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Summer whith aunt nancy

My aunt lived in a very rural trailer park out in the country. She was single and needed some one to help her around her property. So my mom sent me to stay with her through the summer. I got there we hugged and she told me to sit down and relax. She made me lunch and then sent me out side to rake leaves. My aunt is a very bossy and dominant person who will tell you what to do and make you do it.

My aunt was a wild country girl and very hillbillyish. She was also a alcoholic and drank every day normally d***k by noon. Her trailer was small my bed was in a small room in the back and she stayed on the couch in the living room/kitchen area. So I would have to go past her to get to the bathroom or get something to drink.

The 1st night there I wake up and head to the bathroom.

But my aunts sitting on the couch completely naked and d***k. I stop and get ready to turn around but it’s cause I didn’t want my aunt to see that I had seen her naked. Now my aunt is not a small girl she’s on the fat side. She has huge tits, a big belly, thick thighs, and a fat ass Not the prettiest thing to look at. She also didn’t shave she had a very hairy bush and armpits.

She saw me and called me over so I hesitantly walked over to her feeling very awkward. She said don’t be shy I’m your aunt you’ll get use to seeing me naked living here. I slid past her and went to the bathroom and then I went back to bed. That morning my aunt woke me up and of course I woke up with a huge boner like I always do.

My aunt grabbed it and said wow I was sent a big helper. I felt really awkward again and tried to push her hand off my cock. She scolded me and said listen here your here to help me and you will do what I say when I say it understand.

I said yes mam sorry and she told me to go in the living room while she makes me breakfast.

She sat down on the couch still naked and asked me to make her a drink I did. She said are you ready to help your aunt? I said yes mam what do you want me to do? She tells me to kneel in front of her and then she opens her legs wide. I can see her very hairy bush and can smell her sweaty pussy. She hadn’t taken a shower since I had been there.

She says I need you to eat my pussy real good it been a long time. I look up at her like what really and she puts her hand on my head and pushes my face into her pussy.

I started licking and it smelled really musky, smelly, and like urine as well. She just laid back and moaned as I licked her for what seemed like ever. Every now and then I would stop and look up at her to see if I could stop but she would just push my face back into her cunt.

The she puts her legs above my shoulders and tells me to lick lower as she pushes my head down till my tongue reaches her asshole and she starts moaning. I try to move back up to her pussy but she pushes my head back to her ass and yelled at me to lick deeper.

Then she turned around doggy style and told me to lick her ass. I started licking and she yelled at me to spread her cheeks and shove my tongue in as far as I could.

So I did I spread her cheeks apart, smashed my head in to her giant ass crack, and f***ed my tongue as far as it could reach up her ass. She moaned and said good boy she made me lick her asshole for like ten minutes then she told me to get up and fuck her.

I got up behind her, stuck my cock in her wet pussy, and started fucking her doggy style.

But with in 5 minutes I shot a huge load in her pussy. She said damn I need more then that. Then she turned around and told me to clean up my mess. I said please no she said your going to get use to it and she pushed my head into her messy cunt. She already had cum running out down to her asshole she told me to start at her ass and work my way up till it was all gone.

It tasted really bad and left a horrible taste in my mouth.

My aunt said well get used to it you’ll be eating lots for now on. Now go do the dishes while I take a shower. Then a guy from the trailer park came over and started drinking with my aunt. She sent me outside to do yard work after a while I went back into get something to eat.

When I walked in she was sucking the guys cock on the couch. She heard me walk in and pulled her mouth off his cock stroking it while she talked to me.

She told me to come over there and keep him hard while she made lunch. I was like what no way she smacked my face and sat me down next to him. She put my hand on his cock and said to keep him hard so I sat there stroking his cock and watched my aunt cover bread with mayonnaise.

She turned around and said you need to put more effort into it. Then she said use your mouth walked over and pushed my mouth over his cock. Telling me to suck it as she guided my head up and down his cock.

She then went back to making sandwiches while I sat there and sucked my 1st cock. She brought him a sandwich and felt his balls. I looked up at her and she said your doing a good job.

He’s getting close you might as well keep going and she pushed my head down on his cock till I gagged then let go. He just sat there eating his sandwich while I sucked his cock. I could feel bread crumbs falling on my head as I sucked. She made me start sucking him hard and fast fucking his cock with my mouth.

Then he started to tense up and I felt a hot squirts of cum blowing in my mouth filling my mouth with cum.

It started leaking down my chin and my aunt ordered me to swallow. It tasted horrible I was gagging on it. Trying to choke it down it tasted even worse as it was sliding down my throat. My aunt said good job the guys around here are going to love you. I said please nancy don’t make me suck a cock ever again it tastes really gross and I don’t like it. She says that’s to bad your going to learn to like it and your going do it till you do.

About 20mins later she made me start sucking him hard again. While I was sucking my aunt started lubing up my ass and working a dildo in my ass. After he was good and hard she told him to fuck my ass. I felt his cock slide between my cheeks as he pressed in my ass. As it went in it hurt real bad he pushed it balls deep and then stopped while I got use to the pain.

Then he started slowly working his cock in and out of my ass till he started fucking me harder and harder. Then 2 more guys came in the trailer she told the 1st one to shove his cock in my mouth. and she started sucking the other guy. They all 3 took turns fucking my mouth and ass then my aunt made them all cum in my mouth. Fuck it was disgusting I hate the taste of cum and I don’t care how much I eat it I will never get use to the taste.

I spent the whole summer serving my aunts every command. She made me eat her pussy and ass multiple times a day. Every time she got fucked by some one or had me fuck her she would make me lick her clean. She also made me suck cock at least one a day and always made me swallow the cum even if they fucked my ass she would make them pull out and cum in my mouth or dump the condom in my mouth.

I think she would make me eat so much cum just cause the bitch new I hated the taste and I still do but have gotten use to it.

I went home and vowed I would never visit my aunt again or mention what happened there.

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