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The Break-Up

I was engaged to a beautiful and very sexy Mexican woman. I have nudes of her but will not post them. You’d agree that she is very beautiful. Over the Christmas holidays she and I had a few differences of opinion such that she gathered her things and left. Three weeks later she is handing me the $15K engagement ring I bought her a year earlier. Unfortunately I still owe on that damn ring.

I decided to visit some of the dating web sites and to see what might be out there that would be interested in me. I was also posting some things to sell on craigslist and decided to post a personal ad as well. I read a few of the ads many other men posted and for some reason the “let’s get together and fuck” ads many men were posting seemed stupid. If a woman has to go to craigslist to find a guy to fuck then she must be a dog.

Not what I would want anyway.

After thinking about it for a day, I posted my ad. It was not the typical ad. It was a true ad. I was going to let my ex-fiancee live with me once we were married without working. I was already buying her work clothes and sexy clothes as well. I was buying her those expensive Coach and Michael Korrs purses and shoes, the sexy prostitute shoes as she called them.

I was paying to have her hair done once a month, and nails and pedicure twice a month. She just bought a Mercedes and I was going to make the payments on it. You get the idea, I was head over heals in love with this woman.

So, I thought about that and decided to post the truth. This is what I was going to do for her, so some other woman might like it as well.

I posted the ad and embellished it much more than what I have here.

I got a few typical responses but I also got 3 serious responses. After chatting via email with them, I met each one.

The first lady was cute, not someone who you might look at twice but certainly cute, pretty smile and ok body. When I was walking her to her car she simply asked me when we could get together and fuck.

That day, of course, and we did. This woman was hot.

We met at a hotel 2 hours later and before the door was shut she was undressing herself and climbing all over me. She pushed me back onto the bed, pulled my pants down and had my now hard cock in her throat. I could feel the tightness of her throat around the head and she would shake her head from side to side so I could feel it.

She would stick her tongue out and lick on my balls while I was in her throat. Damn, if you’ve never had that then you are missing out. She pulled me out of her mouth and slid up my legs and put my cock in her pussy and rode me hard for a few seconds and started cumming and screaming at the same time. I figured the people on either side of us knew exactly what we were doing.

In mid-scream she slid off and started licking her cum from my cock.

She then slid up my legs again, sit on my cock and rode me for a few minutes and then slid up my stomach and across my chest, dragging her dripping pussy juice along with her. She put her hand on the back of my head and buried my mouth in her pussy. It took me by surprise a little.

I don’t think this bitch had washed her pussy in a couple of days. It was horrible. The stench was almost more than I could take and all the while she was telling me to stick my tongue in her pussy and to lick her clit. Before I could decide what to do she rubbed her ass into my nose. Again, not cleaned in a while.

She backed back down my chest and noticed my cock had shrunk.

Completely. She looked me and said something like…you don’t like a dirty pussy baby? She dropped back to my cock and started sucking it again, jerking me and sucking. I did get hard again and she rode me until she cum another time or two. I got up and washed my face to get the pussy stench and dirty ass smell out of my nose.

She lay on her back and so I decided to cum in this bitch and be on my way…after all, the damn room cost me good money and this bitch was going to take my cum home with her.

I started pounding her and the noises she was making actually made me hot. She wanted it from behind and so I doggied her for a while.

She asked me to fuck her ass so I started spitting on her ass and not too surprised that my cock slipped into her ass quite easily. Hmmm. Not the first time she’s done this.

I had to rest so I lay on my back and she immediately started sucking me, right after pulling my cock out of her ass.

It took me a while to regain my hardness but that dirty bitch kept right on sucking me. She started rimming my ass and that was all it took to get me hard again. She stuck a finger up my ass while sucking on me. I have to admit that this dirty pussy bitch could suck. I was watching her and she was deep throating me, using that tongue to play with my balls, man she was all over my cock.

Eventually I had to release. I had to cum so I told her that I needed to cum. She looked up at me and kept looking at me and never slowed down. That was it. That was all I could take. Her tongue was swirling around my dick. The sounds were so hot. I could feel myself in her throat every 3rd or 4th stroke. Finally I shot the first few drops and she slowed the stroking with her mouth but opened her mouth and started swirling her tongue around the head of my cock.

I saw those first rapid drops hit her tongue. The her tongue did a quick swirl around my head and she quickly dropped her mouth to let me feel her throat. She pulled back off and tightened her lips and I could feel her tongue playing with my cock head. I was emptying both balls in this bitches mouth. She was making those “feel good” humming sounds and I could feel it reverberate down my shaft.

After I had shot that second few drops I realized she was still probing my ass with her finger. I saw some cum dripping from the corner of her lips and it was sliding down my cock. She opened her mouth slowly and let the cum ooze slowing from her mouth…all while watching my eyes. I watched as she again licked my cum from my shaft and where it had pooled around the base of my cock.

I watched her lick and play with my cum and then she sucked it all back into her mouth and swallowed it. She kept licking my cock while playing with my ass. She pulled herself up to me and kissed me on the lips. My cum smelled better than her stinky cunt.

She washed her face and took a shower. She dressed and the two of us made small talk. She asked if she was a candidate for the “stay at home” woman i wanted.

I told her she was and that I wanted to see her again. She as so happy.

I have not seen her again and will not. If a woman is planning to fuck a guy, she needs to do some personal cleaning and to make herself desirable.

I did see the other 2 women and one put out immediately and another is yet to put out. I’ll tell those stories later.


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