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Susan and Nat in A’dam #1: First Orgasms

Susan gives her dear dod Natalie a special present for her birthday celebrated at me

Susan and her dear dod Natalie visit me for her eighteenth birthday in old Amsterdam
Susan tells Nat she knows me from the net and is happy I can host them two for free!

Susan hugs me at the airport enthousiatically, but Nat is shy – so I offer her a hand-kiss
Susan is cool and hot from the very start, Nat only relaxes as I feed them dinner with wine

Nat is a very decent girl, she never drank a drop before she got eighteen, only yesterday
Nat is also very shy and inexperienced – still a virgin for sure, never even masturbated!

Nat slowly relaxes a bit and after a second glass is a bit less tight, laughs at my jokes
Nat and Sue get my big bed – while I switch to the guest room’s single bed for the night

Susan secretly sneaks out to my bedroom to offer me an after-dinner ‘amuse-gueule’

Susan secretly sneaks out halfway that first night to join me for some more hot hugging
Susan does not know I secretly switch on my camera in my private closed circuit at home

Susan opens up for more intimate kisses, legs as wide as she can, soon she moans loud
Susan does not know she wakes up Nat by her screams on camera – Nat looks in amazement!

Nat has mixed feelings about what she sees, she never dares to watch porn, it’s all new
Nat is wise enough to pretend she still dreams after the noice subsedes and Sue returns

Nat pretends next day she didn’t wake up to watch the sexy action and we have fun all day
Nat loves old A’dam just like Sue, the canals and the flower-market alongside parts of it

Susan and I seduce nice Natalie for her first ever erotic experience for her birthday

Susan makes sure Natalie gets red wine with my Italian big dinner, both do love good food
Susan keeps filling our glasses, gives me some eye-winks when her daughter doesn’t watch

Susan and I bring the subject of our cunning chats to turn-ons, possible erotic pleasures
Susan and I notice how Nat blushes but can’t deny her curiousity for such secret subjects

Nat eagerly agrees her next present for her birthday will be feeling some of such erotic touch
Nat even accepts my suggestion to blind fold her, to concentrat on the new feelings to her skin

Nat soon gets a wet skin from our kisses and her sweat from first ever erotic excitements for her
Nat soon feels my hands softly caressing her C-cup beautiful boobs and gets all wet down there

Susan and I make Natalie come for the first time ever in her life without sexy lust so far

Susan and I can speak without words about our scenario to seduce her innocent cute beauty Natalie
Susan and I co-ordinate our initiation of Nat, me between her firm breasts, she kisses her cunny

Susan and I smile as we notice her breathing deepens, soon nice Nat starts to sigh, next she moans
Susan and I send Natalie to seventh heaven for her first ever orgasm – Natalie trembles all over!

Natalie, that is how nice sweet sex can be my love, happy birthday once more, you young woman!
Natalie slowly gets back her breath, wonders what has just happened to her, isn’t that very dirty?

Natalie has a very red face from all that fresh excitement and my potent red wine, still a bit dizzy
Natalie shyly smiles at us after I take off her blindfold Thank you Sue and sex-professor Pete!.

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