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Surprise surprise for the babysitter

It was September of 2009 and I was coming home from my high school when my mother called me with the details.

“Hi mom, what’s up?”

“Lex, you remember the Jones’ right?”

“Sure, they have the twins right? How old are they now?”

“Well, I think they just turned twelve last month…but anyways, Mrs. Jones just called me not ten minutes ago to see if you could head over to spend the night.

They received an emergency from the hospital where her mother lives and they need to leave now and they cannot take the k**s with them. ”

“Wow…uh, sure, I can head over. They’re in the new part of the neighborhood, right?”

“Yes. Just head over now, I will call you later on. ”

I hung up the phone and drove past my house. My neighborhood was pretty big, and it really is only getting bigger.

I drove into the newer part of the development, and came upon the newest house in the lot, the home of the Jones. I walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Frantic footsteps could be heard on the other side, and Mrs. Elizabeth Jones answered the door.

“Lex. Thank god you’re here. We really need to get going now. Food is in the fridge, feed them when they get hungry.

Otherwise I think they’ll be fine. ”

“Sure thing Mrs. Jones. ”

With that, the couple was out the door, and I saw the black SUV drive down the street in the direction of the highway.

I walked past the foyer of the house and into the kitchen. In the living room were the aforementioned twins. One a girl, one a boy; Riley, the girl was laying on the floor in her school uniform watching TV, she had long brown hair with her bangs held out of her eyes with a gold clip, and Ewan, the boy, was sitting on the couch in his uniform playing with his handheld game system, he looked identical to Riley, except his features were all those of a boy.

“What’s up guys?”

Riley sat up with her knees bent and smiled at me.

“Hi Lex!”

Ewan looked over and grinned.

“Hi. ”

Ewan didn’t seem too happy that he needed a babysitter, after all, he was eleven years old.

Riley continued to smile at me, and with her knees bent, I couldn’t help looking up her uniform’s pleated, plaid skirt. I saw her legs, and then her pink polka dot panties…but something else was there.

Before I could determine what it was, Riley turned and continued watching the TV.

I turned away, shrugging whatever had come over me off, and sat down to watch some TV with the k**s.

“So guys, what do you think about a movie?”

Ewan grimaced, and shook his head.

Riley turned back towards me, and my eyes once again drifted down to her skirt and those panties.

This time I was sure of it. There was a bulge inbetween her legs. But, she was a girl. Not a guy. This isn’t some cartoon where a guy can completely pass as a girl without being noticed! I continued to speak to the c***dren.

“How about a scary one?”

Ewan’s grimace turned to a smile and Riley’s smile turned into a blank look.

“A scary movie it is!”

I stood up, my eyes still drifting in and out from Riley’s crotch as I made my way to the DVD library.

I picked out a scary, but not so scary one and popped it into the player.

I hit play and sat back down on the couch. Riley moved right next to me and put her head on my shoulder, and Ewan remained on the floor in front of us. Riley closed her eyes as the movie started and cooed when I rubbed her back. I continued to rub her back and I continually, gradually, progressed downwards towards her skirt.

Just as my hand reached her lower back, I pulled away and stopped what I was doing. Suddenly, I felt a small, warm hand grab mine and put it right back where it was and move it down slowly.

Riley’s hand was guiding mine down underneath her skirt while her twin b*****r was watching a scary movie in front of us. Soon enough, my hand was on the twelve year old’s ass and as soon as I was there I didn’t want to stop.

I started massaging her ass and I was getting hard. Riley put her head right on my left leg, and closed her eyes again. I continued to caress her, and Ewan continued to watch the movie.

Nothing much really happened besides for my massaging of Riley’s butt for the entirety of the movie, and afterwards it was time for bed. I led the c***dren up the stairs and into the bathroom, where they brushed their teeth.

Afterwards they went into their rooms to change into pajamas, which for Ewan was just a t-shirt and basketball shorts, and for Riley some short shorts and a baggy t-shirt. They moved into their separate rooms and I saw the lights turn off.

“Goodnight guys. I’ll see you in the morning. ”

A simultaneous goodnight from the c***dren, and I was also off to bed. I had a long day and I wasn’t going to stay up any later than I had to.

I closed the door to the master bedroom and slipped on a t-shirt and mesh shorts, naturally, commando.

Inside was a large fifty-something inch LCD television on the wall, and a DVD player underneath.

“Why not fall asl**p to a nice movie. Let’s see what they have in already. ”

I let the DVD play, and on the large television in front of me was Riley in her school uniform, with her legs spread and even on the video the mysterious bulge was visible.

On the video she began to speak.

“I want to take your big, thick, cock in my mouth, and then have you fuck me like the dirty slut I am. ”

Her voice was serious.

Out of the side of the camera came a man who had the voice of Mr. Jones, with no pants on, and fully erect. He motioned the girl to come over, and immediately she took whatever of his dick she could into her mouth.

She sucked and licked and sucked like a champion, and then she stopped.

“Fuck me daddy. ”

A laugh could be heard in the background, and the girl got onto her knees and stuck her ass straight up towards her father’s penis. Like he was told, Mr. Jones grabbed the c***d’s ass and started to pull down her white panties, leaving the skirt on.

I was horrified at what I was watching, but at the same time I was rock hard.

When Mr. Jones pulled up Riley’s skirt, I saw what I had been suspecting the whole time since I had seen the mysterious bulge in Riley’s panties.

Riley had a penis. A small, almost nothing penis, but this still makes her a boy. She must’ve been put on estrogen since she was young, and that’s why she has developed girlish curves and the 100% female voice.

**OoC: From this point on, despite Riley being a boy, I will still refer to him as a female.

It’s more hot that way. ;-).

Immediately Mr. Jones took the camera into his hands, making it a first person perspective, and his 7. 5 inch rock hard member entered the camera’s view. He brought some lube into view and got his cock completely lubed up and began to aim it towards Riley’s 12 year old ass. He pushed into her asshole, and her moans of pain and pleasure were clearly audible in the background noise.

He kept pushing until he was halfway inside of her, and suddenly he thrusted extremely hard and Riley screamed loudly. He was all the way insde her. There was silence, and the sounds of sobbing, but it was suddenly interrupted.

“…f-fuck me daddy…fuck me as hard as you want…”

Riley was begging him for more. I was in awe. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the man brutally fucking his twelve year old “son’s” ass.

I was this far, and there was no turning back. I needed some relief.

I pulled off my shorts and hopped into the king size bed and grabbed hold of my rock hard 7 incher. Pre-cum was already leaking out of the head and it was extremely useful as some improvised lube. I was in ecstasy as Riley’s prepubescent screams filled the room and as I watched Mr. Jones pull his cock out of Riley’s ass and shoved it into her mouth, I was about to explode.

Suddenly I heard Mr. Jones moan and Riley’s eyes widened. He slowly extracted his slowly shrinking cock from her mouth, and a string of cum attached her lips and the head of his cock. She opened her mouth to show the cum, and swallowed it.

As I was about to finish, I heard several small knocks at the door. I scrambled to get my shorts on and turn the TV to something besides for this c***d getting ass-fucked.

I put my dick in the waistband of my shorts and threw my t-shirt back on.

I opened the door, and there in her shorts and baggy shirt was the subject of my masturbation. Riley stood there rubbing her eyes and looked up at me.

“Lex I couldn’t sl**p…Mommy and Daddy let me sl**p in here when I can’t get to sl**p…can I stay with you?”

“Sure Riley, but what about Ewan?”

“Daddy never lets Ewan sl**p in here at the same time I do.

“But Ewan sl**ps in here sometimes too?”

“Yeah…all the time!”

“Okay…just hop into bed then. ”

She giggled and jumped into the bed and immediately buried herself in the covers.

I walked back over to the bed and layed down next to the c***d. As soon as I got under the blankets I felt a small warm hand grab my leg.

“What is it Riley?”

“Usually when Mommy and Daddy let me sl**p in here I have to touch Daddy and stuff…”

“What do you mean?”

“He makes me rub his thingy, lick it, and then…”


“Then…he fucks me, and I like it.

I love when his thingy goes inside my butt. ”

“But aren’t you a girl Riley?”

“Yeah…but…I have a thingy like Daddy and Ewan…so he has to put in my butt. ”

I was astonished. This “trap” was confessing her love for cock to me. She loved getting fucked by her father, and if I understand correctly, Ewan was in the exact same situation. I was once again as hard as a rock, and this was a once in a lifetime situation.

“Riley…do you want me to fuck you like your Daddy does?”

“…y-yes. Please let me touch your cock. I want to get fucked. I want to suck it. ”

“Do as you wish. ”

I pulled off the covers and slid off my shorts to reveal my cock, and like magic Riley’s tongue was already making me shine. She licked it up and down, kissed the head, and sucked on my balls, all like she was a cock sucking champion.

Before long, I could feel Riley’s small mouth take whatever she could into it, which was about only half of my dick.

She jerked it off as she sucked it for awhile, and I knew I was going to cum soon, but I just kept Riley’s mouth on my cock and blew my load straight onto her tongue. She pulled off, with a strand of my cum linking us together. She swallowed every drop and kissed the head of my cock before she turned around and stuck her ass straight at me.

“Fuck me Lex. Fuck my baby ass. ”

“No, not yet. I want you to bring Ewan in here, and I want both of you to suck me off and then I’ll fuck both of you. ”

Riley looked at me, slightly disappointed at first, and then grinned. She wiped the cum off onto her shirt and skipped out of the room.

I layed there in an afterglow.

This twelve year old just gave me the best head of my life. And it was a girl stuck in a boy’s body.

I heard voices coming towards the room, so I pulled the blanket over myself, and sat up.

“No Riley! You weren’t supposed to let something like this happen!”

“But Ewan, he tasted so good, and I want him to fuck me…just pretend it’s Daddy. ”

“Fine, but I get to go first.

As they walked into the room, I began to get hard again, and I grinned at the identical twins as I thought of my dick plunging deep into their tight prepubescent assholes.

Ewan started to unbutton his pajama shirt but stopped halfway. He slid his pants off while bending over, showing off his “baby” asshole. He turned to face me, and my eyes drifted down his androgynous body, down to his little penis.

As his pants finally slipped over his feet, he slowly walked over to the bed, climbed onto the bed next to me.

He straddled my body, his legs barely able to get around me, and began to grind his groin against mine. My flaccid member began to awaken as the little cock on the boy’s body began to do the same. As his 3 incher became hard he spun around and took my cock into his hands.

He caressed the head and ran his fingers down the length of it. I was amazed at how good this could feel from a boy…let alone a c***d!

One moment it felt good, and the next, I could feel the wetness of Ewan’s mouth on myself, and then I could feel his tongue run along my cock. I opened my eyes just as he engulfed my cock. He sucked and swirled his tongue around the head all while his head bobbed up and down on it.

I could have cum right there, but I had two ripe assholes, all to myself. I continued to let Ewan lick my member, but to make sure I didn’t cum just yet, I called Riley over to suck Ewan off while he pleasured me.

Riley skipped over and immediately took Ewan into her mouth. Being only 3 inches made it easy for the twelve year-old to deepthroat her twin b*****r. Ewan began to moan with my cock in his mouth and in seconds his body tensed up and he came into his s****r’s mouth.

Riley let off Ewan with a *pop* and a clear liquid dribbled down out of her mouth and onto her chin. Ewan took his mouth off of me and sighed with great relief.

“I…I’ve never gone that way before…it feels that good when Daddy goes in my mouth too?”

I looked at the flushed boy.

“I’m sure it does Ewan. Now you rest. ”

Riley took this as her cue to get off of her knees and come onto the bed.

Her little dick was glistening with pre-cum and it stuck when I touched it and brought it to her mouth. Riley licked it off of my finger, kneeled down and stuck her little ass straight at me. It was a sight to see.

The tiniest, tightest asshole available to me was right here, ready to be fucked. While my cock still had the saliva from Ewan’s mouth, I went straight to work.

The tip of my member pushed up against Riley’s ass and like magic, it slipped right in. An ass is a whole different experience than a vagina, and the ass of a twelve year old trap is even better. It was twice as hot as a pussy and twice as tight. I pushed slowly so to not hurt her, but her whimpers were audible.

“Want me to stop baby?”

“N-no…fuck me Daddy…fuck me…”

That was all I needed.

I pushed all the way into her, and while she screamed, I began to pound that ass as hard as I could. I plunged in and out for what seemed to be hours, but then Riley, now moaning in ecstasy, tensed up her insides and she came. Slowly the clear liquid leaked out of her limp penis and I slowed down, removing my still rock-hard cock from her now slightly gaping asshole. She managed to pick herself up and to my surprise, take my cock all the way down her throat.

In one second My seven inches was in her throat. Like a robot receiving orders, I fucked her throat to my heart’s content. I could see her eyes roll back into her head, so after only a few seconds, I stopped. I pulled her head off of me and laid her down to sl**p. She smiled as I kissed her on the cheek.

Ewan, now recovered from his first blowjob ever, from his twin b*****r/s****r, crawled over to me and crawled right over.

As I felt his baby dick against my own cock and then by his own choice, Ewan began to push my dick straight into his ass. He moaned in pain and pleasure, but he wanted to be fucked like his s****r was. As he slowly let me into him, I began to fuck. Once his ass was completely flat on my groin, and my cock was all the way inside, he leaned forward, and I fucked him.

He screamed in pain as I did the same to him as I did to his s****r, but like his s****r, came around pretty quick to liking it. I stopped doing the work and let him get some practice in. He began to grind against me and I bucked against him as well. He stood up off my cock and got on his knees.

“Wake up Riley, you’re both eating my cum.

Ewan shook Riley, and as she got to her knees, Ewan took the lead and took part of my cock into his mouth. Riley licked the sides at the same time. Before long I had that feeling and I was going to explode. Riley and Ewan opened their mouths as I aimed my cock towards them and like a volcano…boom.

Stream after stream of hot globs of cum hit the twin’s faces and tongues.

Like magic they cleaned their faces off with each other’s tongues and swallowed every last drop of cum I had produced.

We laid down in bed together as I fell asl**p with the two boys in my arms.

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