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Susan and Nat in A’dam #2: Lesson in Love

Susan and I seduce her virgin dod Natalie in erotical education and mutual masturbation

Susan loves my sexy stories so I decide to publish the adventures of her and her dod Nat
Susan is eager to read them so I write them first as chapters in a blog, before the stories

Susan is short and stocky with 38b breasts but Nat has at eightteen already 40c big boobs
Susan is planning to seduce her virgin dear dod together with me during their visit at me

Natalie is shy and about four inches taller than her mom, she mistrusts men who look boobs
Natalie is so inexperienced she has not even ever yet played with her hairy pretty pussy!

Natalie is slowly falling for the fun we have, my charm and looks deep into her dark eyes
Natalie is unaware she is about to experience the most erotic and hot holiday of her life

Susan and I slowly seduce nice Natalie in wanting to watch us from very close in making love

Susan and I pretend we do not realise Natalie has watched us making love – as if it was by accident
Susan and I bring up the subject of making love properly between a sweet man and a wanton warm woman

Susan pretends she is a bit tipsy from my wine, she jokingly sugest we can give Nat a demonstration
Susan praises her dead virgin dod for not watching porn as some admit to do in their Health lessons

Nat’s head is all read, not only from my potent wine, she giggles not daring to say Yes please!
Nat’s eyes shine, we get the message and I propose we have after-dinner cheese in my large armchair

Nat follows the example of Sue who sits at the left arm and seats herself at the one at the right
Nat follows the example of Sue who takes of some clothes Oh dear, the food and wine got me hot!

Susan and I invite nice Natalie to be proud of her great looking goodies and show us them

Susan sports an half-open push-up bra for this special occasion for more erotic experiences
Susan challenges Natalie to show us her firm boobs Yours are so great, you do not need one!

Susan helps her to take it off … such a sexy pleaure with four breasts so close in my chair
Susan helps her to feel comfortable with it Your nipples stiffen a bit like mine, you like it!

Natalie blushes now red as a beet but with pride of her pretty nipples which quickly erect further
Natalie receives my sweet kisses circling her fresh ‘towers of power’, she almost closes her eyes

Natalie is so shy and also feeling so horny now, she is ready to follow more of our sexy suggestions
Natalie take off your slip, let’s us enjoy the view of your big black bush down there hot honey

Susan watches warmly wanting her horny dear dod Natalie to orgasm for us for the second time!

Susan and I smile secretly while Natalie indeed undresses completely for us, I can smell her already
Susan and I exchange another eye-wink to indicate everything goes well so far as we wanted it would

Susan watches silantly as I take the initiative to caress and kiss Natalie from her big breasts down
Susan watches in excitement, she stills wears her slip, but I can smell how hot she got as well now!

Natalie clothes her eyes completely now to concentrate on all those new feeling getting so close now
Natalie opens her legs a bit automatically – as if to invite my fingers to explore more in her bush

Natalie has in fact already a very wet snatch from my slow long term approach of sweet sexy seduction
Natalie has secret hopes she will once more experience those waves all through her body by my touch

Susan postpones her orgasm in her hot hope to come unisono with Natalie together in my armchair

Susan has one arm around me and the other hand disappears inside her panties, frantically fingering
Susan has soon her pussy at the brink of coming and manages to hold herself at the edge long enough

Susan tries hard not to orgam before nice now ‘naughty’ Natalie to not distract her in her arousal
Susan sighs as silently as she can – while I play with the love lips and swelling clit of nice Nat

Natalie goes almost immediately over the edge with my two fingers tips so close playing her hot knob
Natalie goes a bit wid – loosened up by my wine Oh dear God, Mamma Mia, what are you doing to me?

Natalie gets so wet in her twat and inside she even squirts a bit over my hand softly holding her!
Natalie gets so hot she starts to tremble while still dancing her clit softly against my fingertips.

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