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Tension in the House

Every time I see you my dick stirs in my pants. I see you walking around the house in those little outfits that show off your cute ass and your hard nipples. But you are my s****r, so I shouldn’t have thoughts like that? I could sneak in your room at night and rub my penis all over your face while you are sl**ping. You would know who I am as you awake, but not care.

You’d willingly take my cock into your warm mouth. I’d watch you play with your pussy for me as I slowly fuck your face. The site of you naked gets me so hot that I can’t last very long and I pump cum down your throat, which sets off your orgasm from you fingering your little quim. Without saying a word I would leave, but you know I will be back another night.

I will wait a while for my next visit, to keep you guessing.

We watch each other around the house. In the kitchen I rub past you to reach into the fridge. I can see you blushing and you grab my dick thru my sweats and beg me to come visit again. I tell you to be patient and put my hands down your shorts and panties to stick a finger in your tight wetness. You stare lustfully as I suck your sweetness off my finger and I leave with a smirk on my face.

It’s been a couple of weeks since my visit. Our rooms are next to each others and I can hear your bed softly squeaking at night as you fuck your pussy with three fingers and think about your b*****r’s hard pole in your mouth. I can also hear you whimpering as you cum all over your hands and taste your juices, rubbing your cum on your hot fucking tits. Hearing this and thinking of you has got me so hard I just want to burst into your room and fuck the shit out of you.

I feel so guilty wanting to fuck you so badly. You are my s****r. But all those years of seeing you half naked are to much. I come through your door and you are lying there in the dark. The moon is full so your room has a glow and I can still see you perfectly. I sit beside you on your bed and I can smell your pussy musk all over your body.

With out saying a word, I tear off what little you have left on and start to lick and kiss your body all over. I taste patches of your cunt juice and cum all over your tits and stomach. You start to squirm and moan. As I go to kiss you, you smile and say, “don’t forget to clean my fingers first”. While I am licking your sweet mixture from your hands, I slide two fingers in your pussy and one in your ass.

You squeal at the delightful surprise and grab the back of my head, begging me to kiss you.

Our lips and tongues seem to fit together like puzzle pieces. You are huffing and bucking your hips on my fingers as they slide in and out of your soaking pussy and asshole. You jerk my boxers down in one swift move, spit on your hand and reach and grab greedily for my cock.

My dick is so fucking hard for you, that you can feel the veins pumping with bl**d as you stroke it.

You can’t control yourself any longer. Trembling with lust, you pull me on top of you and tell me how you have wanted this for what seems like forever. My ridged cock slides easily into your dripping snatch and you kiss me even harder. Letting out a sigh of satisfaction like you have never felt before, you tell me you love me.

I start to gently fuck your honey hole, marveling at being inside my beautiful s****r, and I tell you I love you also. You beg me to fuck you harder and tell me how much you want to feel my massive load fill your waiting pussy.

Our bodies are dripping with sweat and we are oblivious to what is around us, like we are the only two people in the world.

I start to suck one of your tits as I am pounding your cunny and you start to convulse under my body. I feel your tensing twat clamping down on my cock and your fuck juice is covering my balls. You start to scream out, “YES b*****r, make me cum, fuck me! I’m CUMMING”! I can’t take any more and let loose my hot load, filling your slit with my cum. You can feel it, spurt after spurt against your cervix and warming your belly.

We fall back to earth, satisfied, kissing each other deeply. Suddenly, we regain our composure and our parents are standing in the doorway. Mom has her hands tweaking her clit and Dad is stroking his rod. What happens next?.

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