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Ever have one of those nights where everything come together? We mid July in 2000 was just one of those times…..

Saturday night my room mate Garnet and I were in alone drinking beer and playing video games watching movies, it was so hot for that week that sticky heat were no matter what you do your sweating…..cold beer seemed to help. Neither one if us had girlfriends, but Garnet was one of those gold looking guys that could get women at a snap of a finger, in fact he brought to home from the bar had a threesome and afterward sent one into wake me up with a bj! Yes he was a great roomate!

I had a fuck buddy that I would call from time to time (usually about twice a week) we would get together and fuck.

We were good together in bed, everywhere else absolutely no good! Donna wasn’t great looking but did have a great body nice medium sized tits, full lips, small hard ass…she did the thing I liked, Donna was one of the few women I told about my bj experiences, She as well had had her own bisexual experience Donna was pretty cool about our situation, we both gave each other what we needed.

On this particular Saturday evening around 2 am the phone rang an a half d***k Donna called from the bar asking to come over saying “I’m horned honey I need your cock” I asked her to bring some more beer and smokes just before she hung up she added ” I have a friend Cindy here with me, can she come over…? ” my heart started punding thinking Im getting a threesome! Then she continued “Cindy knows Grant and wanted to come over.

” My heart dropped but at least I was still gonna get fucked! He talked with her and hung up the phone looked at me and said with his naughty boy laugh “There on there way”.

About 30 minutes later a knock and the sound of the two of them laughing on the steps of the old trailer we lived in Grarnet answered the door and let them in. Donna walked in and gave me my smokes and put the beer in the ice bucket on the counter opening one and giving me one.

We both lit a smoke and talked softy to each other and softy kissed before we noticed Garnet and Cindy doing the same in the small living room. I asked if everyone wanted to watch a movie…. can’t remember what it was but Donna and I were on one couch sitting up me with my back at the arm an Donna sitting between my legs with my arms around her gently rubbing her sides an softy kissing her ear and upper neck, and every so often messaging her tits making her man softly and kissing me.

We were getting quite involved almost forgetting Granet and Cindy on the other couch, I mention it to Donna and we both look over and they are going hard, Garnet was sucking Cindy’s big tits, and her holding his head as she threw her head back and sighed loudly. Donna and I watched she reached around and rubbed my semi stiff cock, making me hard leaning back and pecking me lips with short soft kisses and telling me it’s so hot watching them.

Donna turned and pulled her white t-shirt off and undid her bra letting her tits free for me to suck, I licked each one the glanced over at Garnet and Cindy, she was also top less and was sitting on her knees on the couch kissing him while unbuttoning his gears. I told Donna to look she turned and gasped ” oh my god…FUCK…” Cindy had Garnets 8 inch cock out and was stroking the shaft up and down, as she watched she rubbed my throbbing stiff cock hard, grabbing and trying to pull over top of my jeans… was then Granet suggested that we all get to bed rooms…

Cindy an Garnet took my room, so Donna an I went to his room at the back of the trailer…..He had is window open in his small room, the sun was up in the early morning hour and coming in from the small window behind me.

Donna and I both got naked quickly and kissed then stopped as we heard the sound of sex come from the front of the trailer. She kissed me and said let’s make some noise of our own honey…..As I stood there she slid down to here knees and looked up at me and stroked my cock from tip to base and pulling down on my balls letting them bounce gently as she relised them and run her two fingers back to my ass rubbing my hole making me sigh and groan.

She sucked hard and fast slurping me ( she was never like this) I grabbed a clump of her long dark hair and thrust my hips fucking her mouth and throat, tipping her head just far enough back so I could watch her mouth take my cock.

I got close to cumming, gave her some pre cum on her bright red lips, I pulled out and away and remembered she didn’t like to swallow so I pulled her up to kiss her and taste my cock and pre cum in her mouth, we kissed hard and her mouth tasted awesome making me throb.

Donna said in between kisses “Cum in my mouth…. I wanna tast you tonight” she pulled away and down to her knees and slowly opened her mouth and just before she wrapped her lips around me she looked up saying “don’t hold back honey I want you to cumm baby…”

Donna swallowed all 7 inches of me and slowly worked her so to the tip and sucked hard till I cumm shooting my sweet cum into her mouth I called out”Oh Donna honey…..” My heat pounding she opened and showed me all my cum on her tounge before sh swallowed then stood up and kissed me giving me a small taste of my cum she didn’t swallow…” mmmm yummy I like that, tour gonna get more of those” she tells me as we kiss…”your turn return the favor…lick my pussy.


I dove into her moist pussy, on my knees her laying on her back Donna spread her legs for me alowing me better access to her pussy. I push her legs up and lick her lips up and down then sucked her clit. She run her hands over her tits found there way to her clit, Donna rubbed while I licked and tounge fucked her yummy pussy till she came covering my mouth with pussy juice, not stopping I continued till she was holding my head in place as she worked her hips up and down rubbing her wet cunt over my tounge and lips till she came to a screaming orgasum.

She pulled me up and licked my lips and chin then kissed me shoving he tounge deep into my mouth…”I love how my cunt tastes on your mouth baby..” she says out breath We kissed as I fingered pussy as she stroked my stiff cock…I bent her over, her hands on the bed ass up and I knelt down and kissed each cheek then run my tounge up from her dripping pussy up to her tight ass and licked both holes till she cumm again….

“Fuck you have a nice cunt and ass mmmmmmm. ..” I tell her she answers. ..”I love it when you eat my cunt and ass…fuck baby…..fuck me gimme your cock”

I tapped the head of my cock on her ass before slipping into her velvet tunnel. I started slow and steadily picked up speed till my hips were smashing into her tight ass, both of us moaning loudly when I look out the window and my neighbor and blonde large tits round ass was watching us fuck!

Remember how I said one of those nights that everything come together well I have a women next door watching me fuck my friend, I get the feeling that I can’t cumm, I feel like I can fuck forever! Donna and I start getting real loud…and Granet and Cindy are loud our small trailer is filled with the sounds of sex!

The blonde next door has her hand down her pants and her mouth is half open like she is building to an orgasum.

. When Donna and I switch position, me sitting in a chair and her riding me her tits rubbing over my upper chest and face. I kiss her and tell her we have someone watching us…. And it turns out that really turns Donna on she rides harder as she watches the neighbour’s play with her self as she watched us. She rode till I was about to cum then pulled off and let me cum over her perky tits.

..I throbbed and screamed out a full orgasum shooting three big globs of cum on her. I looked out the window and made sure she seen me luck and suck up me cum and feed half to Donna…. The blondes mouth opened and we could hear her “Oh my god…..fuck!” And watched as she jack hammered her pussy tI’ll she cumm, and we watched as she licked and sucked her fingers clean!

This a true story.

…like I said one of those nights and it wasn’t over yet…
Donna said she wanted a smoke so I went to get our cigarettes and met a naked Granet in the hall…He highad fived me and said switch, ” I left you a surprise” as he smacked my ass. …”Thats ok right she’s into it, Donna be OK? ” and before I could say anything she yells “Yes!, Granet get in her and fuck me…..” hen rubbed hard cock against me as we stood talking, knowing I like cock…teasing me.

As he walked down to Donna I watched his cute ass and said ” I have a surprise for you too…. ” I get into my bed room and Cindy is keying on her back legs spread and her small nice shaved pussy, slightly red from getting fucked…” Come here and eat my pussy…it’s freshly fucked” and spread her lips and a yummy cream pie was left for me…. I licked my lips and quickly dove into her, I felt my cock get hard instantly as I tastes her pussy and Garnets cumm…….


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