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Taking A Bath Together II


s t a r t r e a d i n g

This happened two years ago, more or less. A friend of mine told
me that she discovered a new resort somewhere in Tanay. The gang and I
decided to visit it. The designated meeting place was my house. The
night before the said trip, one of our friends came to the house, Ben,
with his friend Wacky.

Since they lived somewhere far in downtown
Metropolis, they decided that it would best that they stayed the night
at my place. Somewhere in the night something happened between Wacky
and I. To find out what happened between us read the story entitled,
“Under the Sheets” in my site.

The morning after, Timothy came banging hard at my bedroom door to
wake us up. I opened the door and Wacky just finished putting his
briefs back.

Timothy asked how we were doing. I told him, we were doing
just fine. He asked if something happened last night that he should
know about. Wacky and Ben told him what happened. After the two
finished the recap of what had happened last night, Timothy lowered his
jogging pants and fondled his flaccid in front of us. He told that his
dick needed some sugar. I would have given some but our other
companions were buzzing the doorbell.

I told him that I’d blow him
later. I grabbed his cock and jack it a bit before telling him to put
it back in his jogging pants. He gave me a peck on the cheeks before I
went out of the room to meet our other friends. By the way, Timothy and
I had some history together. But that’s another story.

Anyway, I greeted my friends and told them that I would gather my

Timothy, Wacky and Ben wanted to take shower before we leave. I
told them that we don’t have much time. I added that since it was a
resort that we were going to, they could do it there. They told me that
it would take a moment. They also added that they would shower together
to save time. I reluctantly agreed with them and reminded not to take
long. Tim was the last one out of the room, but before he left he asked
me if I was sure that I don’t like to shower with.

After saying that,
he fondled my cock. I said that it would only delay us if I join them.
After that he joined Wacky and Ben in the bathroom. After putting
everything in my backpack, I went to the living room and chatted with
the rest of our companions as we waited for the three to finish in the

All the time I was conversing with some of my friends, my mind was

I was imagining what might be happening in the bathroom. Tim
and Wacky were engaged in tongue duel while Ben was in their middle
squatting as he sucked Tim and Wacky’s cock. Then Tim would disengage
from their liplock and would ask Ben to a doggy position. Then he would
plunge his fat hard dick deep down Ben’s column as Ben continued to be
fuck faced by Wacky. Then both guys would explode at the same inside
each of Ben’s orifices until their balls were fully drained.

Then Ben
would sit on the tiles and jacked himself until he reached his orgasm.
That was something. Sitting there in the living made me regret my
decision not to join them in their shower. After they finished their
shower, I never did asked what really happened inside the shower.

Guess I have to ask them one of these days. By the way, later that
day, I didn’t had the opportunity to suck Timothy.

Our friends were
constantly around and we couldn’t find a private spot. But I was okay
with it. I was tired, anyway. We commuted for almost two hours, and
then we hiked almost 5 kilometers before we reached the place. Add that
fact that I didn’t had a restful sleep the night before. Guess that was
fate’s way of showing me that I needed some rest.

Until now, I’m still wishing that something like this would
present itself to me again.

If it did, I wouldn’t let it pass again.

the end.

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