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The awakening 4

The awakening 4
They had slept for what seemed like hours, it was perhaps in reality less than one, the shift had changed, and the noisy one with the scar who kept them up was back. Chris waking or at least tossing and turning on the wooden shelf laughingly called a bed throughout the sleep, her body tired beyond belief and her mind still re-enacting those terrible pulses of scream making power they had enjoyed giving her, it was way beyond nightmares, she had endured hours of pain, now she relived it and knew there was more to come.

The noises that awoke her were loud and distinct, the little jailer had the new girl bent over his desk and was administering to her his not inconsiderable penis, while her tears were falling like rain. Sadly Chris knowing there was little she could do, rolled over, relived it was not her, happy the guard was busy, returning to sleep quickly due to her tiredness, though dreading the dreams she knew would return as soon as she closed her eyes.

It seemed hardly had she closed her eyes they were open again, a commotion such as she had not heard before, a sound of shots, her fuddled brain trying to cope with the sound, her eyes wide open in shock as the door flew open and three gun wielding poncho wearing figures burst in, the guard grabbed at his pistol still tucked in its holster on his trousers round his ankles as he administered to the new girl, the move was doomed from the start, smoke and noise followed as if in slow motion and the three shots each hit him in the body killing him instantly his lifeless form falling away from the now hysterical girl.

Pandemonium broke out, the girl screaming; Magda crying and the nut-less man and Guy both realising these were their salvation shouting to the banditoes, to release them, her brain reeled, and her heart soared, could this nightmare really end, where they to be released.
It was a case of out of the frying pan into the fire, in less time than it takes to tell they found themselves in the back of a truck, nut-less and guy in handcuffs the women laid on the floor, loose but under the gun-barrels of two of the bandits.

They drove for a short time on dusty roads, then were unloaded into a warehouse, given coffee, and tortillas, and motioned to sit against the wall, the food lasted just seconds, the coffee slightly longer taken like nectar by the hungry prisoners.
A number of bandits appeared, all armed to the teeth, most seemed interested in the three women, though some, the more senior seemed to more interested in the nut-less one who they rapidly removed from the others though they could see him laid on a table and being given medical aid by one of the men, the first he had had since his castration.

A fat girl of about 20 appeared and another slightly younger girl, who was pregnant. They looked happy to see the women and eyed Guy as if vultures about to pick his bones clean. I
In broken English the leader of this band of cut-throat`s addressed the group, saying that they were rebels, and that they were now his prisoners, they had “raided the place to liberate a rival gangs leader known as ‘el-patron’”, the nut-less man was indicated by a sweep of the hand, “the rest of you were lucky though, liberated as you were, you are safe, my brave men, they grow tired of my sisters so you will now show your appreciation by entertaining them, and in your case senior, he bowed at Guy, you will entertain my lovely sisters, another sweep of his hand towards fatty and the lumpy one.

Guy said “he was an American, he and his wife should be released and soon not used in this barbaric way. ”
The leader; laughed, shrugged, then said “do it or die,” before seizing Magda, her being nearest, and walking off dragging the silent girl behind him!
The two girls grabbed Guy then dragged him away too, not liking the alternative he did not protest, throwing a meaning-full glance at his soon to be violated wife.

The gesture was not lost on Chris; she knew in her heart of hearts what was to come anything being better than the sadistic tweedle brothers.
It took no genius to work out there was just the two of them herself and the girl surrounded by perhaps a dozen randy bandit`s, all intent on having some form of sex, it was no good telling them to form an orderly queue few if any spoke her language she just had to accept the inevitable.

The girl though clung to her in trembling fear, since she had been taken by the policia, she had been ****d twice, and here she was about to be taken by a gang of desperados each intent on making her theirs. They were dragged apart, then the women were pulled to a corner where bags of straw were strewn about, they were roughly thrown down, a fight started , the men each wanting to be the first, it was decided by a huge bearded man who threw the two fighters apart, with a few well chosen words.

A pack of cards appeared he pointed at the girl and grunted showing a red card, and then at Chris showing a black, the men each drew cards.
Order was restored. There was no foreplay, no preamble no niceties, the first men just went to work on each of the women, each dry, un-lubricated, fearful, a receptacle nothing more nothing less. The queue began to shout words of encouragement at the man in the saddle, who responded by more urgent thrusts, urged on by his companions.

No sooner had he filled her than he was off and replaced by the next man, her body now slippery from the first spend the second slipped in mercifully easily, again the urgent thrusting each successive man brutal, un-caring, each with just the desire to fill her body as quickly as he could like some unreal race. Her body automatically responded by the third man, a smelly article with a mean look and a long cock, she was on the edge of her climax when she felt him fill her and withdraw.

The next man in, replacing him with the same purposeful thrusts, she determined then that if she was going to be used it would be on her terms, responding to him and beginning to groan as wave upon wave of her pent up emotions overcame all else and took her over the edge. She wanted more the man changed ,the stroke now different, the speed different, her companion the girl forgotten now in the urgent need for more, she pulled the next candidate a young lad, unwashed, gawky, deep into her used body, she could not get him into her fast enough, the urgent need of her lust over running all other feeling.

Again she climaxed, a feeling this time more intense than any she had had in her previous lifetime, a wonderful exhilarating deep-seated emotional release, another prick quickly she must have another, they obliged one after another men filled her, stoking her fire to a heat she never imagined, she was laughing now, hysterical laughter, A form of madness over took her, she was a cum bucket awash with their sperms, she was a whore, a slut, no longer a ‘church going shrew’ she was a woman.

By now all the men had been onto what they termed “this mad American bitch,” some had been twice and they now lay about watching her devour their mates, like some medieval fuck monster that could not be sated, they had awaken a sleeping giant.
The girl had had but a few men, her companion having taken all that was on offer and still wanting more.

The camp dog appeared, the watch rolled her onto her knees, hysterically laughing now at them, the dog licked at her, then in a bound thrust himself into her sloppy wetness, She felt his huge member deep in her used body, his breath on her back, his claws scratching at her sides to gain a purchase, the discomfort was as nothing as the urgent rigid thrusts took over. The knot engaged so used was she now there was little pain just the fullness of the giant knot.

Her body soon filled with his scalding seed her already full gut filling further, bloating her, stretching her uncomfortably and she now became still, under her masterful doggy sire. Ten long minutes past, the dog and his bitch locked together, when with a plop [she was later to call him plop] the spent tool disengaged her bloated body draining silently as she collapsed onto the sacks. The men applauded the mutt.

He alone had quietened this amazing woman`s sexual desires. The men in awe left the two women they knew it was over, each to sleep the contented sleep of the sexually fulfilled. at least for now. Her companion, the girl, curled up to her for mutual warmth and companionship the dog lay at her back.
The camp was silent now except for an old crone tending her cooking fire and keeping watch, after some hours the smell of the cooking fetched first the dog then successive men to the fire, soon the whole camp was awake.

Fed on rough but tasty bread, beans and eggs washed down with coffee she began to feel human again, a light chain between the ankle`s made them prisoners, but as the days past, here there were neither fear or pain just chores and sex.
Guy was kept by the two girls in an office in the corner of the old factory he too in chains, it was to be their saviour.

Relieved of duty`s with the men-folk the two lumpy sisters used the place for a hideaway, guy was theirs to play with as and when they liked and they did not want to share or lose their toy. In the same way the three women were the men`s playthings whenever and whoever felt they wanted to use either of them just did so, like the martini advert, any time any place anywhere. Chris had come to accept it as the norm as had Magda though Maria the third girl hated men and all to do with them.

These two younger girls reluctantly took turns overnight with Carlos the leader, Chris though had not been chosen as, having heard her fearsome reputation after the first night he had no wish to lose face in front of his men by being unable to satisfy this Amazon.
The dog however had become her faithful companion, she had always hated dogs, but this one a great shaggy beast, soon grew on her, following her everywhere, hopeful of her becoming his bitch once again he answered to his new name of ‘Plop’ quite happily.

The men occasionally putting ‘Plop’ to mounting Chris a spectacle they enjoyed, however, truth to tell, she was coming to prefer her shaggy companion better than the unwashed bandits he being bigger and having more energy. Life settled to a rough sort of routine for the few days they were in the old remote factory. They were packing their few belongings when the police suddenly struck, the dog sensed it first Howling pitifully, there was a stutter of machine gun fire, the crack of other weapons and the stink of cordite, screams, shouts the boom of grenades then it was over.

These that were still alive, were herded together, a pitiful bunch of perhaps five of the bandits, the crone, the three women one of the girls and guy, of Carlos and the nut-less man there was no sign. The bodies of the rest including the pregnant girl being dragged past the prisoners like sacks the remaining men crossing themselves as each body slithered past, to be thrown into the lorry like so much litter.

Soon they too were loaded into another lorry, each were shackled to his or her neighbour.
They arrived at their destination, Chris guy and Maria looked at it with deep dread, they were back at the holding pens, home of the tweedle brothers, cages, and pain.
To their surprise they were met by an officer, smart tidy well spoken, each prisoner was spoken too, the five bandits easy to identify and were taken away, the rest questioned by the officer one after another.

First the crone, who explained that she, had been taken by the bandits to cook for them she wished to return to her village and this after some argument was allowed.
Maria, who turned out to be an Italian tourist, backpacking across the globe, she had been caught in a raid on a night-club, she complained that she had been ****d, the officer apologised but with a shrug he explained that she should not expect sympathy being a girl on her own had risks.

He sent her back to stand and wait, Magda had by now mentally given up; her parents had been executed, she had been ****d multiple times and now she was prisoner once again, so she refused to answer the officer`s questions, standing in silence and ignoring him. She too was sent out to wait with Maria, the next was the fat girl, she was just the opposite jabbering like a parrot to the astounded officer, she asked for leniency, as the daughter of a bandit, he sent her to the cages, Guy was next, explaining that he and his wife Chris whom he pointed out, were American citizens, they had been captured and held by the banditoes, he carefully missed out where or the policia involvement, swearing they were holiday makers, saying he and she had been in chains had they not, as had the other two women when the policia had raided the place.

The officer spoke rapidly to the leader of the raiding party and he presumably confirmed the story, from then on they were treated as guests not prisoners, being shown to a well furnished room with the two women and asked to wait.
The officer all apologetic came to them he explained how a man could not be careful enough, he was sorry for the inconvenience and that they would be sent to the American consulate as soon as they could start the transport.

Word came just then and the officer offered to show them the way. They shook hands, and were walking through to the car, when their luck ran out; they rounded the corner with the officer and bumped into none other than tweedle Dee. He recognised his erstwhile victim immediately, there followed a rapid conversation twix dee and the officer and whose attitude changed instantly and they soon found themselves back in the cages.
A new jailer was on duty, the seven cages were full again holding nine souls now, three bandits in one cell, and the remaining two in another and the others in a cell apiece Guy and Chris sharing.

The officer appeared and food was served, real food not the pots of slop of before.
“You bandits will soon be sentenced” he shouted, “We do not want bandits in our country. ” The announcement was treated with indifference by the five bandit`s, they had expected to be found guilty and were now more interested in the food than some officer shouting at them that they were to be sent to jail.
The officer then shouted something else which Chris did not understand, suddenly there was sudden and total silence all eating had stopped, and the bandits all were focused to a man on the officer, there were protests, cries and pleas from the men.

He smiled; a sardonic smile that sent a cold shiver down the spine of all who saw it then he grinned in the direction of the fat girl and said in his best English you as well senoirita`s , and swept out. There was an immediate buzz of Mexican chatter
The three non Mexicans exchanged glances, were they included in whatever the sentence was or not.

When the hubbub died down, they asked what the sentence was, the girl just about managed in American to tell them that they had all been condemned to ‘death on the beach’.
She went on that it would be a slow sadistic death, secured to posts and sat on the sands they would be left for the incoming tide, the crabs here dined on flesh so it would be a race between the crabs and the rising water.

There was a stunned silence; the full horror of the sentence was becoming clear to each of them.
The jailer now returned and with the usual one word SILENCIO he brought the chat to an end.
Maria was taken out in the afternoon, she whispered to Chris when she returned that she had been suspended on a bodger swing and screwed by numerous of the staff all afternoon, she was having trouble walking when she returned.

Chris asked what the swing was and was told it was a bar behind the knees, wrists and ankles tied together locking you in place and the thing lifted so the body swings below the bar, it gives access to the sex organs while giving pain to the legs and neck. While she had been so engaged she had learnt by eves dropping, that the men were for the beach at low tide that evening.

The rest were for the next night as they only had five posts set up.
The afternoon dragged past then the meal, after which three of the men, Magda and the fat girl were collected and marched away, the fat girl in tears, Magda in resolute silence, and the men defiant to the last. The place seemed deserted and quiet after they left; silent tears fell knowing what was going on. And imagining what was to come.


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