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Taboo woman.. canine

The scenario

I have taken the time one afternoon .. And took the camera and my dog with me out to a beach that is secluded, everything there is a large forest we walked through .. It is virtually impenetrable if you do not find the little path there .. So there is total privacy ..

We are going down to the beach .. Sit in the sun .. It is completely silent and deserted .. No, wait .. I hear something a bit away .. Strange sounds .. Sounds like a woman who mumbles quietly.

I’ll put my dog .. I crept closer to see and hear better ..

Down there in a crevice is a woman .. Maybe around 45 years .. Completely naked in the sun .. I see that she has a hand down between her legs .. She throws a little back and forth .. Just like her to come any second .. Suddenly, she stays up .. Just as she listens .. She looks in my direction .. I ducked quickly .. Do not think she saw me .. Because after a while it starts to sound again … now even higher than before ..

I hear loud and clear how her own encounters deep in her cave .. The sound can not be mistaken .. I peeking up from my hiding place, while I coaxes out my dick .. Damn, she makes me horny .. But I would not bother her because then she might stop .. Slowly jerking myself at the sight of her ..
Suddenly, she started to spasm in the squirting out from her pussy of trapped juices.. Wow .. I feel the pulling at my cock too .. But keep me a bit hesitant.

Slowly I crept from my hiding place .. And sneaking out a bit into the woods .. I ask myself next to a tree .. Allows some sunlight to warm my still hard cock a little .. I stand there and play with my cock .. Feel that I am have to pee .. But I am so close to the spraying

Just like I’m going to pee so I feel a hand come behind me .. And quickly take hold of my cock .. It is she .. Without a sound as she sits in front of me even with a firm grip on my cock .. She takes hold of my balls skin with one hand .. The second she jerks me hard .. She gapes like a wild a****l so as not to miss anything ..

It will not take long before I will .. Cum and piss mixed one after the other .. The greedy woman yawns and shapes his lips on my cock .. See how she swallows and swallows .. I get a firm grip on her head, and pushes her way in to my cock root

At last I sink up to my orgasm .. Woman looks at me with happy eyes .. And said .. I want more of that good .. While she lies down and spreads her his shy lips for me .. Come .. Lick me .. You want it .. Or what .. Because I saw how you look at me before when I was down in rock crevice..

Of course I wanted it .. But I did not want to bother you when .. I bend forward and pull my fingers through her pussy, I become sticky and licks of her secretions before I once again put your fingers in her swollen hole .. This time deeper into .. I know that she forms after my fingers and presses on a little bit more .. Slowly sliding my whole hand in her cunt ..

She starts to moaning a bit of pleasure .. Oh your fucking stallion she yells loud .. Stud hard in me .. Burst my mare pussy fucking .. Burst it in hell right now .. I tie my hand inside her .. Pulls out it and run it fast again .. The procedure is repeated again and again

She eels around like a worm on the ground .. I try with all my strength to keep her quiet so I can run everything harder on her mare pussy .. Now she begins to squirt again .. I lie on her with my cock towards her mouth .. Greedy as she is as she takes it directly into his mouth .. Suckle me like a calf ..

I pull out my fist from her cave .. Put my mouth to the giant hole and drink her juice .. Now I can not control myself anymore without taking my hands hit her ass hard .. Wow .. She screams of pleasure .. Turns tougher same cry .. Yes yes me your stallion to give me everything .. Fuck me, tie me, make me your slave, doing whatever the hell you want .. By doing it now

I get up set me astride the woman .. Looking into her eyes .. And ask .. Is this what you want? YES she answers loud .. Give me everything .. I know you’re kinky.

So give me what you can .. I place my feet on her wrists .. So she is still .. Do not move, I say .. Starts to jerk off in front of her face. She closes her eyes and gape .. I work harder and eventually I will once again .. Look carefully at my cum ends up in her face and mouth .. By the end it all by pressing the little urine that I spray on her neck chest and parted pussy .. Fuck you your big slut I hiss at her .. A glimpse of a smile on her lips…

Lie you there and smile your whore .. You should all see .. I pick up her skirt lying on the ground next to .. River on the long strips .. Pulls then up the woman in the arm .. So she stands up .. But only for a short time .. See it .. Down on all fours now, your bitch I ordered …

See in the corner of my eye a suitable branch, I break it off and raps on her ass .. Ahh, I hear from her mouth .. Creep faster your little whore .. Away to the tree trunk lying over there ..
Lie down on the trunk bitch .. She crawls across the trunk with the upper body as she lies transversely across the trunk .. Takes hold of her wrists, binding them with a skirt pieces down some small trees next to the trunk .. The same with her ankles .. Hard apart .. Then her cunt is fucked to dissociate themselves ..

Quite pleased with myself so I leave her .. Go over to my dog who had been tied for a long time and he is very frustrated to not have to arrive and greeted the woman .. I let him loose .. And he ran immediately to the woman .. Run directly up her nose in her spread pussy .. He presses hard with it .. The woman groaning to ..Soon he jumps over the trunk and sniffs her from the front .. I also climb over the trunk and takes a while for my dog cock .. Oops .. I already knew what his knot started to swell .. Quickly I pull his foreskin over the knot so the cock may swell out properly ..

He humping until the cum starts to sprinkle a little .. I take the woman by the hair .. Pulling up her so that the semen splashed on her face .. While I ask if this is what she wants? Yes.

Give me a****l cock let him fuck me please .. I want him .. Deep inside of me .. Always .. Forever make me his a****l whore ..
I now attracts around dog to her ass .. I pry apart the hard .. So her pussy open strongly .. the dog licks eagerly while I hold up the Harlot with one hand .. The second I took hold of the a****l with his cock, I smacked Harlot stands with his hand and says to my dog to jump .. Quickly, he is up and I guide his cock into the woman’s hole .. Keeping a close eye on it all and brings up my slack cock .. Set me in front of the woman .. And drive it into her mouth .. Suck my cock your a****l cunt .. Hard ..

My dog rips like a beast in her slippery a****l cunt .. He pumps her full of his cum .. While he was “eroding” her in the neck .. my dog withdraws his a****l cunt and running around the trunk and stand in front of her .. I take my dogs place .. Driving hard my dick in a****l Harlot sticky cave and mixed my last drops of cum with dog cum…

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