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The black bully that I wish I sucked off

So this is the first of a few stories where I will relate a real bully story in my life that turned me on at a later date. This is part of my whole fetish, wanting to escape the competition that comes from an alpha male. What better way to escape that competition? Why, by fully accepting your inferiority and humiliating yourself until the alpha no longer considers you competition. Also, by changing the competition paradigm into a paradigm where the beta male pleasures the alpha.

This fantasy of mine comes from the exhaustion of trying to compete with alpha males and the eventual realization and sexualizing of my inferiority. If you are offended by the political incorrectness, don’t worry, I am against bullying and for racial equality, I just have fantasies that utilize these taboos…

So in college I was good buddies with a big well-muscled black guy. We would drink a lot together and sometimes talk-shit to each other, in a funny way of course.

However, one time the shit talking got to a point where I could tell he was serious, I was turned-on, and I’ve later fantasized about the possibilities if I was wiser then.

So this guy was a total player, always plowing the best white girls of course. I was okay at getting girls but never quite had the confidence, the body, the dick, or the performance to be a true player. Well, he began one night when we were both pretty d***k by bragging about one of his beautiful white conquests.

A German exchange student that apparently “loved black dick,” or at least loved his black dick. He was bragging about how much she loved it, how she begged for it, how disrespectful he was slamming her up against the wall. I was definitely getting jealous of this conquest and I think it was beginning to show.

He kept going on about how much she loved black dick but then he changed from the specific to the general.

Not only did she love his big black cock but all white girls did. At this point I tried to laugh it off but he started to get a little serious. He was not jesting anymore, not only did this specific girl love his big black dick but “all white girls” loved black cock. At this point I was completely jealous and made some half-assed argument about how black girls love white guys. At this he became really serious and raised his voice.

He began by looking me straight in eyes with a cocky glint and told me dead pan that black girls don’t love white guys. He then went on a rant, a little intimidating but also a little bit of arrogant teasing about how much white girls love black cocks. I tried the argument again but he wasn’t going to let me get away with it. He stood up over me almost shouting now.

At this point in my life I had already fantasized about sucking a black man off but had never acted on it. Now I look back and I picture how hot it would have been if he demanded it. He was so f***eful about proving his dominance that I think I would have taken his dick in my mouth if he had flopped it in. I can just imagine the cocky glint in his eye and the smirk on his face.

I can imagine his arrogant rant about the superiority of his cock over mine.

If he would have whipped it out to prove the size I think that would have been the end of our platonic friendship because I have been jacking off about that fantasy ever since. There would be something so humiliating but yet fulfilling to have to crawl to my knees on the floor and look up at him, arrogantly staring down.

I can’t imagine how hot it would have been if he would have continued his rant while I bobbed up and down, even adding moans to accentuate his power over me.

What an opportunity lost by being so timid and not obviously gay. I am going to have to find a man to act it out!!.

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