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The Cheating Canadian girlfriend

(this story is all true name’s and locations are also true except my name i will be going by Cohigo)

Well to start this story off im Cohigo my last name isnt important my age is 25 and her’s is 24 but this story is about my cheating ex Slut whore of a girlfrien, before the story can take place how i meet her, well i had met her on a site called Tagged.

i had became friends with her while she was dating an ex boyfriend or boyfriend now (dont know and dont care)… but this gil i meet 3 times and on my fourth time well this is where my story begins

I had arrived in Kamloops B. C (british colombia) from my hometown of winnipeg (or winterpeg hahah its cold lol)i had saw my girlfriend/roommate atthe airport after a long flight i was happy to see her again.

So after a ride back to her basement sueit (sorry cant spell. i gave her a nice hug and a kiss on the neck, while i had grab her ass. she had enjoyed my hands grabbing her ass for a while, oh yes her name is Rebecca ashly Horrocks(becca for short). but she wasnt in the mood since she was on her period, which is fine i didnt mind that at all since i was with her and living with her i wouldnt mind a cuddle or two.

So a about a week past by so she was showing me around the small city and what buses to take the works so i had met some of her friends and one friend name Cameron Alan he is a native guy ( which i have no problems with them nope nope)he was kinda of an asshole and was an ex to becca as well. So i knew she was working and i wasnt which part was my fault for not having a job, but i had gotten to a store that i work at and talk to them about a job.

so after a while i was out job hunting to get a job, i had spent about a whole day out handing out my resumes to people and to companys for a job.

I had text her before hand that i was out job hunting and i knew she was at work, so i had made it back to her place after a good 2 hour walk. so i had unlocked the door and went inside, i knew it was shower so i went in, now im a big guy but im very well hung lets say, im about 9 inchs but a full 11 when im hard.

so yeah i have no problem with getting her wet or horny (my first time was with her we fuck for a whole week about 3 times of those 7 days and becca climax each of those times we fuck. so i headed for a shower i sweated out and summer still i had a good walk and worked up a sweat so a nice shower i go, i finished a shower drying off and i had got my cloths on, well i heard the door open i know it was becca coming back home, well she wasnt alone at all, she was yelling at Cameron for being a c***d after saying he was the rock or john cena (i know what a c***d).

So she started to yell about me not locking the door and cameron had said “well cant blame the guy he must of forgotten the keys, give him a break” i somehow knew becca gave cam a icy glare, so becca looked at him saying “oh yeah if he had forgotten the keys he should told texted me first fuck”. by this time my heart is pounding since they didnt know i was at home and in the bathroom, so i had hid in a somewhat of a cloest with the furnest that had a curtain that was bl**dly long to cover my feet and shoes.

so cam notice the door was closed and he opens it make a comment ” Cohigo left the door closed to the bathroom and also had forgotten to turn off the light” so Becca responed by saying “oh that must of been me then i didnt say that the light was off, that was me who didnt closed the door too. ” Cameron made a small laugh that i couldnt stand that laugh at all, so they both were in the bedroom ( now the bathroom is about a step away from the bedroom and the furnest is just beside the bedroom wall)

so i thought i could come out of the bathroom and tell them “hey im here sorry about that” that was my plan but it didnt go that way, then i knew becca was changing, how cameron was saying “becca you are so beautiful why dont you date me again” becca must of smiled when cam said that casue when someone talks sweet to her she smiles shyly and looks away.

so becca said to cam “well thanks, but you know why cameron i wasnt in love with you its just wouldnt work out between us, you know that” i must of sigh to myself knowing that cameron was trying to get into her pants yet again, i told her that it was going to happen.

Not only that becca then told him ” im trying to get back with heath you know that” my heart had just dropped to the floor when i heard that, Then she had added “besides cohigo is only here casue he is a friend and i needed someone to help me” becca had said with no heart or feelings.

well i knew cameron was on the bed getting off of it as cam walked up to becca and suck on her neck, she gave a slight moan. right away i have known that moan, i couldnt believe what i was hearing they were going to fuck, so becca moans again as cameron sucks on her neck more and having one hand on her ass and one other on her left breast above her bra, becca panted with moan she spoke “i dont know if larry is home cameron check” but Cameron didnt listen, removing her bra.

(i saw this through an air vent from in the bathroom)
Cameron had removed her bra in a minture as becca looked back at him giving in to what he wanted, becca sighed “okay just one time, but we have to be quick Cohigo might ne coming home” she had said, yet cameron grined ” yeah i know but i will not be the only one to be cumming”, they both made it to the bed Cameron had sat down on the bed smiling at her as he unzips his pants zipper, while she had taken off her pants and bootyshorts panites, im watching this i feel my full hard on so of course im pissed at the both of them but mostly at her.

i was very faithful to her and gave her what she needed, so hell i wripped it out and started to stroke abit.

So Camercon got his pants off and his underwear, as for becca she had taken off her bootyshorts panites and had put on a shirt with no bra, so it would be easy just to slip on the pants once they heard me. So cameron was stroking his 6 inch cock fully hard, becca was looking at it as she walked up to him sitting down on his lap.

Camerons cock went inside of her, becca gave a soft groan as they both started to moves one another as cameron groans as well, they both moves slowly but began to pick up speed becca grinding her hips more then cameron was she wrpas her arms arond his neck going now fast on his cock that is barried in her pussy, i could hear his balls slap against her ass abit of a time, she still groans “ohh mmm ohhh yeah” becca had only said while cameron was stilling sitting there making the bed qreak as the speeds pick up.

cameron at this time grabs her ass and really give it to her making her somewhat moan into his shoulder not knowing if larry was home.

me still stroking it as i watch cameron picks up becca putting her on the bed and thrusting hard and deeper into her pussy, but camreron had stoped what he was doing to blind fold her,so he found my own shirt and blindfolds becca.

Cameron had pulled out to gave something from the bathroom, so i knew it was my turn to strike, he came in, i had knocked him out with my shoe hard in the back of the head. so here i am a full on stiffy and a half naked cheating girlfriend thatis blindfolded, well i took my chance.

i came into the room grabs her waists taking her to the kichen. becca saying “ohh cameron i dont know where we are but hurry Cohigo could be home” so i had puts pat her shoulder knowing i know so i thrust my cock deep into her cheating pussy, she felt a huge difference but moans like crazy “ohh ohh cameron ohh your cock got bigger” becca moans and moans as im grunting giving her all i had.

i had moves my hands upto her breast and rubs them making her scream with each past of my cock getting buried into her pussyhard, so screams so more cumming on my thick cock but she pastout. but i did cummed into her past out pussy. i felt better filling her up with atleast a good mouths worth of cum i drag Cameron into the kichen i puts my cock away and went out the door.

by the time they got up i heard her screaming at him “you fucking idoit you cum into my pussy you fucking retard” Becca scream as i know it was me.

So by the end of it all im back where i am and here well she has a new cock in her pussyby now.

if your in the Kamloops area and want a good fuck just look for Rebecca Ahly horrocks she will fuck you.

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