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The Cuckold Groom

Chrissy made a beautiful bride. She and I were childhood sweethearts and loved each other dearly. Her old man had pitched in to give his daughter a good sendoff and it was quite a wedding and quite a party. Chrissy looked radiant in her satin and lace gown. I knew I was the luckiest man in town that day. Chrissy is the daughter of one of the most prominent men in town and the man responsible for my new job.

Although he and I didn’t get along very well (he hated me) He was bound and determined to make sure his lovely daughter was happy. And like I said, Chrissy looked radiant that day. She is a petite blonde, about 5′ tall, with a tiny little waist you can almost get your hands around. (but my hands aren’t too big anyway) She liked to wear her hair short and perky, and with her baby face this made her appear like a teenager, which she barely wasn’t.

She has nice, flaring hips and breasts that filled out her dress proudly. They weren’t huge, but full and pointed. And she has a beautiful smile. Her whole family has that “beautiful people” look.

Chrissy’s dad didn’t think much of me. Why do the old men always hate their daughter’s choice in men? He wanted her to marry the local football hero, Ted Baxter. Ted was a real jock, big, overly confident, and pushy as hell.

He walked around in a pack with the other jocks being pain-in-the-asses. Ted was very fond of Chrissy but she had told him “no” one night at the junior prom, and Ted doesn’t like being told “no. ” Chrissy started dating me during our senior year and things looked like they were going great, I would finally get my comuppance after all these years! One day in the locker room, I was walking from the shower when I felt the sting of a leather belt hit my wet behind! I yelped, jumped and fell and turned around to see Ted (and his entourage) leering at me! Ted pointed his belted fist at me and said “I heard you got to first base with Chrissy last night, well, don’t worry ‘pencil-dick’, I’ll be the one sliding into home! Haaaah Haaah haaah!” When Chrissy agreed to marry me I thought I had had the last laugh.

I should have known guys like me don’t get good breaks in life. I should have known it would be Ted’s large hands that would slide Chrissy’s panties down her thighs. It would be Ted’s experienced tool that would take her virginity.

Like I said, it was quite a party. The shindig included the town’s best and richest (well, maybe just the richest). Chrissy was bubbly and blushing. We gushed over each other as we drank champagne and cut cake.

“Honey, I can’t wait!” She whispered. “I’m loving every minute of this, but I can’t wait to touch my husband. ” She winked and ran off with a group of girlfriends. I love it when she talks like that. I loosened the collar of my tux and drank some more champagne. “Joey, I can see that my daughter is in quite good spirits today. ” Her father had come over to get a drink and was now standing over me.

“Yessir, I will do my best to keep her that way. ” “Oh, I don’t doubt that you’ll do your best Joe, I just hope you don’t mind if a father takes a few, oh, ‘extra measures’ to insure his family’s, er, contentment?” I thought he was referring to the new job he had just given me with his firm. “I’ll work very hard sir, thank you for the help with my career. ” “Ohh, ahaa, haaa, haah, I have no doubt you’ll work hard Joel, ahh, haah, haah, haaa…” He walked away.

Fucking jerk.

Chrissy and I danced and drank, and posed for photos and the afternoon wore on. The limo arrived, Chrissy threw the bouquet. The limo took us to a nice resort hotel up the coast. Her father had made all the arrangements so I knew we were in for a nice weekend. I carried my blushing bride over the threshold in a bundle of squirming white chiffon. My prick had been stiff ever since we got into the limo.

She and I were laughing as I dumped her on the bed. I wrestled with her for a while, then kissed her lovely face as she squirmed under me. Her hips made little undulating motions against my thigh. I could feel a certain heat rising from her. “Honey dear, I have a suprise for you…. !” She said. “Here, get this off…!” I helped her drop her skirts. “I’m so hot for you, Joey, but I have a surprise…!” “What?” “I have a special outfit I want to put on for my husband.

“She began to run to the bathroom, then stopped. “Do you know what else is special about today?” “No honey…?”I replied “I’ll give you a hint, I had my period exactly two weeks ago…!”Then giggling, she scampered to the bathroom. I started, “You mean you’re?…Oh, honey…!”I wanted to run to the bathroom door to grasp my fertile bride. Just then I saw a key turn in the lock and the door swung open. Ted and two of his friends walked in.

I didn’t even have time to react as I was heady from Chrissy and the champagne. Ted took two steps forward and sent a fist crashing into my gut. I collapsed to the floor with a “WOOF!” Ted and his buddies towered over me. “I’m just here for what’s mine, lover-boy. You just play along and nobody gets hurt. See?” “Honey? Did you hear me…?”I heard Chrissy call. “Tie ‘honey’s ass up.

” He ordered his friends to “take care of me. ” The other guy’s name was Brad, I remember. The girl was one of those sneering “party girls” that Ted and his friends hung out with. She grabbed a pair of Chrissy’s pantyhose from the floor and stuffed my mouth with it. Brad produced a roll of duct tape and proceeded to tape my ankles, and my wrists behind my back. I was struggling at my bonds when Chrissy came out of the bathroom.

“Honey, how do you like my outfit…OH!”

Ted was standing to the side of the door when she came through. She was wearing a white lace teddy and panty set. Her lovely pert and pointy breasts held the fabric away from her body. I could see her trim blonde triangle through the panties as Ted grabbed her and she screamed. “OWWW! YOU LET ME GO! YOU LET ME GOOOOO…!!” I yelled through my gag.

The girl (Carol) slapped my face, saying “Shut up you little freak!” Ted tossed Chrissy onto the bed where they both struggled. He tried to get his weight on her, but Chrissy is a pretty agile girl. She yelled and screamed and kicked her legs as he pinned her arms above her head, then pawed her breasts and thighs with his free hand. He tried to kiss her. “SLAPP!!!” The sound resounded throughout the room as she got one hand free.

“HOW DARE YOU TED BAXTER!! ON MY WEDDING NIGHT!! THIS ISN’T FUNNY AT ALL…!!” Ted growled and backhanded her. Her attitude suddenly changed. “It’s been a long time Chrissy. I can see my new wife is going to need some ‘training’. ” He grabbed her hair and threw her onto the floor. She collapsed there in an abused heap. He stood up and undid his pants. pushing them to the floor. “Goddamn, Ted. ” Said Brad.

“Ride’em cowboy!” Ted grabbed Chrissy’s head again. She wailed in pain. He sat down on the edge of the bed. The front of his underwear was bulging. Chrissy was sobbing and mewling as he pressed her face to the bulge. “C’mon ‘wife!’ Service your new husband!” “TEDDD! DON’T DO THIS…NOOOOO!!!” As he shifted his hips and pulled down his underwear, I could see in the fading light an ugly purple cockhead spring into view.

He then grabbed her by her wrists, and despite her protests, sat on them. Her hand were immobilized by her r****t with her face in his crotch between his hairy legs. “TED, I’M SORRY I DIDN’T RETURN YOUR CALLS…!!” “I can see my new wife needs some discipline. ” He turned around and pulled his belt from his pants. “Open your mouth…” He said it almost patiently. “TEDDD!! GOD NOO!! DON’T!…” “CRACK” went the belt on her white, pantied ass.

“OWWWW!!!” She cried “Open your mouth…” He said again. Tears ran down her cheeks as he gently placed the wedge of his cockhead against her lips. “NOOO…” She began, but her mouth was being stretched. “CRACK” went the belt again. Chrissy howled, but her mouth was full. Ted leaned back and moaned. “Yell all you want, sweetheart. I paid the bellboys well to leave us alone. Your daddy was good enough to give me some expense money for this little ‘operation’.

” I had never seen a man master a woman like this. He pulled her head off of his dick. I could see in this light, that his cock looked considerably bigger than mine. It didn’t look circumcised either, the extra skin gave it a club-like appearance as it stood out proudly from his belly. Chrissy was bawling as Ted ordered her to lick his balls. “Lick the family jewels honey…get them all warmed up.

” “CRACK” Chrissy yelped again as she bend to her task. I yelled and struggled against my bonds. Ted’s balls were red and hairy, and looked as large as eggs. “Can you smell her Joey-boy? She’s getting wet. ” My head was only a couple of feet from where my wife knelt in front of him. She was twisting her ass around, still putting up a struggle. The sun was going down outside.

“Let’s get his pants off and let him join the fun!” Said Carol.

She and Brad got my pants and underwear pulled down around my ankles, despite my protests, and managed to maneuver me onto Carols’ lap. I heard Brad disappear into the bathroom for a minute. “Enough discipline wife, get into bed!” He picked her up and threw her onto the bed (our wedding bed!). I noticed Chrissy’s lips were very swollen and red. Her whole face was red from the crying. Ted got on top of my wife and had considerably less trouble this time kissing her.

Chrissy had stopped shouting but resorted to crying and struggling against Ted’s hands and he kneaded her young breasts and nipples, making them stand up proudly. His cock pressed at her belly, leaving snail-trails of pre-cum. She kicked and pedalled her legs furiously as he pushed her white satin panties down. I yelled into my gag as he stripped her.

I heard Brad messing with the lid of a jar. Then I felt Carol’s long nailed fingers putting a dollop of vaseline against my anus.

She cooed with a mothering tone as she began working a finger into my ass. “There-there Joey boy. We didn’t want you to miss out on the de-flowering tonight. So I brought along a little ‘husband’ for you. ” I twisted my head and Brad handed something long and black and buzzing to Carol.

Ted put Chrissy’s ankles over his shoulders, giving her ass a playful swat to remind her of who was in charge.

I could see his cock silhouetted against the bay window, dripping pre-cum into the sheets. “Now honey, you can take it on your back like a woman, or I can bend you over and take you like a beast, which way do you want it?” Chrissy just stuck out her bottom lip and mewled as he placed the head against her moist opening. He didn’t take her cherry with one thrust, but rather began a steady motion with his hips that slowly began to spread and impale her pussy on him.

As her cherry broke, Chrissy yelled and Ted smiled, reaching down to grasp her waist in his hands, he pulled her the rest of the way onto his shaft. I could see her little legs kicking over his shoulders as he bent her and settled his weight on top of her. Her legs went back against her chest. Her face and breasts were against his chest. I could hear her gasping and moaning as his shaft split her.

Carol began working the throbbing black dildo into my ass, splitting my asshole, robbing me of my manhood as my childhood bully inseminated my wife. I yelled into my gag and tears ran down my cheeks as his ball sack settled against her ass.

He began pumping his cock in and out of her like a piston. Carol fucked my ass with the vibrator, then pushed it all the way in. Brad got more duct tape and wound it around my hips, holding the dildo in place.

She and Brad got up and quietly left the room. I was left watching Ted’s pistoning shaft. I could see it gleam in the dim light from outside with the moisture he was pulling from her. Then, I heard him muttering to her, “Can you feel that, Chrissy…?” “Yes…. ” She replied “Here, bend your knees so I can put it…against…your cervix. ” Chrissy fucked herself to bend her knees and point her toes.

Ted sank deeper and I saw Chrissy’s eye’s go wide and her mouth made an “O” “Oh…GOD!! TEDDD!!” Her little legs kicked in the air.

They didn’t separate. A little later, Ted pulled the covers over them. Later, I saw the shape of his ass humping the sheets. I was reminded of the time I peeked into my parents room to see what the “squeaking noise” was. I stranglely felt like an intruder, even though I was prisoner on my own wedding night with ten inches of throbbing dildo in my belly.

I thought about what was in my wife’s belly.

I must have passed out. When I came to, moonlight was shining in. Chrissy was bent over, her proud, pointy breasts swaying against the sheets as he slowly fucked her from behind. The room smelled of their sex. I could see them in silhouette. His ball sack was swinging between her legs. She was moaning quietly. She had either stopped struggling or had surrendered completely.

There was some moisture dripping from where they were joined. He was holding her hair like reins on a horse when I saw him grunt and thrust deep. She mewled and kicked when he did this. She seemed to struggle her hips against his strong hands. He settled down next to her, gently entwining their bodies together. I could hear them whispering. He had a hand lovingly resting on her belly. I closed my eyes.

Sunlight. I heard the door slam. I tested my bonds, the tape was cut! I quickly tore off the tape and extricated the dildo from my butt. There was a sucking noise as it pulled free. It was silent. I had worn out the batteries. I rushed to Chrissy. “Honey, HONEY!! For God’s sake wake up! Are you allright?” She shifted and sighed and rolled over “Hmm? I’m okay, honey. ” Her voice sounded strange.

I was SO relieved. I began kissing and kissing and kissing her. She was giggling and kissing me back. We fondled each other, I could smell Ted’s aftershave. Strangely I was aroused despite the situation. She and I were finally experiencing each other. I confidently spread my wife’s thighs. “Stop, Joey” “Huh?” I gaped at her.

She had her hands on my ass. I felt her fingers brush against my gaping wet asshole.

It stung, suddenly reminding me…” “Would you get a condom please? From the bathroom…?” I was incredulous. “You’ve got to be…” “GO… get a condom. ” She pointed. I dashed for the bathroom, returning with a ‘ rubber raincoat’ and fumbled getting it on. I kissed her and attempted to regain our former passion. She lay back and calmly spread her legs. Her formerly virgin pussy was gaping. She didn’t even flinch as I put it in.

The heat of her nearly burned me, even through the condom. I almost winced as I began stroking, looking down at her baby-face on the pillow. “Is it all in?” She asked.

A year later. We have a screaming little bra…,er, “bundle of joy”. Chrissy and her family are ecstatic. I am the breadwinner and little else, it seems. Chrissy tells me the baby looks like me. Ha. Ha. Ha. We have never failed to use a condom, on her orders.

(Must be careful, Joey-dear!) To make matters worse, at the last family gathering, the in-laws suggested another grandchild. Chrissy blushed, my ass just hurt.


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