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The Cage Part two

666, start to kick the bed in his cell, call me, the officer, of rot crock prostitute, he is yelling loud, so the other insiders could hear and they say: ?, you are a sissy…. STFU…you useless piece of meat”. 666, reply, saying he won´t get under control of a rot bitch, yeah…666 doesn´t like anybody, isolated.

I came in the row walking quick, on my high heels black, wearing a red mini squirt, pantyhose, bottom pierce and top, plus officer cap, and dark gloasses.

I am making steel noise with a tool used to spank the prisoners when they behave as they shouldn´t, because only one thing could make them shut up and act innocent, which actually none of them are…

I stop in front of 666 cell, the noise of the keys opening the door cell, is like a disturbing noise, of slacks, the atmosphere of underground spread easier the noise, even the heels sound louder on the floor…

I approach to 666, i say straight direct and clear: ” stand up…..hands behind your back”!!!

666 makes a mean laugh saying: ” Here´s come the bitch ****d by her father and neglected by her mother…”!!!, then….

he did a loud laugh getting louder more and more…

I say: ” Shut up asshole…. “!!! 666 didn´t stop…i kick his legs, push him to the floor…666 is denied by “his mates” because he disturbs others´time in the cell, so he is isolated, nothing can be left with a chance he could use to sufocate, so he sleeps in a bed, with nothing, direct to the bed-of-ciment as pinched bricks, a rough place to he lays on when he can´t get standing up anymore, and fall..

i cuffed, chained and my assistant ( another girl-officer ), help to make him walking on the row, to outside…..

I have a scissor i pull from my pocket, and i show the scissor to 666, say: “lick it, asshole….

” he didn´t…i kick his mouth and say again: ” lick it”!!! he didn´t…i get his short hair roughly and pull his head to the scissor, slap his mouth and hold his head close to the scissor…. saying: “lick it”!!! while it i kick his legs and ankles with my high heel…666 didn´t…. i had to punch 666 face, 666 went down, i tap his nose, while my assistant hold him cuffed, and he opens his mouth, i pull his tongue off and pass on the scissor cut, and say: ” asshole…..does it taste like candy ????”!!!! he didn´t say, he can´t..i say yeah, it does, and pass the scissor harder on his tongue, making his tongue a cut…and i say: ” now, as you can´t say anything without speaking with pain, so your words taste as you are, a shit !!!!!

Me and my assistant stand up 666, he cuffed and ankles in chains, his clothes are pulled off with angry, he is now naked, he is stuck standing up…i kick his dick very hard, twice…my assistant get his head and curve to the front….

i put my strap on and outrageous put my middle finger and quick in 666 ass, he scream like crasy, i don´t stop, i pulled my middle finger, i am wearing latex black gloves, i smell the finger and say…: ” shit from a shitter……. suck my finger, asshole”!!! 666 didn´t…. i kick his mouth again, tapped his nose, 666 open his mouth i angry put my middle finger inside 666 mouth saying: ” you taste it,´s your shit, you shit, and get my finger off his mouth….

and i don´t strap on him…666 isn´t worth it……. me and my assistant bring him back to his cell, naked !!!! the door get closed !!! i walk away…while this, 666 is screaming and spit unstopping on the floor, he doesn´t want the taste of shit in his mouth, but he just can´t get off of this, once it happened, he would always know that, and always swear to kill me, if he can !!!.

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