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Sue and Ann

Hey out there I thought you might want to hear about what happen last week, it still trips me out. I was watching TV Saturday afternoon when I heard a car pull up I looked out and Sue Toms one of Kat’s bitches gets out. I open the door and tell her that Kat was gone for a few days, she said she knew and wanted to talk to me. I let her in and got her a drink then sat and said what’s up? She looked scared and shaken I put my arm around her and again asked her to tell me.

She said it was her daughter-n-law Ann married to Sam her son about three years now they have a son two and came to visit her and Steve her hubby. I said ok go on she took a deep breath and started well yesterday I heard them fucking and froze I know I should have just keep going but, I stood there and listen to them even peeked in at them I mean 1:00 in the afternoon my hubby around the corner and there son at his feet and me with my shorts and panties at my ankles and fingers deep in my twat I could not stop it but the worst was after they were done I went in there room and smelled and licked her panties.

Trying not to laugh I just sat there and she went on until Kat got in my panties I never even thought about other women now I’m out eating with my Steve and a pretty girl walks by I check her out thinking what or how I could get to eat her cunt or suck her tits. It’s driving me crazy but I want in my sons wife panties! OK I asked well why come to me? Cause watching them fuck I knew she would love what your big cock could do to her and maybe if you fucked her then I could walk in on you and then maybe we could have a threesome that way I could not only get her but, also be able to suck her juices off your cock too.

So Sue had a cook-out and asked me over her hubby knew me just not that my wife and I fuck the shit out of his wife. I pulled up and Sue came out to meet me, we walked around the side and she kissed me pulling my hand to her naked wet pussy her summer dress was short and I gave her two fingers deep and fast she bite her lip to keep from moaning to loud as I slammed her she shook and her eyes rolled back as she hung on me kissing me her tongue in my mouth catching herself she grab my hand and lead me to the backyard.

As the night went on we would go in the house for drinks and I finger fuck her cunt and ass hard her legs were covered with her cum then phone rang and it was one of Steve’s bosses he went inside to talk Sue took me behind the pool house and sucked me but she was unable to finish before Steve called her I pulled my pants up and took my set Ann looked my way as she talked to her hubby and noticed my hard on she tried to not let it show but I could tell she was watching it I went in the house to use the bathroom, as I started to come out Ann was there looking down at my dick I asked if she would like a better look and she slowly nodded yes I grab her hand pulled in the doorway and shut the door looking in her eyes I undid my belt and pants letting them fall my manhood stood hard and with out a word she hit her knees open mouthed I put my hand behind her head and eased in she chocked a little but before long was sucking like a pro.

Cupping my balls as her head traveled up and down licking the under side and taking it all in balls deep holding it there till she need air then back again. Ann was no first timer she grab my ass and held me in running her fingers in my asshole and cupping my balls I told her I was ready and she milked me to the last drop then pulled my pants up did my belt and kissed me hard and long.

I reached for her pussy but she pulled back looked at me and said please don’t! I said OK and left the room before I got to the back door she called me I turn to her and she almost in tears said Please I want you to fuck me so bad right now but if I let you touch me now I’ll never be able to stop I’m at my in-laws home and want to fuck there guest so bad you must really think I’m bad.

I put my arm around her and told her we could see each other tomorrow if she wanted and she jumped at it, I told her leave it to me. Going back out I was saying my good-byes and asked Ann if she would like to see my workshop in town Sue spoke up yes the guys are going to fish I’ll take you to town I said ok see you then and left.

The next day Sue and Ann came in around 10 and Sue said see you two later Ann wanted to talk to me I thought she had gotten cold feet but she explained that she loved her Sam very much it was just that she had a boyfriend before him who had a much bigger cock and knew how to really use it to I knew Sam was smaller but I also knew I could never be with the other guy much longer he wasn’t the stick around type.

I said so you cheat on Sam then and she yells back NO not at all then says no I haven but if Joey were to show up I couldn’t say I wouldn’t. I hug her and that starts it off soon we were naked on the daybed and she has my cock balls deep in her soft lipped cunt as I hold it there she comes hard her body shaking her breath taken away I start to pull out but she clamps her legs around me and round two goes into top gear as I pile drive her slamming my balls against her ass with each stoke we keep going on and on till her cunt is over filled and her mouth is cum covered too.

We lay there talking as Sue comes back we don’t hear her come in Ann is naked her tits and neck covered with love bites her cunt red and puffy from the fucking cum on her thighs and tits she sees Sue first and screams out OMG I’M SO SORRY SUE PLEASE and then she sees Sue taking her clothes off and walking to us Sue says shut-up and spread your legs Ann not knowing what to do Ann is dumb founded Sue says you fucked him out so for now spread your legs and let me have my pleasure too you see I was the one to have Tony fuck you so now I get what I want! Sue pushes Ann back and licks her way to a huge cream-pie sucking it all up I lay back and enjoy the show Sue has Ann having multi-orgasms then Sue moves to my cock and sucks it in doing her best to bring it back to life.

Before long her tongue does it’s job and she climbs on for the ride she has been wanting bouncing up and down hard driving me in as far as possible coming from her mouth are sounds so jumboed they have no meaning, she pulls off get between Ann’s legs and tongue dives in as I give it to her in the ass soon she spins Ann so she can eat Sue as I fuck her ass when I cum she lowers her ass to Ann who needs not be told what to do.

After a couple of hours they leave. I find out later that Sue told Ann about Kat and myself and the whole story got out about Joey too! The next two days I rested cause Kat came home on the third and fucked me silly and when I told her about Ann and Sue we went at it again…………………

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