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The Cookout

It was time for the summer time barbeque family reunion! The weather was perfect and things couldnt get any better. Elle Monique & Ava Dominique were enjoying themselves as they saw cousins, aunties, uncles, that they havent seen in years. They were almost brought to tears when they saw they great grandma was able to make it this year. The cookout at the park was on the one of the hottest days of the summer during a record breaking heatwave, so all the ladies were half naked & all the men were ogling at them, forgetting that they were related to them grabbing their hardening dicks as the ladies went by.

‘Damn she got a fat ass!’ cousin Earl said. ‘Who ass you lookin at bruh?’ asked Quincy. ‘I’m lookin at the ass of Ava Dominique, she got my dick mad hard. This makes me glad im her play cousin…’ ‘You lookin at her ass and im lookin at the fatty her lil sister got. ‘ Quincy said admiring Monique’s camel toe. The two brother’s looked around the as their family enjoyed themselves mingling amongst one another.

‘I got an idea, Quinicy. Imma get the super soaker and we gone play tag like we used to back in the day. ‘ ‘Oh like when they was little, and starting to grow titties?’ Qunicy asked Earl. ‘Hell yea!’ ‘Word. That used to be my shit, for real. They aiint even now when they would land on me to tag me how much i enjoyed that shit. ‘ Earl went to his car to grab the super soakers he had purchased from the local store before arriving at the cookout as his dad advised him to do so the kids would have some form of entertainment other than basic games.

He headed to the area where the water hose was, then he saw in the kitchen area where the food was being kept he spotted Ava Dominique.

‘Heyy cousin!’He said trying to sound as chill as possible. ‘Hey cousin Earl! How you been?! It’s been forever since i last seen you!’ Ava said with excitement as she came in for a hug. ‘Yeah, i know. ‘ he said hugging her tight enjoying her breast being smashed into him, almost taking a grab at her ass but refrained from doing so.

‘So how you been?’ he asked. ‘Good. You?’ Ava responded. ‘Great, i been good myself. ‘ ‘Thats whats up. ‘ Ava said as she snaked around him to take some food out so the the hungry folks could start eating before they began to complain even more. ‘You need any help lil cousin?’ Earl asked. ‘Yeah can you grab the tray of bread and also get that tray of hot links too? And follow me, k?’ Ava asked.

‘I got you. ‘ he told her. Earl stayed behind just to watch Ava walk, all along thinking to himself how he cant wait to see the little clothes that she’s wearing wet and clinging to her.

As Earl was assisting Ava Dominique with the food set up, Quincy had grabbed Monique and played catch up with her. She was literally grabbed in the midst as she chased her younger family members playing tag.

‘Come here girl, where you think you goin without sayin hey to me?’ Elle almost cleared his clock for grabbing her in such a fashion, but didnt when she realized who it was. ‘Qunicy you was bout to get ya ass whooped, real talk’ Monique informed him. ‘Elle Monique you was gone beat me up? I thought I was your favorite cousin?’ Rolling her eyes, Monique said ‘Boy bye!’ & chuckled. ‘So have you heard?’ he asked.

‘Heard what?’ Monique asked. ‘Heard that Earl went to fill the super soakers up for Super Soaker Tag. ‘ he told her. ‘For real?!’ Monique said with excitement. ‘I havent played that in so long!’ Looking around for his brother, ‘i dont know whats taking him so damn long though. ‘

‘Well anyway, I guess imma have to get them out the truck myself. Come help me. ‘ Quincy motioned Monique. When they got to the truck he popped the trunk.

It was empty, cause Earl already had taken them to be filled. Quincy closed the trunk to think fast on what to do now. ‘Elle Monique how old are you now? 15, bout to the great & infamous 1-6 come summer’s end!’ Monique said excited. ‘Oh yea? What you tryin to do for that?’ ‘Imma have the dopest party of all time!’ ‘Aight thats whats up. ‘ Quincy said to her. Thinkin of a way to push up on her he decided to just go for it.

Well, i dont wanna go back empty handed and its so hot so i think we should just chill here for a while Elle Monique. ‘Aight, i was tryin to find a way to steer clear of them crazy ass kids anyway. Shit let Dominique deal with them, she supposed to be serving food anyway. ‘Aw for real? Then i bet Earl wound up helping too. So thats all for now with the super soakers unitl they finish serving the food.

‘ Quincy told her. ‘Damn. i was really lookin forward to that too. ‘ Monique said disappointed. ‘Nah, you’ll be aight. You here with me. Sit on the trunk. ‘ Monique wasnt sure where he was going with this but the shade made the car cool from the hot summer sun. She sat with her legs slightly gapped.

‘Mmmmph. ‘ Quincy said. ‘Mmmmph, what?’ Monique questioned. ‘Dont worry about that, do me a favor and open your legs some more.

I wanna see your fat cat. ‘ Quincy requested. ‘Quincy we cousins. ‘ Monique said. ‘Nah, we play cosuins. ‘ He took her hand and let her find out how hard he was. ‘You feel that? You used to always get me like that when you was younger. ‘ Quincy hopped off the car and pulled Monique into a secluded area. When they got there he whipped his hardened thick dick out. Monique’s nipples got hard and it showed.

Her pussy was also excited.

Back at the cookout Ava Dominique was serving the food to the guest, thankfully she had a table the separated her from the people being served. Underneath, was cousin Earl eating her pussy out like a starved a****l. Earl worked his mouth all over, in & out of her poonani. And when he suckled on her pierced clit she dropped a plate of potatoe salad, greens, and grilled turkey legs on Uncle Gramdpa Leon.

‘Um, im so sorry Uncle Grandpa Leon. Um, let me get you another plate made, okay?’ Dominique told him. ‘Yeah, imma wait cause i was ready for that good ass plate. Matter fact bring my plate to me, my damn feet hurt. ‘ Alright, i’ll do just that. ‘ Dominique stomped her foot 3 times as a signal for Earl to stop, for she had enough and could no longer focus on getting ate out and serving at the same time.

Earl suck out from under the table and got into line to get his plate of food.

‘Some cookout we havin huh, cuz?’ Earl asked Dominique. ‘Yup. im still waiting to play Super Soaker tag tho. Like we used to back in the day. ‘ Dominique told him. ‘Oh girl dont worry we still gone play. That food smelled so good i wanted to eat[/i] first then play afterwards, feel me? ‘ ‘Oh yeah i agree.

‘ Dominique said nodding her head. ‘Have you seen Monique?’ ‘She prolly ran off with her favorite cousin Quincy like she used to always to when we was kids… Remember how it was me & you and him & her when we played house and stuff like that?’ Earl asked as he took his plate. ‘Yeah, but yall behinds know yall was too damn old be playin house with us…’ Dominique told Earl. ‘Yea, but yall always had fun was the key point, now im bout to go eat.

You should too cause the game prolly gone start soon…’.

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