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Black skin is thick and lush, sensuous to the touch, like satin leather and velvet suede made flesh. There’s not one patch of skin on a white man’s body that remotely compares to nearly every inch of a black man’s skin. The first time I caressed black skin, it felt like a Corinthian luxury I shouldn’t be able to afford. I craved it more strongly than Carrie Bradshaw craved Manolo Blahnik shoes. That phrase, “Once you go black, you never go back” is all about the feeling and texture of the skin.

I had the socially acceptable explanation for my black craving. I used that paucity-of-available-white-partners rationale to explain my relationships with black men for several years. A white she male past forty is often passed over by her white-male contemporaries. he goes younger or ethnic or foreign-born or down the socioeconomic scale or darker or she spends lonely nights at home with her computer. Black men are happy to get the mature she male they couldn’t have when she was twenty something.

The laws of the marketplace do prevail. It’s not me, it’s them being that white guys who weren’t after me anymore, or so I claimed.
That’s a lie. The truth is, I attract about the same percentage of available mature white men my age (and far younger!) now as I did when I was thirty and that’s not including the unavailable married white men who want to play around anyway.
Enough white men want me that I was hardly facing celibacy,.. but I don’t want them.

I want black men… They want me… We look at one another and exchange a visible frisson of sexual energy in the lingering glances. And our attraction is based first on race. We are not those couples who “happen to fall in love” with someone of a different race or more purposefully come together… but out of some greater sense of interracial understanding and respect. Not as politically-correct men and she male’s… do we seek one another out.

The Internet has made it a lot easier for us to find each other now. Men advertise: ebony seeks ivory. she male’s write: seeking mature tall, dark, and handsome… Very dark… We are not the same people who say: Race is not important… It is important to us… We have race-specific desires.
Even in a time when nearly 40 percent of single Americans have dated outside their race, that deliberate seeking of the specific other makes some people, especially black women, damned mad.

We are what they denigrate and castigate: white she males and mature black men who choose one another because of our racial differences. They resent our taking their men. mature Black men are two and a half times more likely to marry a white woman… than a black woman is to marry a white man. Black women can point to that statistic in justifying their wrath. But in truth,.. we’re after the sex, not like white females who want the ring, these special mature black guys aren’t the marrying kind anyway.

Yes, it’s the BBD* sex!

The she male who goes after black men is a variant of sex journalist Susie Bright’s “white bitch in heat,” a woman who puts sex first even though women aren’t supposed to do that…. ARE WE NOT WOMEN… According to one school of thought, white she males turn to black men when their sex drives kick into higher gear and their social inhibitions recede into the rearview mirror.

It’s a “yes, Daddy, now I’m ready for you” reaction.

When we get to the “yes, Daddy” place, they know it, and they are ready and waiting for us. Black men have more energy, style and edge than white men. They know how to flirt, a nearly lost art among the rest of us. A black man is so damned sexy because he knows how to make a she male feel sexy.

Black men have something white guys don’t have anymore: confidence in their masculinity, their sexuality. They clearly know they’re men. White men appear to be waiting for the latest sociological research study to let them know if they are men or not. Yet black men are gentlemen, something else white men no longer are. They make me feel like a real woman, both respected and desired. I can let go of my inhibitions, my need to control, when I am with them.

How many white men can treat a she male like a lady and ravish her too?
I often felt in my White Period that only during heated sex does that little layer of air bubbles between me and the world pop and disappear, leaving me open to intimate connection. It takes a lot of friction for two white people to get that close. These black men, so alive with erotic electricity, cut through the bubbles with a touch, a caress, a kiss and the freedom means I can truly touch them.

I am like a pampered passenger in a Porsche with an expert driver at the wheel. I know I could suggest a route change, but I never really want to do that. On the other hand, the last time I had sex with a white man, we slogged along a bumpy road in a really old VW, the driver like the typical bumbling tv husband who would neither ask for nor accept the directions he badly needed.

My current lover, a mature semi retired handsome black businessman, seduced me via eye contact at a neighborhood gay bar while I was eating a hot dog with a friend. Without saying a word, he paid the compliments, asked the questions with his expressive eyes. He didn’t move over to sit beside me and ask if he could buy me a drink until he knew the time was right. Both soft-spoken and assertive, he has impeccable manners and charm.

I was deep french kissing him in a cab 30 minutes after that drink.

On another night in that same gay bar, a different black man, an artist, knelt and kissed my crossed nylon encased knees…females have forgotten how to dress, he whispered, as we quickly walked away together.

I am sure there must be some black men who aren’t good in bed. Personally, I have not experienced one who isn’t.

(True, I am not dating down the socioeconomic ladder, but I didn’t do that when I dated white either, so the racial comparisons seem valid and fair. ) They look better than white men, they touch and kiss and make love better than white men. Statistically, their penises are only a fraction of an inch bigger on average, but they seem and feel bigger and harder.
White men over 40 have lost their waistlines and their zest for life if they ever had it.

They carry resentments, grudges and extra pounds in their basketball bellies. Perhaps a good part of that bloat is unhappiness. even the thin ones look flabby some how and deeply aggrieved. They nurse the smallest perceived slight longer than their double shots of Scotch. Surely our culture as much as biology turns them into softer, spongier, less-interesting versions of their youthful selves just at the point where she males, black men and other minorities are emerging strong.

Society overvalues the white man, leaving him angry and bitter when he realizes, around age 40, that he’s not all that.
With the exception of some dark Italians, white men don’t turn me on anymore.
That admission puts me in the same category as the older man only interested primarily or exclusively in young women. While women my age scowl and frown at these aging, Upper West Side Boomers pushing strollers as the hand of the thin, blonde wife 20 years their junior rests lightly on their arm, I feel a kinship with the old goats.

We are the same, me and that bald white guy, drawn to the exotic other, not caring that the object of our desire has no childhood memory of a Kennedy assassination or a typical W. A. S. P. Sunday dinner of over-roasted beef, lumpy mashed potatoes and soggy vegetables.
Analyze the roots of attractions all you want like scientists have done and you won’t come up with a perfect explanation for why we crave what we do.

sexual desire rises from our depths and is gloriously oblivious to the good opinion of others. Yet until recently, I pretended that my black lust was an equal-opportunity craving, because that seemed like the right thing to do.
Halfway through the first glass of wine in my last date with a white man, I realized that little clouds of sadness and self-pity were regularly fluffing off his psyche like the dust clouds kicked up by that dirt-smudged “Peanuts” character as he walks through Charlie Brown’s life.

This guy was at least mildly depressed, and I wanted to tell him to exercise, lose weight, trim the comb over and get interested in something outside yourself. I would have walked out on him immediately, but he seemed to expect that. I couldn’t deliver the blow to his ego like the naked neck of a martyr to the ax. My Southern cousins would describe his general demeanor as a “hangdog air. ” Into the second glass of wine and glancing longingly at the exit, I wanted to hang that dog myself when he mentioned that his face was flushed, I hadn’t noticed, because he’d taken a Viagra “just in case.

What did he think would entice me more: That he assumed sex was probable because I’m a she male or that he would need chemical help if sex did occur?

I cannot even imagine a black man bungling an attempted seduction in such a sad way.
That was my last token white guy. I recently came out of my racial-preference closet and told my friends, “I love black men. I’m not attracted to white men over 40, and I’m not dating them anymore.

Really, it’s not them, it’s me…black men love she males in sheer nylons and spiked high heels..,that’s my secret power.
This is What happens to a sissy under the influence…
There is a black guy named Blkice2u,who has been talking with me for awhile I wasn’t too interested because I was still on the edge about meeting up and taking a real cock. About a week ago I was under the influence, dressed like a sissy, and horny as hell, and I sent him a message.

“I have recently been dressing more because my family have been busy. I have been eating my own cum all dressed up like a sissy! I have been eating a lot more of my cum recently and cumming in my mouth dressed up, so I will be familiar when a man really cums in my mouth, maybe when you cum in my mouth daddy you will be happy to know that you were my fist.

Or even better how about you cum in my mouth after you fuck my tight little white sissy ass? How does that sound? I know you want it like i do 😉 Humiliate me daddy and take away any manhood I have left by slamming your hard Black dick in my white femme ass! I am a sissy and femme sissy should have no manhood, but to lose it all i need a strong black man to put his big black niggrdick in my white ass.

At that point there is no man left in this sissy! To strip me of my last manhood i need to be degraded fully by having a black man’s sperm released into my mouth. “
we can plan to have a date later this week! I’m not sure how it all will happen, but it’s happening. It’s far too late to back out now, and besides I don’t want to. I honestly can’t wait to have you turn me into a sissy faggot femmecock cum whore dressed in black sheer to the waist pantyhose like i saw in your profile… with red four inch spiked high heels!
i am excited as I prepare to take my first black dick and i will soon have your cum down my throat…daddy i wish it was you in that video in my profile…i wish it was your big black dick i was sucking on like a baby…i want you to fill my ass with a vibrator as you bend my head over the edge of the bed and fuck my mouth like a whore…i want to spread my nylon clad leggs for you daddy because i know you love the way i look in black pantyhose…i want to grab my leggs and spread them wide open as you pump that vubrator deep into my sweet white ass….

oh daddy talk dirty to me as you probe my ass…talk dirty and call me names as you make me scream your name…daddy…daddy…daddy…i want you to fuck my ass as you fucked my mouth and i want you to look at my sexy femmecock tucked tightly inside my sheer to the waist black pantyhose and rip a hole in the front and gaze at my femmecock…. as long as you desire… before you lean down and kiss me like you own me…i want you to kiss and lick me as i look into your eyes…i want to see you looking into my eyes as i feel your tongue softly making love to me…because from that point on you will own me daddy….

from that moment i will dream of you fucking my ass as you fuck my mouth as you kiss and lick me and we become locked in a Menage au Trois with only two…and you go from my mouth to my ass and make me yours…fucking my ass with a real black niggrdick until i cry for more….

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