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The Cowboy and the College Girl Chapter 8 and 9

Chapter 8

The long weekend.

We load the bags of Vanessa’s clothes in the truck. Josie gives a hug and says “Be careful, you call me every day and let me know your are safe. ” Josie then turns to me and says “I don’t know you but you seem to be a nice guy. You better take good care of her and she better come back safe. ” Josie walks to the back of my truck and takes out her phone and take sa picture of my license plate.

Then she walks back up to me and takes a picture of me and Vanessa together. Vanessa asks “What are you doing?” Josie replies “I am taking pictures of him and his truck so the police know who to look for if you turn up dead in a dumpster. ” Vanessa says “Josie I will be fine. See you on Tuesday. ” All I am thinking is I have the hottest girl I have ever met in my truck and I can’t wait to get her home and finish our date.

We drive off into in the night.

“Vanessa, why did you bring so many clothes for three nights?” Vanessa laughs and says “Do you have a Washer and Dryer?” I reply “Yes I do”. Vanessa “Sunday is my laundry day and I was hoping I could borrow your washer and dryer while I was visiting you. Two of those bags are my dirty clothes, one is for this weekend. ” She laughs and acts embarrassed.

“It is okay to use anything I have. ” I tell her with a smile. She moves closer to me and lays her head on my shoulder as we drive through the night. I lay my hand on her knee and she puts her hand on top of it and pats it, then holds it tightly. We make the 30 minute drive to my house and up the long driveway.

When we arrive Axel and Bogey are barking and wagging their tails as they run to greet us.

My headlights shine across the fields and we see two deer grazing as the headlights reveals their presence. The crickets are chirping and the frogs are croaking at the pond. it was a beautiful night. I stop the truck and we get out. “Welcome to my home Vanessa, this big, ball of fur is Bogey, this mean looking guy is Axel. ” The dogs sniff her and wag their tails. She reaches down and rubs both dogs.

She has enough of my scent on her that she is accepted by the two dogs.

We carry her bags in the house and place them in the guest bed room. Vanessa looks around the house and says “Very nice. I am impressed. ” I tell her “My grandfather built this house many years ago. When he grew old and wasn’t able to take care of the farm any longer he asked me to come live with him and take over the farm.

He died 5 years ago and left it to me in his will. ” Vanessa ” So all this is yours now?” Me “Yes it is all mine. I have a lot of land and this house and the barns. I have to buy and sell horses and cattle everyday to earn enough money just to keep it. It was a blessing and a curse when he gave it to me. I had to quit the university to work so I could keep the farm.

I was on an athletic scholarship for baseball and had to give up that dream. “

Here she is, in my house. I am still thinking about the wild sex we had an hour ago. I still need to get my satisfaction. “Vanessa, do you want to stay in the guest bedroom of do you want to sleep with me. ” I ask shyly. She smiles and gives me a hug “With you of course.

” I pick her up and carry off to the bed room.

Chapter 9

The Queen of the Nile.

I carry Vanessa into the bedroom and place her gently on the bed. She is beautiful and all mine for the night. I gently kiss her as she pulls her hair back from her face. No more anger, no more crowd, this is perfect. I lower myself into the bed and she takes off my torn shirt.

I gently unfastened her bra and remove her shirt. Her large, supple, breasts emerge and I get instantly hard. I pull of her skirt and her panties, all this, while still kissing her. She is pulling at my belt and pants trying to get them off of me. One final tug and they come loose and I remove them. She is still wearing her boots and nothing else. This is not a time for kinky sex, this is passion.

I reach down and remove her boots and gently kiss each foot. Her nipples are erect and her breathing is rapid.

I slide my body between her legs and push my cock in her waiting pussy. She is wet and our bodies merge instantly. We move in perfect harmony and our passion is carrying us through the night. This is not fucking, this is making love. The act when two bodies become one, melted together in passion and desire for each other.

This is not wrong, it is right. Through the centuries many great stories of love have been told. Ours is will be the greatest love story ever told. Then the a****l nature of sex starts to emerge.

She tells me to lay on my back and I comply. She lowers herself her body onto mine and places my cock in her pussy. She is fucking me now. This is the ultimate. She can climb off any time she wants to but she does not leave.

She grinds her pussy on my cock harder and harder. Her body pounds against mine. Her breasts bounce with each downward stroke her body makes. Then she stops. She looks an Egyptian Queen riding her lover into the next world. Yes, this will transcend this world and carryover into the next. My mind is racing and my body is responding
to every attack her pussy makes on my cock.

She stop suddenly, brushes the hair out of her face, climbs off of me.

Still on her knees she grabs the head board of the bed and tells me do her doggy style. I can see her ass and her pussy, wet with sex, waiting on me to enter. I shove it in and fuck her wildly. I reach up and get two handfuls of her hair and use them like the reins on a horse. I ride her until she collapses on the bed. I am still riding her and fill her pussy with hot cum.

I give her all I have to give.

We both lay in the bed, exhausted, hot, sweaty, covered in each others juices. We can not speak, we can not move. This act of love has robbed both of us on any motivation to move. We just lay there and recover. The night grows dark and we both slip off into a lovers dream world. Both happy and content and very satisfied. Tomorrow will bring new adventures, but this night is done.

Coming soon chapter 10. “The Ghost of a Girlfriend past. “

Chapters 1-5

Chapters 6-7.

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