He lay beside me,
doodling in the cum I’d sprayed over my body. Finally, he leaned in and
cleaned me up. When he sucked on my nipples, I giggled. I was still
suffering from post-climax sensitivity.

“You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had,” Leonard finally said.

“So are you.

“I’m also the only fuck you’ve ever had,” he smiled.

“Touché,” I grinned.

“And just so you don’t get any ideas here, Darrell, there is NO way
I’m letting this big thing only flop on your stomach when you get fucked or
I suck you off,” he said, squeezing my deflated, but very wet dick. “I
want it up my ass at least as often as or more often than mine goes up your
incredibly hot butt.

“I’m sure we can negotiate something that’ll work for both of us,”
I promised. “But, you’re making this sound like we’ll be doing this a lot
more. “

“Uh, sorry,” he looked away. “I guess I’m rushing things. “

“That’s okay,” I soothed. “I’ve been thinking the same thing. “

He grinned widely at that admission. “Yeah?”

“Uh huh,” I said. “But, we should think about it more carefully,
more rationally when we aren’t so close to it.

Let’s give it some time,
time enough for us to cool down a bit. “

“I don’t think anything will change,” he countered.

“I hope it doesn’t,” I admitted. “But, let’s be reasonable about
this. We hardly know anything about each other at this point. “

“You have plans for the rest of the weekend?”

“None that I recall. “

“In that case, let’s spend it together,” he suggested.

“Some time
at my place and some time at yours. We need to see if we can even stand to
be this close to each other in a living situation. I may have habits
that’ll drive you nuts. “

“As will I,” I sighed.

“We’ll work through them. “

And we did. We slept together every night for the next five month
at my place or his. We also fucked and sucked with the rest of my
“employees” whenever we wanted to.

But, neither of us got fucked by
anyone, other than each other. Tony made me a fair offer for my half of
the business. He brought in a member of the “family” to take over the
daily running of the business, a gay Italian. I introduced all of my
employees to him, gave him a complete rundown of the situation and why we
were always nude in the warehouse. He seemed to fit in.

Tony transferred funds to a Bahamian bank to close the deal. I
transferred the funds immediately to Switzerland and walked away from the
d**g business. Leonard had already left the previous month, setting up our
household in Los Angeles (to be near his potential clients, the rich and
famous of California).

The month after I left, Tyrone did, too. He said the new guy was
fuckin’ everyone over and he didn’t want to be around when the guy got

He followed us to Los Angeles and still lives with us. Tyrone
continues to “interview lifeguards from the gene pool”, but hasn’t met his
match yet (although he is seeing a white, Marine colonel pretty regularly).

That was three years ago that we got out of the marijuana
distribution business. Leonard and I love each other in our special way,
but still fuck the hell out of Tyrone daily, too. Leonard’s personal chef
business has taken off.

Several of the well-know black movers and shakers
of Hollywood and Los Angeles have engaged him as their personal chef. Most
of the time, it is for special events, but those are frequent, so Leonard
is busy. I’m his assistant. That works well for us.

And how did we resolve our roles in the bedroom. Each time we want
to play “hide the wiener”, we flip a coin. Heads is the top.

However, if
we want to just suck dick or rim, we ignore the coin toss. But, most of
the time, sucking dick and rimming ripe ass evolves into fucking. When
that happens (nearly every time), we just go with what seems good at the
time. And what works best for the bottom is that he’s learned how to not
cum when being fucked (well, most of the time), so the bottom flips the top
and reverses roles.

That way, both of us get fucked and filled.

It’s nice to have a warm and jizz-filled butt. Leonard agrees. So
does Tyrone. Barebacking is awesome!.

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