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sweeter than candy

Natalie sat cross legged on her couchin her warm flannel pj’s on a friday afternoon What was she doing you ask? She was sitting there grieving the loss of her ten year relationship with her common law husband Fred. While trying to decipher what went wrong, or how, even why. Ugh she gave him everything confusion amassed her twisting and contorting plopping herself back down after pacing. Natalie wants to kick his ass, thump wtf visions of their last night together oh his warm tongue slideing down her sweet spots, his hands gripping her hands keeping her in place as he consumed her then it decipates…her heart races and her panties get soaked.

Sure most days she can cope it’s just fridays, no matter if she’s at work or where have you visions for months, which is odd as he left her over two years ago, after knocking her up and nobody knew (not even Natalie) until 6 weeks later…

As she was sitting at her desk at the reception area where she greated clients at the publishing company she worked at for years. Her stomach felt queasy all day that day (and guess what it happened to be a friday) she got up to pour herself a coffee and was she paged her friend Merna who worked in accounting because “I don’t feel so gooo” all over the desk in mid conversation.

Then passed out the next thing she knew she was laying in a hospital bed. Natalie’s eyes fluttered open through the blurred vision she recognized Merna “what’s going on” she whispered. “You cracked your head, after vomiting on your desk you silly twit” Natalie raised an eyebrow at Merna and they both chuckled. Then Merna described what happened while the lights were out in her Cranium. “What the FUCK do you mean, pregnant” It struck her as some practical joke as Fred and Natalie tried conceiving for years and nothing, but “he left me weeks ago.

” Oh my god what am I going to do Natalie thought “Merna, he won’t even see me. How can I tell him?” Merna being the strange bird she was told her “Well Nat hunny, you send him a card telling him of the wonderful news and write CONGRADULATIONS FUCKTARD YOU INDEED ARE THE FATHER” they both looked at each other and laughed…

So it was done, and he responded 5 months and 3 dress sizes later.

He invited her out for dinner in a very public (as in busy) restaurant where he knew Natalie wouldn’t embarass him oh fuck was he wrongand guess what day it was…you bet your sweet ass friday you know something Fred didn’t show up alone of course he’d have his new botox infested airhead “Fiancee” Natalie was livid she vented like a mad woman for what seemed like an eternity “Fred we were together for ten god damn years and you didn’t ask me once to marry you and you’re with this inflatable woman for a few months and getting married”?

“Natalie, baby it wasn’t you it’s all me, sex was good and your mouth felt like candy on my cock it was so sweet, always adventurous and so unbelievably giving but” he spoke lowly.

“But what you selfish cumquat?” “Lisa, goes everywhere with me it’s so wonderful and she lets me pay for everything and doesn’t say anything to embarrass me in public and we are well coordinated” at this time Natalie was more pissed off than before, but she needed to try to calm down and not get too stressed. So she spoke calmly “Well isn’t that nice miss fucking prissy fart fucker, has your soon to be misses been introduced to your parents yet? do you and her talk to each other about your plans for the future like we had? hmmm I’m guessing not sweetheart, or that you like having your ass played with while having your cock sucked? hmmm” Freds’ fiancees’ turned bright red then quickly drained of colour.

Fred, was becoming as upset as Natalie at this point. “No she hasn’t Natalie but she will soon and they will love her almost as much as i do and guess what She’s my soulmate i feel it in my bones. ” a moment later they both heard a glass break and Fred felt the heat of a hard slap against his right cheek…

Now two years later Natalie’s a single mom and Fred gets every other week with his little Abby.

Natalie’s sitting at home on this friday afternoon alone getting her flashes of ecstasy.

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