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Suspicious of My Wife’s Trips into Town

Suspicious of My Wife’s Trips into Town

Today I met an old friend of mine, a real buddy whom I had known very well in college. We had shared a room in the dorms and actually pre-quizzed each other before exams which helped us both get through the University with flying colors. I found out that he had started a Private Investigation Company and was doing quiet well financially. When he asked me what I was doing, I told him that I had a small accounting and tax service business.

Looking at me intently, smiling that crooked smile he always had on his face, he asked if I would like to come to work with him as a financial advisor and part time investigator. I thought about it for several minutes as we walked along bringing each other up to date on our lives. I told him I was married to a beautiful, hot, sexy and fantastic girl named Jill. He asked me if she was running around behind my back, to which I replied an empathic ?NO.

?. He said, are you sure, and I said of course. Even though I said that I starting thinking, she was taking a lot of trips into town, to a mall and elsewhere, especially when I was not at home.

He looked at me, wondering about my paused and blank stare, then he asked if I would like to follow her around one day, he would give me the means to not let her know, as one of his investigators, it wouldn?t cost me a thing, just chalking it off to a benefit of taking the job with him.

Over the next two weeks he taught me how to be a top notch, inconspicuous investigator, discreet and in control of my emotions no matter what I saw or found out. I never told my beautiful wife that I had changed jobs, leaving at the same time every morning and getting home as was usual.

For two days I followed her, watching where she went, what she did with no results. On the third day, however, things began to change, to be different.

She dressed more provocatively, if that was possible considering her already super sexy figure, consisting of tighter jeans, tighter tee-shirts showing off her ample, sexy tits, one of those pair of tan looking Indian type fringed high boots and did her long beautiful auburn hair into a very sexy look. She looked like a princess. Oh, by the way, let me describe Jill to you, she is a 5 foot 6 inch, fantastically built, white, with a slight tan, woman, 30 years of age.

She as a fabulously, firm and sexy 36DD-24-36 erection producing figure, a perfect complexion, beautiful face, full red lips and beautiful deep emerald green eyes. When she dresses up and goes out men stare in awe, their minds thinking of what they would like to do with and to her, to have hot passionate sex and more. I really don?t blame them and I don?t get jealous for I felt that she was only and always been faithful to me, so why be concerned, right?

On this particular day however, my life would change forever.

I followed her and she went to a Mall, the one she usually went to, but today she made a slight change in her routine. She met two very large, muscular blacks, who looked to be in their early twenties or perhaps mid-twenties. She walked up to them smiling broadly and kissed one of them on the cheek. That to me was most unusual, being as she was a supposed true southern raised girl from a very southern traditional family.

She had always expressed her feeling to me about ?blacks? how she did not like them and how they had always frighten her. She said that she had heard so many terrible things about them, how they were so driven by sexual urges and any white woman who had any dealings with them was considered to be a slut or trash.

Watching, I saw the man whom she had kissed put his muscular black hand on her ass, squeezing it and then they walked out of the Mall together.

Following at a discreet distance I saw them enter a very expensive automobile and drive off. I had planted a homing device in her purse and was able to follow them without any problem. They drove for several miles and went into a neighborhood which I knew was not a very nice place for a white woman to be. They went into what I thought was an abandon building but later found out was not.

Using all the skills I had been taught by my college buddy, I was able to follow them unobserved.

The building was being used by a pornographic movie company, which I later found out about, and upstairs there was an expensive well equipped studio where pornographic movies were being made. At that time I was unaware of this but was soon to find out just what went on inside that studio. Using a device given to me by my buddy, I was able to see just what was happening.

My beautiful, 30 year old, super sexy white wife was making porno movies, not just any porno movies but interracial ones, she was letting big muscular black men shove their extremely large, long and thick black cocks into her pussy, ass and mouth. What shocked me most was that she seemed to really enjoy them fucking her, she would take on several black men at the same time, moaning and groaning, begging them to fuck her hard, to fuck her over and over, to cum in her, she wanted their cum inside her white womb, in her mouth and in her sexy white married ass.

I was stunned, disbelieving at what she was doing. Again I was shocked being as I knew that she was a supposedly pure product of the old south way of thinking about blacks, in fact, she had often called them the ?N? word, Niggers. I had to control my emotions, so I just detached myself to the fact that this was my beautiful, 30 year old sexy white wife.

I was able to gain a better viewing place inside the building and watched from a perch above the mock interior model of a house.

She was told that she was a lonely, hot, needing housewife, one who wanted more sex than her husband was giving her. Dressed in a tight, figure hugging thin see through robe, the scene showed her going to the door to answer it. There were two very muscular black men at the door, she asked them what they wanted and they told her that her husband had sent them to take care of some repair work that needed to be done.

She admitted them as they followed behind her, each of them really gazing appreciatively and lustfully at her super firm and sexy ass, a lewd smile on their faces as they reached down to grasp and squeeze the huge bulges that were quiet obvious in their trousers.

Following her into the kitchen one of them came up behind her and pushing her against the sink shoved himself up tightly against her ass.

She froze as if in a protesting gesture as his black hands went up to cup her firm sexy tits kneading them passionately. Slowly, he turned her around to face him, his black hands going inside her robe and shoving her robe off her shoulders until it fell on the floor. She was now totally naked. His black hand immediately went back to her full firm white tits, kneading and tweaking the rapidly erecting nipples.

She had a smoky look in her green eyes, yet was still weakly protesting. Moving her away from the sink, the second nigger came up and was now behind her and reaching around began rubbing her pussy, his black finger sliding between the puffy, rapidly getting slick, wetting pussy lips.

She continued to protest, unconvincingly that they should stop, that she was a happily married woman. While the nigger behind her continued his stimulation of her pussy the one in front of her quickly dropped his pants and exposed his very huge monstrous black cock throbbing lustfully in the air, a huge pearl of pre cum poised at its tip.

Reaching down he took her white hand and placed it on his throbbing huge black cock. She began squeezing it and jerking it slowly, a lustful, passionate look in her green eyes. It was so large she was not able to encompass its entire girth. Hotly she was telling him that he was too big and would rip her if he tried to fuck her. The two niggers moved her over to the kitchen table and placed her on the edge so she was at the right angle for penetration.

As she was seated there the one who had been stimulating her pussy dropped his pants revealing another equally huge black erect cock.

Quickly the one whose huge cock she had in her small white hand was between her spread white legs and was guiding his massive black cock up to her wet and puffy white pussy. She kept saying for him to stop, to not do this, that she was a happily married woman, to which he just smirked and then shoved the huge black tip between her widely stretching married pussy lips sending about a quarter of it into her.

She gasped, telling him that he was too big but he just kept shoving forward sending more and more of his awesome length into her until his huge black cum filled balls were firmly against her pubic hair. She moaned passionately and he began to fuck her with long hard thrusts lifting her white ass off the table. Her white legs were now wrapped around his thrusting black hips pulling him deeper, tightly up against her as he pounded into her in pure a****l lust.

Her white arms were now wrapped around him squeezing him tightly to her full firm white tits, her full red lips kissing him fully on his big nigger lips. Her beautiful green eyes were glazed over in lust as she began to moan and grown in a lusty passion I had never seen before.

The nigger was lost in a lustful passion of his own as he kept saying over and over, yes, so fucking hot, tight white pussy, gonna cum, gonna cum?? He had his white teeth firmly clamped together as he hissed while thrusting hard his enormously long and thick black cock into her white pussy.

The second nigger was watching intently, his dark eyes shooting sparks, his gigantic black cock throbbing and bobbing at the sight of his friend hotly fucking the hot lusty beautiful white woman. His at the point where he was almost going to shoot his own load of nigger cum, his black monster leaking a slow drip of his pre-cum. The nigger fucking my beautiful white wife started a series of short hard jabs and then the stopped, his entire length buried in her white pussy.

A shout of pleasure, lust escaped from his thick lip as he inundated a torrent of his hot, thick and sticky nigger cum deep up into her white womb.

Jill screamed in lustful pleasure as she felt the huge load of hot nigger cum splattering powerful jets, steady jets, up into her. The nigger kept making short jabs as each shot escaped from his erupting black fully embedded black cock up into her.

Finally he stopped, their lips were glued together, they were tightly squeezed together, as they both reveled in the slowly decreasing mutual orgasm. What seemed a long time they remained this way, then he began to withdraw his awesome length from out of her stretched white pussy until it exited with a slurping sound. A huge glob and a steady flow of his hot cum began to ooze from out of her white pussy onto the floor.

As soon as he was out of the way the second nigger took his place and shoved his enormous black cock up into her widely stretched pussy. He began fucking her, picking up his tempo in an effort to shoot his already boiling load of nigger cum into her. Jill again began to moan and groan wrapping her white legs and arms around him. She kept telling him that she wanted him to shoot his nigger cum into her, that she liked his big black cock fucking her, that he was so much better than her husband.

This went on for almost an hour that day, each of the black men fucking her twice. I crept silently out of the building, my mind a mass of confusion for I had never expected this of my wife and wondered just how long she had been doing this. Making pornographic movies, letting huge cocked niggers fuck her and whether or not what she had said about them being better than I was, was true or just part of the dialogue.

I knew that I would have to get this captured on film myself if I would ever confront her about what she was doing, proof.

More later???.

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