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Surprised via a wrong number (fiction)

I’d been using a telephone dating service for a few months now. I’ve talked to many women on the line. Never really exchanged numbers with any of them. Most of these women are being cautious sometimes too cautious. Not really ready to open up to anyone. Maybe if they listen to my posted greeting they might just open up a little bit. Two days ago a lady named Marisol sent me a message along with her phone number.

I called the number. “may I speak to Marisol?” I asked. “I’m sorry but you have the wrong number. ” she replied. “may I asked whose number I dialed so that I may give a proper apology. ” “my name is Dana. ” “please forgive me Dana for disturbing your slumber. ” “wow you are quite the gentleman and what is your name?” “I am Theodore. Tell me what’s bothering you. ” “it’s about my boyfriend.

He broke up with me today and I’m having trouble figuring out what I did wrong. ” “when you met him how did you feel?” “I felt as though I met the man of my dreams. ” “Dana what you felt was not love it was a crush. Your heart will know when the right man for you. ” “how so?” “the wall around your heart has a small hole in it that can only be seen by that special someone.

Through in he can touch your heart. ” “thank you Theodore. ” After hanging up the phone I fell asleep asleep wondering why she opened up to me. I’ve talked to other women who’ve done the same. What is so special about me. Maybe I’ll find out what it is. A few days later there was a knock at my door. I answered it and two guys were asking me if I was Theodore Jameson.

I told them that I was and asked what was this about. They told me that they worked for Dana Edwards and they want me on her talk show. I agreed and went with them. I met with the show’s producer who said that I would be a surprise guest for her. I watched from the green room. The producer gave me a microphone and asked me to repeat the greeting I gave Dana.

“my producer has a surprise for me. I wonder what it could be. ” Dana said. I was given the signal to speak. Hello may I speak to Marisol?” “I’m sorry you have the wrong number. ” “may I ask whose number this is so that I can apology properly?” “my name is Dana. ” ” forgive me Dana for disturbing your slumber. ” Dana had a look of surprise on her face. Then she asked the mystery man to come to the stage.

I came out and she gave me a hug when I got on stage. “you’re Theodore?” she asked. “yes I am. ” I replied. “your voice is so sexy. ” “so I’ve been told. I have gotten many complements on my voice. The strangest was being told that it was addictive. ” after the show was over Dana invited me to dinner. she gave me her address and told me to be there at seven.

I agreed and went to my hotel room and got changed for dinner. I got three dozen roses and went on to Dana’s house. I rang the bell and she answered that door wearing only her robe. “am I early?” I asked. “no you’re right on time. ” she made an exquisite dinner for two. We talked over dinner. When we were finished I helped her clear the table of all the dishes. We went into the living room and sat on the sofa.

“I want to show you what your voice does to me. ” she started doing a strip tease. She dropped her robe showing me her perfectly round tits with erect nipples. Her pussy was well trimmed. She shook her tits in my face I caught them and began sucking her nipples. She got weak in the knees that she sat on my lap. She then laid back with her legs spread exposing her clit.

I licked and sucked her clit while her dripping wet hole. “OOOOOOH DARLING THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” she began to shiver as her first orgasm engulfed her. Dana sucked my cock very slowly I could truly enjoy it. She knew how to handle a big cock. She deep throated my 11″ cock. “I want you to cum in my mouth. ” and cum I did. I came hard. She swallowed every drop like she was sucking a bottle.

“fuck me darling fuck me. ” I slid my cock deep inside her dripping wet pussy. “OOOOOOOOOH DARLING YES FUCK ME HARDER FUCK ME HARDER WITH THAT BIG COCK!” she screamed. and fuck her I did. She came with each hard stroke. She squealed when I came inside her. I filled her pussy until it overflowed with cum. We fell asleep with my cock swelling deep inside her dripping wet hole.

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