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Taking her screen s*ster

A couple of weeks Brooke had been given an anal fucking for the first time; her on screen
s****r Helen Flanagan came to see me. I wanted to see whether she would mind the new storyline I had planned to make the show more pleasing for the male fans. I was planning on making Helen into a Lesbian slut with her on screen friend Maria Conner (Samia Smith)

She knocked, and came in when ordered to.

She was wearing a black dress, cut above the knee, and low cut revealing some fine cleavage. I looked her up and down, and noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. I called her a slut, and she smiled and lifted her dress up and revealed she was wearing nothing at all under the dress. Like Brooke, she was completely bald on her pussy, and her arse looked really tight. Not for long, I thought.

I told her about the plan for her character, and she was shocked at first. When I told her that she couldn’t have any complaints about playing a bisexual slut because she fucked her own on screen s****r in real life. She was shocked, and asked how I had known. I told her about my little contract negotiations with Brooke, and she looked impressed that Brooke had taken a cock up her virgin arsehole.

I told her to put herself across my knee, which she did and I then preceded to spank her hard. She cried, and when I told her that she liked giving it out but couldn’t take it, she stopped whining and shot me a filthy look. That just made me want to fuck her. I told her to bend over the table and she did so. I rammed my cock into her cunt.

She let out a loud gasp as her little cunt was stretched to breaking point. I started pounding her hard, slamming my cock deep into her. She started moaning and gasping that she was on the verge of cumming. Suddenly, her cunt muscles clamped my cock in her, and she let out a bellow as she had the mother of all orgasms on my cock. She slumped forward, gasping as the orgasm subsided. I carried on fucking her little cunt, and she started having another orgasm just as I shot my cum deep into her cunt.

I pulled out, and she turned and gave me a look as if to say is that all you got? I grabbed her by the hair, pushed her down to my cock and told her to lick it clean. She started giving me the blowjob of my life, even better than Brooke. I started getting hard, and just as I was about to send a load down her throat, I pulled her up from my cock.

She gave me another filthy look. I bent her over the table again, and slammed back into her cunt. She started convulsing as she had yet another orgasm. I pounded her for the next 30 minutes, each time I was about to shoot thinking about Helen being replaced by Anne Widdecombe. Eventually, I couldn’t stand it anymore and grunted as I filled her cunt again. She slumped onto the table, gasping from her orgasms.

I slapped her arse, calling her a little cock-loving slut. She started whimpering as I slapped her harder and harder with each slap. She started to cry, and I started verbally abusing her. ‘Little slut, can give punishment out, but when she gets it can’t take it. Not so fucking tough now are you’?

I stopped the spanking, and lubed her arse up. She stiffened, and I told her to relax.

She tried to, and when I pushed the tip of my cock into her she let out a scream. I started thrusting in and out of her, and she started to get into the anal fucking. I pummelled her for the next 20 minutes, my cock going all the way into her, I eventually grunted and pulled her hair as I shot my cum deep into her. She had started playing with her clit, and she let another scream she had yet another orgasm.

I pulled out, and zipped my trousers up as she put her dress back on. She had cum dripping down her legs, and she bent over, scooped some up in her hands and started licking the cum from them. I ordered her to give me another blowjob, and she complied. This time I did shoot my load down her throat. She left the office happy.

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