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supersexyhornygirl in Stockholm 1948

Dad is a businessman, we live in a big house, outside the city of Stockholm.

1948 was just fresh the summer season, only 3 years after the world war 2 has ended up, still a bit confusing times, Dad used to speak a lot about politics and chances for the future of our family.

My dad company is known for make telephones, a large Swedish company, based in Stockholm, and it was chances for business, Dad travels a lot and is out of home, almost all the time.

Summer is the best time in Stockholm, because the weather is warm and we can have a time outdoors, for walking and everyone is happy.

In the summer i go to the club doe swimming and volleyball classes with my classmates and have a chance to meet them and update myself with the latest of teh things.

I have only a few friends, Laura, Claire and Marcus, we always meet in the club, but sometimes i invite them to come home, they can even sleep in my home, our house is big, have about 10 bedrooms, Dad is a bsuinessman of telephones, sell for all Europe and soon maybe, to the rest of the world.

With the end of the world war 2, still is crazy how people can´t let alone about politics…. at the school, we still discuss about the invasion on Normandie, in the north of France, and the fall of the Nazis.

Marcus is the only guy-friend i could be confident for personal matters, i´ve always suspected he likes me, but never had courage to try anything with me.
Marcus is my classmate, just like Laura and Claire, but is good to have a guy, between us, is good to ask him things, to have man-perspective of the facts i wouldn´t ask anybody else.

Once, during this summer, i invited only Marcus, to spend the weekend in our home, this time i didn´t invite Laura and Claire.

My room is on the end of the row and Marcus stayed on the room next to mine, during the night i only get out of my room if i need to get water.

I am 18 years of age, Marcus 19. He is smart, intelligent and help me with studies.

That friday night we went to bed early and i woke up horny during the night, i always sleep naked during summer seasons.

That weekend was only me and Marcus at home, plus two maids, but the maids´rooms are far from ours´.

I was horny, dripping wet from my pussy, and i slowly started to touch my clit, fingering myself and also touching my tits, the blankets were still on me.

As i was moaning already and started to get loudly, Marcus woke and heared that noises.

Marcus could know was something from the room next to his´, and put his head on the wall to listen better, he realized it was from me, he got out of his bed, walking slowing and nothing of noise, he walked to my room, opened the door slowly, i never lock up the door, he could see me moaning and touching my clit, sweaty and almost having an orgasm, he started to touch his dick and masturbate himself.

I didn´t notice Marcus was at the door, i was busy touching my clit, at this stage the blankets went to the fllor, Marcus could notice my soft, young white skin, tight breasts, his dick was very very hard, before i finish with myself, Marcus jerked off and after it, he closed the door of my room, slowly and gentle, not to make any noise.

Since that night, Marcus wasn´t the same with me anymore, next morning, during our breakfast time, he was silent when i was talking with him.

I have found strange Marcus attitude and couldn´t understand why is that from him.

Weeks passed, i called Marcus some times, he didn´t answer my calls, i went to his home, even talked with his mother, she said Marcus wasn´t home, i found that really strange.

Marcus knew i like and have a crush for Paul, football player, and Marcus always said that Paul is not for me, every time i asked Marcus why, he only said because Paul don´t take good cares about me.

I knew Marcus likes me and wants me, but i didn´t have a clue of how was that, clearly!

One friday, during this summer, i invited Claire and Laura to go to the movies with me, Marcus stopped talking to me since times back, Laura and Claire didn´t want to go with me that night, i went alone to the movies.

After the movie i was a little late and lost the bus, had to go walking to home, a bit far, like 3 kilometers, my house is a bit far from the centre of the city.

My home is surrounded by lots of trees, looks like the woods, with a non pavment road in the middle, it was late, almost 10pm, i was a bit scary of all the darkness, i was alone.

I was in the middle of the way to home, and that person came out as all of a sudden, scaring me to death, and i didn´t see his face, he quick touched my mouth making me silent, he dropped me on the ground, ripped of my panties from under my skirt, i have tried to scream, but his hand was on my mouth, and i was looking to his eyes, i recognized was Marcus, my eyes looked scary, but i didn´t react, i was left to all Marcus wanted to do with me, i left he do all he wanted, Marcus changed me from position making me on doggy position and penetrated his dick on my pussy and his hand was on my mouth, Marcus is strong, tall and muscle guy, what could i do..i am skinny and slim…..

After Marcus finished, i couldn´t stand up, i stayed on the ground for long minutes…i knew it was Marcus….

part of me like what he did with me……

Since that night i never seen Marcus again, but i couldn´t forget Marcus the rest of the summer and the year, and eevry time i find myself thinking about Marcus, i smile, Claire and Laura asked me what was that, i never told them, that i always liked Marcus, and secretly like him….

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