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Sweet Taste

Sara and i are always looking for thinks to spice up our sex like.
One night while we were playing online things got slow so we started looking at sex toys. One we saw was a squirting dildo. Something new to us after reading about it and finding a few recipes for cum to put in it we found one that Sara thought would be very tasty. Mainly it was yogurt with a little water you could use any flavor, sweet or not.

That night we had a very hot conversation about the possibilities. The one Sara liked most was for me to use i on her and make it squirt inside her pussy and than i would eat her. That got me thinking what if I could cum yogurt? I came up wit an idea. I got some Vanilla yogurt and a syringe. I put 3 ml of yogurt in the syringe inserted the tip of the syringe in the hole in the head of my cock, a little scary at first, than i pushed the plunger down forcing the yogurt into the tube of my cock filling it with yogurt.

When I removed the syringe ofter a second or 2 the yogurt began oozing from my cock. The yogurt/cum ran out on my fingers and I tasted it.

I experimented with it a little trying more yogurt and holding it longer. I got up to 4 ml and holding it for 4 seconds and would make it cum out as i stroked my cock. I was ready to show Sara.
That night i got everything ready.

Sara came out of the shower and jumped into bed I smiled at her and said “I have something to show you”. When she saw the yogurt she had an idea that i must have a squirting dildo she looked very interested. Than i showed her the syringe. Sara said “whats that for” I replied “you’ll see”. with that I put 4 ml of yogurt in the syringe. Sara Watched curiously as i stroked my cock getting it hard.

than i licked the tip of the syringe to lubricate it. She was so surprised when i put the tip of the syringe in my cock and pushed the plunger down filling my cock. She watched as i stroked it and the yogurt/cum came out running over the head of my cock and onto my fingers than i raised my fingers to my lips and licked it off. This really turned her on she began to play with her clit as she watched me refill the syringe and once again put the yogurt in my cock.

Than I crawled between her legs and put the head of my cock in her hot wet pussy and stroked it putting the yogurt in her. Than I pulled my cock out and began licking her tasting the combination of her hot cream and the yogurt as it oozed out of her.
After a few minutes of eating her I loaded my cock again. this time i pushed my yogurt filled cock all the way into her pussy pumping in and out the yogurt cumming out of me into her coating my cock and her pussy after a few minutes of this I pulled my cock out and she climbed on top to 69 with me.

She was licking and sucking the combination of her cum and yogurt off my cock as i licked it out of her pussy.

AS I licked her she began to cum pushing her pussy hard against my face and giving me more of her hot cream and yogurt. I licked and sucked her pussy until she came 2 or 3 times and was begging me to fuck her. I was happy to give her what she wanted and pushed my cock deep into her ramming my cock in hard and fast until I shoot every last drop of cum deep inside her pussy.


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