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The Bellas Warm Up The Lakers

Remember that episode of WWE Raw when all the wrestlers dressed up as basketball players, well this is the behind the scenes story.

Inside of the women’s locker room at the STAPLES Center, the locker room for
the most part is vacant with the exception of the stunning, irresistible,
mischievous identical twin s****rs, Brie and Nikki Bella. Brie Bella, dressed
in a short red skirt and a tight fitting red top, sits at the make up counter
inside of the locker room, looking into the mirror at her reflection as she
applies blush to her cheeks.

“Hey Brie…” Nikki, dressed in a similar styled short skirt and tight
fitting top however blue, says as she walks up behind her more innocent
s****r, Brie.

“What Nik?” Brie asks with a light laugh as she turns to glance over her
shoulder at Nikki.

Nikki mischievously smiles as she turns to lean against the make up counter
to look directly at Brie.

“I’ve got a killer idea, Brie!”

“Which usually means trouble…” Brie replies, scrunching her nose up

Nikki sighs and sits on the edge of the make up counter, “Not trouble Brie,
fun!” Nikki says with a mischievous laugh.

“I hate ask…but what do you have in mind?” Brie asks with an innocent

“Well…. you know how you like basketball players? Like completely have the
hots for
them?” Nikki says with a smirk.

Brie raises an eyebrow and blushes a bit as she looks at Nikki “Yeah…what
about it?”

“Well…” Nikki says as she presses her lips together. “There’s that big main
event match tonight and I was thinking we could help our Lakers with a little
pre-game warm-up. “

Brie nervously bites down on her bottom lip. “I don’t know Nik…I mean, what
if someone catches us?”

Nikki rolls her eyes and sighs “So what! It’ll be fun! And besides…you’ve
always wanted to fuck a basketball player…and what better than possibly
fucking three of them?”

* * *

Outside of the Superstars locker room at the STAPLES Center, Brie and Nikki
Bella are standing out in the hallway after Nikki was successful in
encouraging Brie to go along with her idea of warming up the WWE’s Lakers

“Go ahead…knock, what are you waiting for?” Nikki asks with a sly smirk.
Brie Bella takes a deep breath and nods her head before she forms her right
hand into a fist and gently knocks on the closed locker room door before she
and Nikki patiently wait.

After a few moments, John Cena, wearing jean shorts and a LA Lakers’ home
jersey along with a headband, opens the locker room door.

John smiles as he
sees Nikki and Brie, “Hey girls, what’s up?” John asks.

Nikki Bella slyly smirks and narrows her eyes “Damn…all in the proper gear
too Brie…” Nikki says as she glances next to her identical twin s****r as
she stands side by side.

Brie Bella nervously lowers her head and bites down on her bottom lip. “Hi
John…” Brie says softly.

John looks at Brie and then at Nikki, “Ok, I think I know who’s who… what
can I do for you Nikki?” John asks as he looks at Nikki directly.

“Hey who’s out there John?” Montel Vontavious Porter asks as walks over to
the door. MVP is wearing a pair black warm-up pants and his own LA Lakers’
home jersey.

Nikki smirks and approvingly nods her head “See Brie…I told you this was a
good idea…” Nikki says with a mischievous laugh.

Brie blushes as she lifts her head to look up at John Cena and now MVP as
well. “Can…we come in?” Brie innocently asks.

“Sure ladies…” MVP says as he speaks for himself and John Cena.

John nods his head and steps back away from the doorway and then looks the
right, “Hey Dave… put some shorts on…” John Cena says as the Bellas enter
the locker room.

Why?” Batista asks as pulls on a pair of golden colored shorts so that he’s
completely dressed in the LA Lakers home uniform.

Nikki bites down on her bottom lip and seductively narrows her eyes as she
immediately sets her sights on Batista “That’s what I’m talking about…”
Nikki says, licking her lips before she nudges Brie slightly. “Tell them why
we’re here Brie!” Nikki eagerly snaps.

Brie shyly lowers her head and shifts her feet “I don’t know Nik…”

MVP closes the locker room door, “You know… I don’t really mind not knowing
why you are here… cause you sure have improved the room a bit…” MVP says.

John laughs a bit, “That’s a new record…” John says as he comments on how
quickly MVP started to flirt with the Bellas.

Nikki Bella impatiently rolls her eyes and turns away from Brie to face the
three talented Superstars in the locker room dressed in LA Lakers gear. “I
have no problem telling you all…you see, Brie, she loves basketball
players…definitely hot!” Nikki laughs “And well…we want to fuck you

Batista smirks a bit, “I don’t see no problem with that…” Batista says as
he checks out Nikki Bella.

“Neither do I…” MVP adds with a smile.

John Cena smirks, “Well I’m not going to turn down something like that…
even if I worked for the Denver Nuggets…” John says jokingly.

Brie Bella nervously rubs her lips together and cutely laughs “You guys
really want to?” Brie innocently asks.

“Of course they do, Brie!” Nikki Bella replies with a sigh before she steps
forward, away from Brie, to approach MVP, John Cena and Batista.

“So…there’s three of you and two of us…who wants Brie and who wants me?”
Nikki asks with a seductive smirk.

“I think I’ll take Nikki…” Batista says after thinking about it for a few

“You know… I kinda like how you’re so shy Brie…” John smiles as he starts
to move towards Brie.

“Damn… talk about a tough choice…” MVP say before he notices Brie is
checking him out more than Nikki is, “But I’ll go with Brie…this time…”
MVP says.

Brie Bella blushes and shyly lowers her head once again as she cutely sways
her hips from side to side as John Cena and MVP approach the sweet twin
s****r. Meanwhile, the more mischievous and devious twin s****r, Nikki Bella,
eagerly makes her approach towards the powerful “a****l” Batista. Nikki slyly
narrows her eyes as she steps up to him and runs her hands against his
muscular arms.

“I’ve always wondered how’d you size up…”

Batista smirks, “I ‘size’ up better than most…” Batista says as Nikki moves
her hands from the top of his muscular arms down to his hands before bringing
them to his waist. Nikki grits her teeth as she seductively looks up at
Batista as she moves her hands against the waistline of his shorts. Nikki
licks her lips as she kneels down onto the floor and starts to pull his
basketball shorts down from his waist.

Batista’s hardening and nicely thick
cock is soon freed from his basketball shorts as Nikki lowers them from his
waist. The a****l lifts his legs one to completely step out of the shorts
while he remains wearing the Lakers jersey. Nikki slyly glances up at Batista
as she places her left hand around the base of Batista’s hardening, thick
cock and starts to smoothly stroke his shaft with her hand before she leans
her head forward and teasingly slaps her tongue against the thick head of
his cock.

“Ahhhh…” Batista moans as Nikki strokes his cock with her left hand as she
works her tongue playfully around the head of his rock hard cock. Nikki leans
her head closer to Batista’s incredibly long and thick cock before she opens
her sly mouth and greedily takes the top half of Batista’s cock into her
nicely wet, perfectly warm mouth.

“Mmmmm…” Batista groans as Nikki begins to bob her head smoothly along the
length of his cock as she keeps her left hand moving on the lower half of his

“Mmmmmm…” Nikki Bella seductively moans as she smoothly bobs her head up
and down on Batista’s large cock, her soft and pouty lips brushing smoothly
against his shaft. “Mmmmm…ohhhh…” Nikki moans louder as she bobs her head
repeatedly on his cock.

Meanwhile, MVP is sitting on a locker room bench as Brie kneels in front of
him while she is bobbing her head on his cock while behind her John Cena is
easing his large cock into her tight wet pussy.

“Mmmmm… ” John moans as he
starts to thrust his cock in and out of Brie’s pussy after pushing it half-
way into her.

“Mmmmmmm!” Brie Bella sweetly moans as she wraps her soft lips tightly around
MVP’s cock as she feels John’s large cock sliding into her pussy from behind.
Brie innocently looks up at MVP as she smoothly lifts and lowers her head on
his cock, dragging her tongue against the bottom side of his shaft, as she
starts to rock lightly on her knees when John starts thrusting into her.

“Ohhhh yeah…. ahhhh…” MVP moans as Brie lifts and lowers her head at a
nice pace on his stiff black cock. John Cena places his hands on Brie’s
slender waist as he thrusts his large cock in and out of Brie’s pussy from

“Mmmmmmmm…mmmmm…” Brie softly moans as she bobs her head up and down on
MVP’s nicely thick cock as she slaps her tongue playfully against his shaft.

Brie starts to bob her head at a quicker pace on MVP’s cock as John Cena
starts to thrust is cock deeper into her pussy from behind causing her
adorable ass to press against his muscular waist.

Meanwhile, with Batista laying on the other locker room bench as the naughty
Nikki Bella rocks back and forth on his rock hard cock. “Ahhhhh… mmmm…”
Batista groans as he puts his hands onto Nikki’s waist to begin lifting her
up and down on his shaft.

Nikki licks her lips and locks her slyly seductive eyes with Batista as she
bounces up and down on his shaft, buried deep inside of her pussy, while she
rocks her curved and stunning body on his cock. “Ohhhh…ohhhh yeah!” Nikki
moans as she slides her hands against his muscular chest.

“Ahhhh fuck… mmmm…” Batista groans as he thrusts his cock upward into
Nikki’s pussy as she bounces up and down on his thick, rock hard shaft.

“Ohhhh…mmmm yeah…you like that, don’t you?” Nikki lustfully moans as she
tosses her head back and rakes her fingernails against his muscular chest as
she smoothly rocks back and forth, swaying her gorgeous body perfectly.

Meanwhile, MVP is laying on the locker room bench with Brie on top of his
cock while John Cena is still behind her, this time thrusting his cock in and
out of her ass.

“Ohhh yeah… mmmm nothing like a little two on one…” MVP
groans as Brie leans forward so that her body is pressing against his while
she rocks between him and John.

Brie Bella bites down on her bottom lip and closes her eyes as she sharply
rocks forward on MVP’s cock as John Cena deeply pumps his cock into her tight
asshole from behind, causing her to sharply move on MVP’s cock.

ohhhh yeah…mmm…you guys are so hot!” Brie cutely moans.

“Ahhhhh shit… mmmm damn Brie… you got one hell of an ass…” John Cena
moans as he thrusts his cock deeply into Brie Bella’s asshole. MVP places his
hands on Brie’s thighs as he raises his lower body to drive his cock up into
her pussy.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh yeah…” Brie moans as she lowers her head and softly
kisses MVP’s lips as she rocks forward quickly on his cock from John Cena
deeply pumping his cock into her tight asshole from behind, causing her juicy
ass to smack against his nicely muscular waist.

Meanwhile, Batista is standing up with Nikki Bella impaled on his cock. With
Nikki’s hands on his shoulder and her legs wrapped around his waist, The
a****l is pumping his rock hard shaft deeply into her hot pussy, “Ahhhhh
awww… mmmm fuck yeah…” Batista grunts as he fucks the mischievous Bella

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhh fuck! Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhh fuck that pussy!” Nikki Bella
lustfully moans as she roughly bounces up and down on his cock, while Batista
deeply and quickly throws his cock up into her pussy.

“Ahhhhh… ohhh fuck… mmmm…” Batista moans as he drives his cock roughly
into Nikki’s pussy as she rocks and thrusts herself downward on his cock.

Nikki grinds her wet pussy down on Batista’s cock as he deeply pumps his
shaft up into her pussy as he powerfully bounces her on his cock as he stands
“Ohhhh…mmmm…you want my s****r now, big guy?”


” Batista groans his reply as he proceeds to slow down his thrusts
to lift Nikki Bella off of his cock.

Nikki licks her lips as she stands up and tosses her gorgeous hair back as
watches MVP and John Cena working over her twin s****r Brie. “Hmmm…do I
want one or both?” Nikki says with a smirk as she looks at John Cena and MVP.

Batista smirks, “She had both…” Batista says while John Cena has pulls his
cock out of Brie’s asshole and helps her off of MVP.

Nikki slyly smirks at Batista “I don’t care what she has…it’s what I
want…” Nikki teasingly laughs as she licks her lips. “You like working solo
or do you want to share my s****r?”

“I like pounding chicks solo…” Batista replies as he starts to walk over to
where Brie is as Brie is whispering something to MVP and Cena, who after a
few moments start to head over to Nikki.

Nikki presses her lips together and narrows her eyes as she watches John Cena
and MVP approach her “Funny…cause I like taking on more than one guy…”
Nikki laughs in reply to Batista as he already is near Brie.

John smiles at Nikki as he and MVP walk towards her, “Hey Nikki… Brie was
thinking we give you a little full court pressure…” John says as he and MVP
now stand in front of Nikki Bella.

Nikki Bella smirks slyly as she glances down at the hard, thick cocks of John
Cena and MVP. “Have I mentioned how correct my s****r is?” Nikki asks with a
laugh before she licks her sly lips and kneels down in front of John Cena.

“Not yet…” John says as Nikki wraps her left hand around his cock while MVP
moves around Nikki to kneel behind her.

“Well…she knows exactly what I love…” Nikki Bella replies with a sly
smirk as she smoothly strokes her left hand around John Cena’s impressive
cock before she guides his shaft into her hot, wet mouth. “Mmmmm…” Nikki
seductively moans as she tastes his rock hard cock inside of her hot, wet
mouth. Wrapping her lips perfectly around his cock and begins to smoothly bob
her head along Cena’s impressive cock.

“Now this is ballin’…” MVP says with a smirk as guides his cock into Nikki
Bella’s hot pussy as she is steadily bobbing her head on John Cena’s large

Meanwhile, Batista has Brie Bella bent over the locker room bench as he is
pumping his rock hard shaft in and out of her pussy, “Ahhhhh… mmm…”
Batista grunts as Brie pushes back lightly as he fucks her.

“Ohhhhhh…ohhhhh shit…ohhhh!” Brie Bella cutely moans and grits her teeth
as she is roughly jerked back by the powerful Batista as he drives his cock
deeply into her tight, sweet pussy from behind, causing her adorable ass to
smack against his muscular waist as he fucks her over the locker room bench.

“Mmmmm ahhhh yeah… ahhh…” Batista grunts and moans as he drives his cock
all the way into Brie’s hot, tight pussy with increasing f***e.

Brie Bella closes her eyes as she places her hands onto the locker room bench
for support as she pushes back against Batista’s intensely thrusting cock.
“Ohhhh…ohhhh shit. Ohhh!”

Meanwhile, John Cena is behind Nikki with his cock inside of her ass while
MVP is standing in front of her with his cock in her pussy. Both Superstars
press their bodies against Nikki ass he rocks between them as they sandwich
fuck her while standing, “Ohhhh fuck yeah… mmmm damn!” MVP moans as Nikki
wraps her legs around his waist as he pumps his cock into her.

Nikki slyly grits her teeth and smirks back over her shoulder at John Cena as
she rocks back on his cock as he thrusts her forward against MVP’s cock
inside of her pussy. “Mmmm yeah…you hot boys love fucking me, don’t you?!”
Nikki lustfully moans.

“Mmmmm you don’t hear us complain’ do ya?” MVP smirks as he increases the
pace of his thrusts as he deeply fucks Nikki’s pussy.

“Mmmmm fuck… ahhh…” John groans as he shoves his shaft deeply into
Nikki’s ass with each of his thrusts.

“Ohhhhhh…mmm fuck! Ohhhhh!” Nikki moans, tilting her head back as she
grinds her perfectly curved and shaped body between John Cena and MVP as both
Superstars deeply slam their cocks into her ass and pussy.

Meanwhile, Brie Bella is laying on the locker room bench as Batista stands
next to it while he’s holding her lower body up by the waist as he drives his
cock into her pussy.

Brie manages to get her legs wrapped around Batista’s
muscular waist. “Ahhh… mmmm fuck… ahhh…” Batista moans as he slams his
cock into Brie’s pussy.

“Ohhhhh…ohhhhh…. ohhhhh!” Brie moans loudly as her body shakes and her
juicy tits bounces as the intense “a****l” Batista jackhammers his cock into
her pussy as he grips her slender waist tightly.

“Ahhh yeah… mmmm fuck you love that… yeah ahhh…” Batista grunts and
groans as sweat drips down his face as he drives his cock roughly into Brie’s
tight wet cunt.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh yeah! Mmmmmm so good!” Brie moans as she lightly rocks
against Batista’s downward thrusting shaft as she presses her gorgeous legs
around his muscular waist tighter and begins to grind her pussy against his

Meanwhile, Nikki Bella is straddling the face of John Cena who is licking her
pussy as she leans forward to suck his cock.

MVP is behind Nikki and he’s
easing his large black dick into Nikki’s asshole, “Mmmm shit…” MVP grits
his teeth as he Nikki rocks back to quickly get MVP’s shaft further into her

“Mmmmmmmm!” Nikki groans as she places her hands onto John Cena’s muscular
legs and pleasurably twists her dark haired head on his cock as she smoothly
bobs her head up and down on his impressive cock, while the former WWE Champ
works his skilled tongue against her pussy.

Nikki lightly rocks on his face,
causing her to push back against MVP’s cock as he sits by John Cena’s head
and thrusts into Nikki’s ass.

“Mmmm! Mmmm!” John Cena moans as he laps his tongue against Nikki’s pussy as
she lifts and drops her head repeatedly on his huge cock. John begins to
thrust his shaft upward so that the head of his cock hits the back of Nikki’s
throat as she blows him.

“Ahhh yeah… mmm…” MVP grunts as he pumps his dick in and out of Nikki’s
ass as she eagerly rocks back against him.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!” Nikki slyly and seductively groans as she slides her wet
tongue around John Cena’s cock as she rapidly bobs her head as he deeply
pushes his cock further into her hot mouth. As Nikki sharply rocks back on
John Cena’s face, she starts to bounces lightly on his head, causing MVP’s
ballsack to smack against John’s forehead while he continues to thrust into
her tight asshole.

Meanwhile Batista is laying on the locker room bench with Brie mounted on his
cock that’s deep inside of her ass. Brie is leaning back with her hands on
Batista’s chest as ‘The a****l’ holds onto her waist to lift her up and down
on his thick cock. “Ahhhh fuck…mmmm shit…” Batista grunts as his cock
starts to throb inside of Brie’s asshole.

Brie Bella leans her head back and
closes her eyes as she bounces smoothly up and down on Batista’s cock,
impaled deeply in her asshole as he aggressively starts to bounce her and
thrust his cock up into her.

“Ahhhhh shit…. ahhhhh awwww!” Batista moans loudly as he starts to cum
inside of Brie’s asshole as he bounces her wildly on his pistoning and cum
spitting shaft.

Brie gently licks her soft, pouty lips as she smoothly rocks
back on his exploding cock as his warm and thick cum sprays into her.

Meanwhile, Nikki Bella is bent over in front of John Cena who is fucking her
hot pussy with deep thrusts as she sucks MVP’s big black dick. “Ohhh yeah
Nikki… mmm…” MVP moans as Nikki puts her hands on his waist as she takes
his pulsating cock deeper into her mouth.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!” Nikki Bella groans as she tightly presses her lips around
MVP’s cock as she grips his muscular waist while she rapidly bobs her head,
sucking his cock, while she rocks on her feet in order to push back against
John Cena’s incredibly thick cock, fucking her pussy.

“Ahhhhh… ahhhh… ahhhh…” John Cena moans as he drives his now throbbing,
thick cock in and out of Nikki’s wet pussy.

“Ohhhh fuck… ahhhh…” MVP moans as he starts to cum inside of Nikki’s
mouth as she deep throats his shaft.

“Mmmmmm…” Nikki lustfully moans as she turns her head smoothly on MVP’s
cock as she tastes his warm and salty cum filling her talented mouth. Nikki
lightly bobs her head on his throbbing shaft as she milks the cum from his

“Ohhh yeah… damn…” MVP moans as Nikki milks his erupting cock with her
highly skilled mouth. John Cena grits his teeth as he continues to fuck
Nikki’s pussy with his throbbing cock.

“Ahhhh… mmmm ahhh… ahhh… “John grunts slightly as he pulls his cock out
of Nikki’s wet pussy just as Brie comes over.

Brie Bella cutely licks her lips and crouches down onto her knees in front of
John Cena.

“No…John…give it to me!” Brie Bella cutely says as she looks
up at John, licking her soft lips.

“All right…” John smiles at Brie as he wraps his right hand around his
pulsating cock to stroke it. Brie scoots a bit closer to him as Nikki lifts
her head off of MVP’s cock. Nikki turns her head just in time to see John
Cena shooting a thick streams of cum onto Brie’s beautiful face.

Brie cutely
laughs and licks her lips as John Cena’s warm cum sprays on her beautiful
face and begins to immediately drip.

“Ahhhhh fuck…. ” John groans as he stroke his cock a few more time until
he’s completely finished cumming. Nikki Bella slyly crawls over towards her
identical twin s****r Brie and kneels down next to her. Nikki slyly smirks at
John Cena before smirking at her s****r Brie before she leans over and starts
to lick the cum of John Cena off of Brie’s face.

“Damn…. ” John Cena says with an amazed smile as he sees Nikki cleaning
Brie’s face with her tongue.

MVP licks his lips, “Man I love twins…” MVP says as he gives his comments
on Nikki collecting Cena’s cum.

Batista raises an eyebrow, “That’s something new… good thing Jerry isn’t
here… he would have a heart attack…”

Nikki Bella perfectly collects the thick load of John Cena’s cum with her
skilled tongue and opens her mouth to show off the cum to John Cena, MVP and

Nikki slyly raises an eyebrow before she turns to Brie and leans in
to shockingly and lustfully kiss her identical twin s****r. “MMMMMM!” Brie
moans in surprise as Nikki places her hands on Brie’s shoulders to hold her
steady as she pushes Cena’s cum into Brie’s mouth.

“Damn!” MVP, John Cena and Batista all say at the same time as they watch
Nikki feed John Cena’s cum into Brie’s mouth.

Nikki slowly breaks the kisses and slides her wet tongue against Brie’s
pouty, slightly cum coated lips before she turns her head and slyly smirks
back at John Cena, Batista and MVP. “What?” Nikki asks with a smirk. Brie
Bella blushes and lowers her head after being f***ed into a kiss by her own
s****r and f***ed to swallow John’s cum.

“Nothing…” MVP says with a smile.

“That was different…” Batista says.

John Cena takes the longest time to say anything, “Well… I don’t know about
you guys…but I’m in the mood to kick the Nuggets asses all over the Staples
Center…” Cena says.

* * *

A short time later after showering and getting dressed on the WWE Lakers’
locker room, Brie and Nikki are stepping out into the hallway, “That was a
lot of fun… John and Montel are such hunks… and Dave… was… wow…”
Brie says cutely as she adjusts her tight fitting red top.

Nikki Bella turns her head and slyly smirks at her s****r Brie. “John and
Montel were all over me…” Nikki says confidently.

“They were all over me first…” Brie smiles cutely, “I’m so glad we did
this…” Brie adds despite her earlier reluctance to go along with Nikki’s

“See…I knew you’d like this Brie…” Nikki replies with mischievous laugh.

“Uh-oh… I know that laugh…” Brie says with a raised eyebrow, “What are
you thinking up now?” Brie asks worriedly.

“Well…” Nikki mischievously raises an eyebrow and glances at Brie “We did
help the Lakers warm up…” Nikki then cutely and slyly pouts her lips
together. “It’d be a shame to leave out the Nuggets…”

“Ummmm I don’t know…” Brie says as Nikki slyly puts her arm around her
before having her walk with her down the hallway.

“Oh come on Brie…it’ll be so fun and naughty…”


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