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tamil maid with lust

Hi friends this is vishal from chennai of age 20. this below story is an true an real piece of hot sex with my orthodox maid. Me studing in an reputed collage in chennai I used to go to collage at 7. 00 am and return back at 6. 00 pm. my maid is of the age 32,mother of girl, daily wager husband and she has an big and attractive boobs, nice round ass.

she used to come in the morning at 6. 30and leave home at 12. 00 pm.

The story starts from the day 05 september. that day we have an govnt holiday and its was raining here. As usual I woke up at 6. 00 and had a bath. As it was raining heavily she got drenched in rain and she was in her light pink colour saree. As she was drenched in rain her boobs reflected our very well with her nipple proturding out.

That day was the first day I noticed her full body as my parents was at home I could just see her only one time I was cumming my self looking at her huge brest for a period of 3 day (1/day) I thought if I get an oppurtunity to fuck her I would never miss it i was waiting for an excellent day to occur on september 09 my parents went to our native land for a period of 15 days

I could not accompany them since my last exam was on the very next fine day I dont like to accompany them to my native land my parents told the maid that to stay in our and take care of me.

FInally on september 10 morning she came with all her clothes to my house I greated her showed her room for the stay.

She went to the kitchen prepared breakdfast and served it to me. She also ate it with me. Our conversation went deep to ur family problem and pleasures in the meanwhile I started talking about sex life which had undergone. she refused to tell me with an smile. on the day noon I started to seduce her like touching her body hips, shoulder.

i made my penis to be erect an made sure that it touched every time when i cross here. For the first 5 time she showed some rejections and after that she made sure that it wont touch her since she is from an orthodox family she is very jenuven about the sex i. e to place sex only with her man(husband). i made enough an necessary move to seduce her she never ever fall in my moves.

At the last I made a decision to tell her that I would like to have sex with her. on sep 12 morning breakfast we were chating deeply about sex of here life and that she would have sex only once in an week for a period of 10-15 mins on sunday night above 9 pm when I questioned why she said that her mother in law stated like that for her i was most dwelled in those story she narrates.

After breakfast I went to my room and called her and showed her some of the prons which I had I saw the her boobs had grown stiff and she was placing her hand on her vagina after the show she went to the kitched to finish off the last work of lunch. when everything ws finished the time was 11 am I became more horny to fuck her she was marvelous in her light green saree

exposing her boobs she went to the bathroom bathed herself and returned and wore an yellow saree.

she next to me wanderin me to show to prons after an short pron I put my hand around her shoulder. she left it un discovered after 2-3 prons I asked her whether I could touch her boobs she said no.

After an brief conversation she stated to touch it over the blouse alone. when I started touching her breast she immediatly stood up an went to lock the door and windows and screened all the windows i sques her boobs for a period of 10 mins and weted her blouse with her milk I slowly removed her blouse hooks she did not realise since she was busy watching the prons

After some time I pleaded her and mabe her to remove her blouse and bra and placed my mouth in the nipple and sucked her milk wooooooo what a taste for the milk I started to kiss her in her cheeks fist she refused but as repeated she could not stop it I made it clear that I make an lip kiss i move close to her lips and holded her head tightly and made an deep lip kisss she tried to move my head off but I holded it tight kiss lasted for 1 min

she then looked at me in anger and said u can touch only my boobs not any other parts I replied that not only u r boobs are attractive all the parts are attractive.

she bend down in an smile and looked up again I took her head and kissed her she never rejected it she too co-ordinated with me and then I asked to give blow job as shown in the movie she rejected it I took her hand

and made to touch my penis she first touched as if I have told her to touch an fire. she rejected several time I made it confirm that she give me an blow job she at last got my penis and gave me 2 cum shots wowwwwwwww so soft and nice to have an blow job from an ladys hand I made her to suck my penis in an very rude way by making he to put on the bed and insert my cock in to her

she gasped and then I gave 2 cumshots and left her mouth with the cumshot she hurried to split it out i got her and made her to swallow my cum after this she was very nice to me she obeyed whatever I said when questioned about the sucking she told she have never experienced such an incident in her life.

in the aftrnoon we ate an went for the next round. She sat very close to me and I showed an 30 min film as she was watching I slowly placed my hand on her thighs and slowly moved my hand to her cunts she stoped me and said I have give only the permission for upper job alone. i kissed her and plaeaded her and asked her to lie on the bed she lifted her saree and I removed her pants

and slowlly inserted my middle finger in and squeesed it by a short time she reached her orgasm and cumed with an pain supressing sound i then asked whether I could put my penis in her she replied that she is intrested in getting that if its inserted and if gets pregnent she would be caught.

I told her to wait and went to an long pharmacy bought 10 pcs condoms and retuned home

i inseted in it to my penis and made here nude ohh my god what a structure an colour I inserted my penis in to her cunts I never sucked the cunts bcs I was very earged for the fuck an we made it to cum 3 time by the time she reached 5 times orgasms when we finished the time was 4.

00 pm we were tired got some sleep she woke me up at 6. 00 pm and had tea we both had bath

sat in the hall talked for a while she cleaned her hair and I requested that whether I could put my penis on her cunts without any protection she said that okk only for one cumm shot. By te time 7. 30 pm we both were in great mood to fuck each other shae said I was the only preson to delight her sexual satisfaction we went to the room nuded ourself got top the bed made all upper job blow job and fucked like any thing till 11.


we became very tired had diner in the nude position and went to bed for more 3 sessions at the end of 2 she started crying out of pain and I did not stop I started for the third she said I am paining a lot pls stop I did not hear and started for the third. Afert the third we went as sleep nude with cock inserted in her cunts.

the very next day we woke up in nude position and I told her that I need to go out for an important work she nodded her heade with sad face ad if wandering for sex we hade breakfast and I dressed and went to the door she said can u give me any thing right now I smiled and unzipped my jeans and gave her a 2 cum in her face and she inserted my penis into her cunts and with 50-60 strokes I cumed and she reache orgasm

After cuming in her ass near the door we heared a door bell suddenly I put my cock in my pants ahe was wiping her face and ass as it was full of my cum and opened the door to see her husband at the door steps I was bit shocked and afraid if he finds out our sexual affair she hurried and made me comfortable and I went out at her husband went at 11.

00 am

at my arrival @ 7. 00 pm I noticed that ther is some change in the environoment as I ranged the bell and I saw her in an green saree hand & legs full of mehandi head full of flowers lips with rose lipstick and she has arranged the room ready the only thing I have to do is to have dinner and to have sex with that women I had dinner,

as I was having dinner she took my hand of the plate sat on my lap and feeded me with every kiss and hade a great sex the whole night I gave cum about 8-9 times and we both became tired and we slept.

thing went on like moring 2 cums noon 4-5 cums night 9-10 cums my body became very tired and un healthy when my parents retuned.

the day before my parents retun was a day of feast we hade sex for the whole day and she cried for very long time I pleaded her. At my arrival of parents in morning 7. 00 we hade one final cum we woke at 5. 30 started to insert and cummed till 6.

30 we summed like a****ls I did she did it several times at the last she became more horny and fucked like an a****l.

we cleaned the room and hurried with all sex items etcccc..from that day on ward we would do cum by 1 per day till the day now hope u enjoyed my sex experience hoping for an second part at here home bcs her husband I going to daily wage work at delhi for a period of 3 months have a good day.

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