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Susan and Nat in A’dam #3: Nat Longs Love

I get in my bed an offer of tasty teen 40c-cup BOOBY beauty nice Natalie not to be refused!

Last night Susan sneaked to my bed to make love, the night after Natalie’s first orgasms she does
Nice Nat is still a virgin but she knows now she longs to leave her cherry at me in awesome A’dam

Please Professor Peter will you make me a woman here before we will leave back to the States?
Peter you are so sweet to me and my mom so I trust you completly, hope you will do me the honour

We will see tomorrow my dear, I take you in my arms to bring you back into the arms of old Morpheus
We will share my single bed for the rest of this night – we will be as spoons together to rest now

I get a bit of an erection when naughty Natalie wriggles her bottom to warm her bums at my belly
I am good enough at ‘Tantra sex’ to keep my pole close to her holy holes while we both get a rest

I wake up with a hard-on as nice naughty Natalie experiments in some sexy sucking experience

I wake up from some movement by Natalie but I do not show it to her, curious for what she will do
I feel how she first tries to grab behind her back for my mighty member and next turns over to me

She wants a full view so she pulls back the sheets to take a good look at my big brown bent banana
She tries to remember and imitate what she had seen her mom Susan do to me with her hands and lips

I need my full Tantra experience to keep control not to explode right away in her munching mouth!
I grab her hair to pull her face back, yawn to pretend I just wake up from an erotic dream with her

I slap her ass softly asking her to make me a mug of tea so I can wake up properly: so very slowly
I get my mug, send sweet Nat to shower and prepare us some breakfast before any further intimacies

I take my time to think about the sexy scenario for both for this very special sexy occasion

I know naughty Nat is very wet and hot for me so watch her sexy shower on my closed circuit video
I know naughty Nat is so hot she will try to rub off for the first time in her life just as her mom

I wonder about the best sexy scenario to make her mine and a wanton warm woman just like sexy Susan
I wonder whether I can take her cherry best in a sexy threesome with Natalie on top of her mom Sue?

I set up my seduction strategy to please both mom and dod in a long lasting lusty single sexy session
I set up my scenario for us three after breakfast the table in my living will be a theatre of our love

I make a soft stage from the wooden low table with some cushions for a long lasting soft sexy session
I make Susan serve as a mattrass for her dear dod on top on her, while she is spread-eagled and open!

I take my time to make terrific tasty teen nice naughty Natalie to be competely and only mine

I lick nice Nat all along her tasty twat up and down tease the top of my tongue at her tight sphincter
I lick nice Nat long enough to make her wet wanton and longing to finally become a real woman with me!

I kiss my nice Natalie at the back of her neck, start to use my teeth to massage her – as my hands do
I kiss my nice Natalie all along her spine till I reach the slit between her beautiful big ass cheeks

I ask her to use both her hands to open herself more for my ever sexier kisses at her hot wet snatch
I ask her to present herself to me as best as he can to make me want to take and eat her maiden cherry

I let her first munch my manhood from the front while I grab her hair in order to keep full control
I let her get used to my wooden member and wet it, so I will easily slide inside her hot holy hole!

I take pretty pictures of her pussy with her hymen hot, longing to open up completely for me

I take first a close-up photo of her pretty pussy with the horny hot heaven of her half-open hymen
I take first another good look for memory’s sake and shoot a few more photo’s from extremely close

I love that sexy sight of a virgin pretty pussy, only eightteen and one day old today and we pray
I love to make you mine my dear doddie – only God also knows how much you long to become a woman

I will make you mine and a woman in our secret sacred ceremony where I will be your priest Peter
I will make your red drops wine for us to celebrate our love with a ceremonial sip of long love

I easily enter nice Natalie who immediately bounces back at me to meet my meat and its deep thrusts
I easily fall in love with her as well … Isn’t real love mainly about heart to heart deep trust?.

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