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Team Mates

(first read my Story “Speed”)

Anita was an innocent virgin when captured over six months ago by Master Peter and placed permanently in a locked leather slave collar in his home dungeon. It was an interesting journey of slavery that she experienced. Before he took her virginity, Master Peter personally tattooed her all over her body, culminating in the one on her abdomen permanently declaring her “Slave of Peter”.

Thereafter, he took his pleasures with her every single day, often more than once, unlocking her chastity belt only during such times.

Her subjugation continued, with Master Peter personally piercing and ringing her nipples. Soon after he cut off most of her long long auburn hair and glued it to a buttplug. Head-harnessed, bitted, and buttplug tailed, she was put in the traces of a cart and trained to trot. Over time, she turned into a wonderfully responsive and obedient ponygirl. She became even more responsive when Master Peter pierced and ringed her clitoral hood and started making her heel by a leash clipped to her most sensitive part.

By now she was totally and absolutely in love with her Master, and would do anything for him. But since she was the only slave around, she was under the impression that she somehow owned her Master too.

That all ended the day Master brought Anja home. Anita was instantly shocked out of her delusions. Brunette Anja was incredibly similar to her, both in facial features and in her delicious female proportions.

Anita absolutely hated her. This hatred burned even brighter as the days passed, as Anita watched chained spreadeagled helplessly to the wall while her Master collared Anja, took her virginity, then pierced and ringed her, all in the very same way he had done to her.

Anita was in a funk the day Master buttplug tailed and harnessed both of them to the ponycart. To her ponycart! She would have pouted if she could, but the bit in her mouth prevented it.

When the Master bade them to “giddyup”, Anita was suddenly the clumsiest pony on the planet, and could do nothing right. She refused to work with that usurper of her role, Anja.

Anja sensed Anita’s hatred, and she reacted in kind. Her intent was to take away the Master from Anita, and have him all to herself. Anja and Anita would growl and hiss at each other through their bits. Peter found the girls impossibly unruly, and the cart ride unmanageable.

But, as an experienced Master, he knew just what to do.

The girls found themselves led back to the dungeon and chained in a most peculiar fashion. After immobilizing their arms behind them, Peter chained their clits together with a foot of chain. The girls mewled their protests, being forbidden to ever speak, until Peter put alligator clips on their extended tongues, with but a few inches of chain between them. Then for good measure, Peter removed their nipple rings, replacing them with a pair of single rings that Anja’s and Anita’s nipples had to share.

Peter smiled at his pets and their plight, patted each on her shapely rump, bade them goodnight, and went upstairs to bed, leaving them standing in the dungeon.

At first, Anja and Anita refused to look at each other, even though they stood so close they could feel the warmth of each other’s breath. There they stood, inches apart, any movement of withdrawal prevented by tugging of their most intimate and sensitive parts.

Anita even tried to hurt Anja by tugging at her nipples, but quickly realized she would feel whatever Anja felt, identically.

Strange sensations went through Anita – she had never been this close and intimate with another woman. She leaned closer by accident in a moment of inattention, and their nipples touched. It was electrifying! She did it again, and it really felt good. Leaning closer, she rubbed her breast against the hated usurper of her role.

It was delicious!

Anita took a quick look into Anja’s eyes and realized that she was not the only one being turned on. They spent a long and lovely night standing close and rubbing wantonly against each other.

The next day, Master Peter again harnessed his team to his cart. The change he found was amazing. The two ponygirls moved as one, in a wondrously elegant unison, as if they could read each other’s minds.

Master Peter smiled to himself, urging his well-matched ponies, his team, onwards into a trot. This would be a very nice day for a ride in the sunny Hessen countryside. As he left the gate of his ponyfarm, he cracked the buggywhip loudly above his team mates’ heads, turning up the road to the nearby castle. The first of many pleasant days, he thought, lots of time to explore the hills and dales of the Schwarzwald.


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