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The Cuckoldress and the Boytoy

The following is a true story to the best of my and my wife’s recollection. This is about my mature hotwife who went back to college and seduced her teenage lab partner. In most cuckold stories, the wives are gorgeous blondes with huge breasts and very cute or pretty faces. That is not the case here. Susan is the Consummate Plain Jane. She carries a few extra pounds from having c***dren. However, Susan is extremely sensual, passionate, and has the most sexually creative mind of anyone I’ve either met or known.

She has completely mastered the art of lovemaking with skills worthy of a high priced call girl. This almost always results in total mind-blowing sex. In fact, every lover she’s had during our marriage always wants an encore performance. For example, it was her idea to have me enjoy her many sexual escapades via blue tooth if I am at work or traveling for work. This texts series and conversation below is one of those sexcapades.

Susan: hi babe. Whatcha doing?
Paul: sitting in a boring presentation, when I should be working. How about you?
Susan: Looking forward to my lab hour and seeing DaRon.
Paul: DaRon, he’s the 17 year old who you’re hoping will be your next boytoy?
Susan: yep. Cute as shit. Classic tall, dark and handsome. A nerdy egg head high school student who is permitted to take college classes cause he’s so smart.

Do you remember me telling you about him?
Paul: oh yes. Walked you to your car after your last two class. And you two were making out a little.
Susan: you got it handsome. You know my weakness for thick black lips that totally dominate my slim white lips.
Paul: good kisser?
Susan: oh yeah. He really had my pussy juices flowing. And I melted when he pulled me tight to his chest.

Also, felt a very promising bulge against my stomach.
Paul: Sounds so sexy. Even my loins are starting to stir a little bit.
Susan: glad you said that. I was going to take him out after lab for his birthday and try to get some liquid courage in him.
Paul: liquid courage for what?
Susan: I want to blow him in his car. Now that he’s of legal age for consent.

Paul: Yowza! I’m buying the drinks!
Susan: you’re so funny! Knowing you approve makes it all the more hotter!
Paul: I only wish I could be there.
Susan: me too! You know how much I love to play in front of you.
Paul: well, maybe next time.
Susan: or this time via blue tooth?
Paul: excellent! I forgot about that! I have no meetings this afternoon.
Susan: ok, I’ll go to the bathroom and call you just before I leave.

Paul: cool!

Here is the conversation that afternoon. Paul can only hear what’s transporting. And only Sue can hear Paul’s comments.
Susan: hi babe.
Paul: hello, my cuck Queen. I’ve been really looking forward to this. Is it on?
Susan: totally! He was all over me in our booth. Hands all over my thigh. Compliments galore! His arm around my shoulder as he told me how beautiful I looked. Slight brushes against my boob…and his hand on my ass as we were leaving!!
Paul: I love to when a black man puts his hands all over you.

Susan: YOU love it? My panties are totally soaked. Wish you where here to lick it all up before, or while, I suck this k**’s black cock.
Paul: oh, shit!

Susan (to DaRon): think we could sit in your car for a little bit? I’m to tipsy to drive.
Paul: the experienced cougar wife set the trap for the teenager, almost 1/3 her age.
DaRon: for the price of one sexy kiss, you are welcome to my car.

Susan: well, I can certainly pay the kissing toll, but I’m not sure I can stop at one…not with those sexy lips.
Susan and DaRon: (a lot of kissing sounds and moaning)
Susan: is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
DaRon: hop in and I’ll show you
Susan (after more kissing): did you ever feel up a married mature white wife?
Paul (via blue tooth): I love when you talk dirty to you lovers.

Susan: Mmmmm. Want to take off my shirt baby?
DaRon: absolutely.
Susan: now the bra Sweety.
DaRon: wow! They’re perfect!
Susan: ever touch a white wife’s bare breasts?
Paul: very hot, my sexy wife!! I think my cougar wife has bagged her another young one.
DaRon: mmmmm. Can I kiss them.
Susan: uh huh. They belong to you today, baby. My whole white married body does.
Paul: god that’s so hot!
DaRon: yes!!
Susan: suck on my nipples, baby.

Real slow. Let you hand do some more exploring.
DaRon: holy shit, your pussy is so wet!!
Susan: Well, it’s your fault, you sexy black bastard. Play with my married white pussy while I see what this bulge is all about.
DaRon: here, let me undo my pants for you.
Susan: oh, my god. That’s huge. You’re hung like a fucking porn star!
Paul: shit that’s hot. Are you going to kiss it, babe?
Susan: can I kiss it?
DaRon: of course
Paul: how big is it?
Susan (in between kisses): this thing must be 9-10 inches.

DaRon: the better to fuck you with my dear.
Susan: Wow! It’s so much thicker than my husband’s. I can barely get my hand around it.
Paul: fuck…that did it. I came all over my desk!
Susan: haha! I love it. Can I suck on it, DaRon? Pleeease?
DaRon: of course. Your married self can do anything you want with it.
Susan: mmmmm.
DaRon: shit, no woman has ever worked my dick like this!
Susan: well us white women, especially married white women, are the best cocksuckers around.

DaRon: better than any black chick I’ve ever met. That’s for sure.
Susan: you haven’t seen anything yet. I’m gonna play with these huge balls while I lick your cock down one side and up the other. Will you let this married white slut do that.
DaRon: fuck, you say the nicest things. Wanna suck my nuts.
Susan: god they’re so big and beautiful. I think this will be the first time I couldn’t fit both in my mouth.

Did you ever have your big balls licked and sucked at the same time?
DaRon: I’ve never had either of those things done especially while you’re pumping my shaft.
Susan: married white woman strikes again!
DaRon: I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard before. I feel like iI could come any minute!
Susan: no! Not yet. I need you to come in my mouth!
DaRon: shit that’s so hot!
Paul: I think I’m going to come again when he does.

Susan: perfect!
DaRon: fuck! You tongue feel fabulous swirling around my dick head!
Susan: Mmmmm. It feels like you’re getting close to exploding.
DaRon: I’ll let you know when I’m about to nut so you can pull up.
Susan: OK, but I’m not going anywhere when you cum. That’s my favourite part. My reward for all this time I’ve been working your cock and balls.
DaRon: of shit, that going to do it…here I come.

Susan: I’m going to take the whole dick, so you cum down my throat.
DaRon: uh, uh, uh swallow it all, baby. Don’t miss a drop.
Susan: mmmmm.
DaRon: I’ve never spurted this much in my whole life!
Susan: I never had a load this big from one guy…ever. I must’ve swallowed six or seven shots. It was so hot I came two or three time while you flooded my mouth!
Paul: I’m proud of you my little slut wife! You’re the perfect cuckoldress!
DaRon: I should be ready to fuck you in a few minutes.

Susan: I’m sure you will be. But I want you to work me over in my hubby’s bed and his recliner chair, and on his desk in the den It’ll be so hot. What are you doing Saturday afternoon?.

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