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The “Cuckold” Therapist: First Visit

“My name is Dr. Grey,” the trim, handsome young black man said, as my wife and I sat down in front of his desk.

We shook hands as we also introduced ourselves.

“I have only just had a chance to glance through the questionnaire,” he said, pausing to look at his wrist watch.

For a moment longer, he studied several sheets of paper my wife and I had filled out earlier in the waiting room.

He leafed through each page carefully. Once he was apparently satisfied with what he read, he took his reading glasses off, and looked up at us with a faint smile.

“So, from what I see here, both of you have an interest in cuckoldry. Is that right?”

“Yes. It is. ” My wife answered, and I added that I agreed that this was so.

“Very good. I assume that you both understand what that concept entails.

“Yes,” I said, before my wife could answer.

The ther****t glanced over at my wife for a second, and his eyes lingered ever so slightly on her face. There was the faintest of what I guess you could call a smile playing at the corners of his eyes, as well as his mouth. Seeing this sent a by no means unpleasant tingling in my groin area.

“So, how long? May I ask? Have you both been thinking along these lines?”

“It’s been a long time, I should say.

” My wife replied.

“How about you?” He asked turning to me.

“She’s right about it being a long time. “

“So, if I read your answers correctly, you indicate that you think you’d like to become your wife’s cuckold. “

“That’s right. I do. “

“Why is that?”

“I’m a lousy lover, for one!” I couldn’t believe I had just blurted that out, but I had.

“I see. And, do you” (he was now addressing my wife) “feel the same way as your husband does about that?”

“I do. “

My face flushed hot. I stared at the floor. It wasn’t because what she said wasn’t true. It was all very true, indeed, but having her agree with me, and in front of the ther****t, I felt embarrassment! It was not typical for most married men to even admit that they weren’t any good at fucking their wife, and definitely not doing so in front of a veritable stranger (even one that would likely keep such knowledge to himself)!

I finally looked up from the floor, and saw the ther****t writing something down on a note book.

When he was finished writing, he put the pen down on top of the note book, and said:

“I deal with this sort of thing all the time. There’s nothing wrong in admitting such a thing. ” (He addressed that to me. ) “In fact,” he said resuming, “honesty is something I highly recommend the three of us remained committed to during our sessions. It’s the best way I have found for coming to grips with what needs to be done.

“That’s what we are here for. ” My wife said.

“Good,” the ther****t said. “Excellent. So, let me ask you” (he turned to face me as he began) “how do you think you will feel if your wife here should, at some point in the future, decide to—‘have sex'” (and he made the inverted comma sign with both hands) “with someone else other than you?”

A long pause followed that question.

But, eventually, I said: “I have been thinking about that for a long time; and, though I might feel a little bit scared, even worried, I think my wife deserves to enjoy a bigger cock than the one God gave to me. “


“Yes, I do. “

“Interesting. “

He scribbled a brief note in his tablet.

“And, how do you feel about that?” He asked my wife.

“I don’t wish to be mean, but, what my husband says about the size of his cock is true—and, what is more, I do want to ‘enjoy’, as my husband just said, a bigger cock! You urged us to be honest. I am being honest about this. “

“Nothing wrong with that. Thank you. “

He made another note in the tablet beside him.

He paused in thought for a long moment before saying anything else.

“The only thing then that I can offer, at this juncture, is my own private services in regards to your expressed interest in a bigger cock. I can also, at the same time, assist you” (he was speak to me) “in the process of becoming your wife’s cuckold. So, for the sake of professionalism, is this what you both want? It MUST be a mutual decision. If either one of you are not absolutely certain that this is what you want, then I cannot help you any further.

Is that understood?”

“Yes,” was the answer my wife and I both gave almost simultaneously.

I looked over at her, and she glance at me. I put my hand out to her, and she took it.

“I love you, you know?” I said.

“I know that you do; and I love you as well!”

“Then, if that is settled with both of you, I will require that you sign a waver, acknowledging that you have both made this decision of your own free-will, and that I have in no way coerced you.

Further more, since cuckold therapy cannot be a perfectly scientific, and an entirely predictable out come, you both must acknowledge that there are certain inherent risks in taking this path. I don’t say this to scare either of you. I have been involved in cuckold therapy (and training) for nearly 6 years, and I have had a perfect record so far of successful completion. I am very proud of this record. So, here is the waver.

Sign both your names where indicated by the red X. “

He slid the sheet towards us. I reached out and picked it up. I reached for the pen that he offered. I scanned the document briefly, and then I signed my name in the bottom right corner. My wife did the same.

As I watched her signing her name below mine, I felt slightly strange (for lack of a better word for it).

I didn’t feel scared at that moment, though earlier I had.

When my wife had handed the waver back to the ther****t, I saw her smile (faintly) at him, and he did likewise! My wife liked the ther****t. Anyone with eyes could see that.

Then, after the waver had been signed, the ther****t had several other details he wished to iron out.

“It is my considered opinion,” he said, “that both you, and your husband, will benefit the most from any further therapy sessions if you both are in attendance.

Becoming a cuckold is greatly facilitated by both being as involved as possible. “

“Does that include the sexual parts of the sessions?” My wife asked him.

“Of course. You see? This is a process where you, and your husband, begin to take separate, but usually parallel paths—sexually, that is. So, it is vitally important that your husband see you with me, and, it is equally important that you know that he is fully aware of this fact.

So both being in close proximity as this occurs is the best course of action. It is the most efficient way that currently exists in helping a couple such as you to be a functioning cuckold couple. “

“So, what your saying is, that you want me to watch you fuck my wife?”

“Look at me as a ‘facilitator. ‘ A ‘tool’ even. I’m the bridge by which you cross to one side, and your wife crosses to the other; and the end of that process leads to cuckoldry.

“I didn’t mean to be crude just a moment ago,” I said apologizing.

“Not at all! If by saying something like ‘fucking my wife’ helps you deal with your quest to becoming a cuckold, then fine. By all means! Say ‘fuck’ all you like!”

I liked this ther****t. It was funny that I would, since he was going to ultimately end up ‘fucking’ her for sure! But that was exactly what being a cuckold meant: OTHER men were going to definitely “fuck” my wife—and with my full support! So, why should I feel any thing like hostility towards this good looking black guy?

Before we left, the ther****t, and my wife, set up a time for the next week for her to come in and start fucking him in front of me.

It felt slightly strange to be setting there hearing them discuss such a thing, knowing that I was right there listening to them, but it was also strangely erotic, too!

It would be nearly seven days before my wife and I took the last steps in riding ourselves of our previous monogamous marriage. Seven. Long days!.

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