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The Bridge

true story

unique Experience

Today at the super hot day buzz me the whole time so nasty things through my head, my husband is in five days at work and today he comes home at last.

Normal case I him. Around his neck and we have the same sex after such a long time but today I’m going to let him annoyed and fidget something
I pull me in sexy underwear, a nearly transparent bra and thong with slot, thereby Think about how I like to dance him on the nose well.

A mini and an upper part where I have a nice big neck, I do it alone he flies off already.

It’s time, he comes home and I stand before him at the door, clearly he tried the same but I’ll let rebuffed him skillfully and my dear he should go take a shower and me suggesting what we can do! Business? Now that I got the degree and 3 hours in the car sat but good.

Finished, we take a ride in a convertible, it is afternoon and warm.
I notice his ongoing attention to me and his bulge in his pants, I would like to have a suck but I will let him dangle yes and irritate him until he can no longer him. After a while I started my mini me to push up slightly and me to stroke my wet pussy a bit he noticed instantly, and asked what I plan … just moving further and concentrate on the road my friend, want yes no accident build wg you.

Mhmm I started to moan a little and fingered me before him. The look of the truck driving and all, it was simply great. I already had my orgasm, well do you want it? You have to wait I’m not done yet. From my purse I took a vibrator out, now the rejected one leg on the door, the other on the center console, I spread my legs as far as it went and played with my pussy, put the Vibro in me and got me several times.

It was time, just before the freaking any attempt to touch me, regardless of whether or pussy boobs I had forbidden him and his driving style, well, was not exactly the best but understandable. I asked him whether he wanted to fuck me and wants to go home so I can get him now he stepped on the gas. On the way home so I let him, of course, then something to play with me.

It was dusk now and he suddenly stopped on a small. Parking lot, I’d say so. A bench with three trees and little undergrowth on a small hill with a view toward the highway, the only the height down drove about 20 – 30 meters I mean. Behind the bank is the car and the way a little-used road is one lane over a bridge just across the highway.
He pulled me right out of the car and said he can not wait to be home, I want you here and now on the park bench.

Already he let his pants down where I already saw his hard cock and then to see his happiness tropics were.
I packed too tightly and sucked formally told all his tropical out before I lifted my mini me and have faith in him!
A cool feeling, some cars and trucks honked their horns as they saw us. I want to make you shoot I said and he heard to fuck me.

Puzzled, I look at him and then he pointed to the bridge and said, since you get what you want! OK.
He grabbed me from behind on the bridge, pressed my upper body to the railing, he comes to, over and over again. The truck appears to when they saw me and my beloved husband tore me down so that the top of my bulging boobs mithüpften at every bump and everyone could see it.

Now it is fixed properly, claps me on my butt and getting tighter and tighter, I can feel his cock. I come and come to orgasm, it is so sharp that I do not come down and have a continuous orgasm, my pussy dripping with lust and finally he shoots his load into me with a loud moan. Oh yes, finally he is at home.

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