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The Act

Part One – the mtg
I enter in the classroom dressed very casually today. I was running late so I didn’t take the care to shower or even put on my makeup. I threw on my long orange dress, looked in the mirror and thot, “it fits snug but it’ll do” and I headed out.

As I sit thru the lecture, my mind wonders. I watch the way she moves, the wrinkles on her aging face; I notice the tits sagging lower than the other professors and the pantyline under her slacks.

“Granny panties” I think to myself. I continue my eye exploration of her body. Yeah, she’s got a few years on her but she looks hot! She’s curvy in all the places I like. She’s got the round ass, big legs, nice tummy, and tits bigger than my own. (that’s always a plus!)

My eyes go back up to her face. A little more make up than I’d prefer. But I know Ric will like her.

I think the two of us cld make her squirm. I wonder if she ever untucks her shirt? She’s so professional looking; I wonder if that’s just to hide the a****l underneath!

My fantasizing is soon called to a halt wen Professor Rimmer calls my name. “Annie! Annie; do u have something u’d like to share with the rest of us?” Wen I look up, my face is red with embarrassment. “No, Miss Rimmer”, I murmer.

“I’ll c u after class. ”

I slink down in my seat, feeling like a little school girl instead of a serious college student. Geeze! Why do I have to be such a naughty girl? Why must I always be thinking of sex?

Class drags on and on and I try to pay attn. I text Ric and tell him I’ll be running a bit late. Ric always comes to pick me up.

He’s such a wonderful husband really. Its not many men with his knock out looks that adore women of my size. But its my 500 pound body that drives him wild. We’ve been together for 5 yrs now and we never grow tired of each other. Lately we’ve discussed adding another woman to the mix, just for fun. Maybe Ms. Rimmer wld be interested?

Oops, there’s the bell and I am thinking of sex again! Shit, I don’t even know wat the lecture was about today.

Remind me again: why am I paying to be here?

Professor Rimmer is very stern looking at me wen I waddle up to her after class. She demands to know where my head is. I decide I have nothing to lose at this point cos I am already failing this course so I tell her flat out, “Professor, I just finally u simply stunning and I’d like to see wat’s under ur clothing.

She jerked back a bit, taken totally off guard but quickly regained her composure and surprised me a bit by saying, “Wat do u have in mind?” I told her how Ric and I have a very strong sex drive and we’re looking to enhance it, be totally uninhibited with a 3rd person, a female older than me. She said, “alright; but only if I can be in control. ” I did a little dance and song right there – “woo~hoo! A dominatrix! Woo~hoo!” we both burst out laughing at that point.

An arm slides around me from behind and its only then that I notice my husband has arrived to take his fatty home. “Ric”, I say, “meet Ms. Rimmer; our new friend. ” “ ‘Ms. Rimmer’ is a bit formal”, Ric says but she quickly interjects and says, “I like it that way. ” Ric and I exchange a knowing look and we smile.

So the big night arrives and Ms.

Rimmer comes over for dinner. Ric is a fabulous cook and tonight he served us an Italian meal with salad and bread and desert.

After dinner, we moved to the living room. Ric put on some blues and we engaged in small chat. At this point I was really full and cldnt help but to rub my belly. Ric sat on the footstool in front of the loveseat watching me as Ms.

Rimmer tried watched the love btw our eyes. Without saying a word, she rose and came over and knelt in front of me. She replaced my hand with her own and glided them under my shirt, slathering kisses on my big belly. She told me to close my eyes and relax, so I did. I leaned my head back and relaxed. I felt her hands and tongue all over my belly – feeling it, caressing it, kissing it, lifting it…

“Ric”, she said, “I believe Annie needs somewhere to stretch out.

” Ric lead us into our bedroom. The two of them undressed me, taking turns fondling my fat. She had me lay belly down on the bed and commanded Ric to tie me. He got the scarves out of the bedside table and tied my wrists and ankles to the four poster bed.

She told Ric he mustn’t touch either of us, just watch. She stripped off her clothes, and although Ric didn’t touch us, he cldnt help but take his dick out of his pants and stroke at wat was to come.

She got an egg vibrator out of her bag and inserted it in my pussy. Spreading my ass cheeks apart, she began to lick my ass and pussy as the vibrator pulsated against my clit and made me quiver. Her nails dug in my fat ass cheeks as she kept cleaning my cunt. “Annie? Are you full?” “Yes”, I said btw moans of pleasure. “Annie, I want u to shit for me.

” I looked to Ric and his eyes were big like saucers as his masturbation increased in speed.

She smacked my ass. Again. “Annie, did u hear me? I said I want u to shit for me. ” SMACK! Followed by kisses and caresses… I grunted a cpl times and that was all it took. It comes out slowly. Bit by bit forming a turd and then another. She caught it as it came out in her hands, brought it to her face and inhaled the aroma.

“Oh Annie, you have great shit. ”, she said as she took both handfuls and rubbed it all over my ass and backfat.

“Ric, its ur turn…. Come fuck ur wife in the ass while I play!” She didn’t have to tell my husband twice! His pants were off in a flash as he untied my feet and I assumed the position. His cock entered my ass as Ms. Rimmer began licking and massaging the shit all over my back.

She straddled my head to position herself on top me, feeling all my shit btw our bodies. At this angle, she cld watch Ric’s cock slide in and out of my ass while she licked.

I was helpless to do anything but moan with pleasure. Ric pounded my ass with excitement as Ms. Rimmer rubbed herself all over me, licking and caressing my back side with passion. As Ric was about to explode he took his cock out of my dirty ass and plopped it into Ms.

Rimmer’s hungry mouth. She sucked his cock like a filthy pig, eating all my shit off it as his wad slid down her throat. She suckled him like a piglet until he had nothing left to give.

He rose and untied my hands, kissing me, thanking me for the best shit sex we’d had to date….

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