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Step Dad Adult Youth

Step Dad

Scotty was a cute k** almost 12 years
old. He was an excellent student at his Middle school. He
He played some baseball with his
friends and he really wanted to join a local team but they required a
Scotty was embarrassed to even be
shirtless at home. When his step dad was around he would be certain
to be wearing shorts or jeans and either with a tee shirt or a polo
at all times.

When he would take a shower he went out
of his way to bring a complete change of clothes and not just a
His step dad Adam had really never seen
his sons body in less than a full set of clothes. In fact Scotty
didn’t even call his step dad. dad just Adam..
It hurt his step dad badly. He would
try to make his sons life as easy as he could.

New bikes new shoes
and cloths. Just about anything the boy needed he would help him
Adam had married Scottie’s mom a year
ago but still felt like a stranger. They spoke but there was little
love in the home.
His wife Scotties mom was killed in an
auto accident a month after they were married. It made for a hard
home life for both.
He knew the Scotty wanted to play ball
so he arranged a physical for the boy with a friend of his that knew
the situation.

They arrived at his friend’s office
on a Saturday.
Adam thought this might make his son
feel easier about the visit.
Dr. Lock was a nice older gentleman
that had a way with younger patients. He made both of them feel
easier by his demeanor.
“Hey Adam nice to see you a and this
must be your son Scotty am I right? ” They both smiled as the boy
bent his head down.

Scotty shook the man’s hand.
Hey doc yeah he is my joy but he needs
to physical for baseball so I thought maybe you could help us out.
“Sure Adam why don’t you both
follow me to the exam room.
Scotty looked at the doctor with a
questionable face..
“Yes young man when I do physicals I
want a parent in the room. “
That seemed to make sense but the boy
clearly did not like the idea.

Once they entered the room the doctor
handed Scotty a gown and told him , ” champ why don’t you undress
down to your underwear and put this on I will go get some things I
will need to do a complete exam.
The boy looked around the room for a
screen or something and the doctor smiled and said son you’re gonna
have to get used to undressing for gym in high school and hey this is
your dad.

He needs to see you all the time to see your are developing
The boy sat on a chair and took off his
tennis shoes, Adam took each thing his son removed and folded them
neatly in the chair next to where he sat.
he admired his sons skin. Not a blemish
could be seen.
The boy removed his shirt. Clean clear
skin with just a hint of peach fuss.

His nipples were small but
looked hard. Then the boy stood and faced away from him to remove his
jeans trying to hide as much as he could. He wore some small boxer
briefs that fit him very tight.
When he was totally undressed he pulled
on the gown and waited for the doctor to return,
this entire time neither of them spoke
a word.
The doctor came back in with a larger
tray of many odd looking tools,
Scotty glanced at it and his eyes grew

Looked like the doctor was preparing for major surgery.
OK Scotty let’s get started. He lead
the boy to the scale and took down his height and weight.
While the doctor was doing all this
Adam could hardly take his eyes off his son and his body.
The doctor kept a hand on his boys back
or shoulders the entire time.
Adam so wanted to feel his son skin and
watched intently as the doctor moved his son back to the exam table.

The doctor took notice that Adam was
watching the boy. He smiled at the dad then winked at him.
“Hey Adam, why don’t you write the
information in the chart as I call of the measurements and such.
OK Adam smiled and took the clipboard
and pen from his friend.
The doctor then took Scottie’s bl**d
pressure and called off the information.
Then he looked in the boys ears.

he checked the mouth. He took out his stethoscope and listened to the
boys heart beat and called out the heart rate to his father,
then the doctor told Scotty to lay back
on the table..
When he did so the doctor undid the
gown and pulled it aside.
He motioned for Adam to come see what
to check for.
The doctor said son since your dad here
will see you more than I will I want him to keep a close check on
your development so I am going to show him how to check and what to
check for.

Now Adam why not put the clipboard down
and place your palm right on your sons chest,
that’s good… now feel just to the
right that’s the heart you might can feel the beat, why not just
put your ear on his chest.
Adam leaned down and slowly listened to
Scottie’s heart, when he rose he instinctively stroked his sons
body. The doctor said good Adam, that’s how we check to see if
there are any bumps we might miss with just a quick look.

You need to
be able to rub your palms slowly over your sons whole body,
the best way to do this is right after
you take a good shower Scotty, in fact to save time you guys should
start showering together. The makes things go much better..
Adam smiled knowingly at his friend.
Now let’s see lift his arms please
yes he has no hair there…
OK Adam lets rub all over the abdomen
like this and the doctor placed his hand on top of Adams as he helped
the man move about his son’s body.

They lay his almost naked boy. He was a
dream to see and Adam wanted to drink in every moment every touch.
The doctor then had Adam slide down to
the boys feet, he taught him about foot care and showed him how to
rub his son foot.
This entire time Scotty who had been
uneasy about this whole thing was starting to enjoy having his step
dad rub him all over.

“Alright Adam help Scotty to jump
down to the floor so we can continue. “
Adam reached out he held his son as he
scooted down and jumped to the floor.
Now Adam what I need you to do is to
remove Scottie’s underpants,
father and son looked into each other’s
eyes. Then Adam knelt down. He placed two fingers in either side of
his sons waistband and slipped them entirely off his son’s body.

only pausing to give his son a moment to lift each leg as he stepped
Now Adam you can see that Scotty is
entirely hairless. What I want you to start doing is this. The doctor
took his hand and placed to fingertips right above his sons penis.
Now Adam rub all around here. See there are no hairs growing as of
yet. Now moved your fingers to the scrotum area and feel how smooth
the young ball sack is.

Now turn Scotty around and Scotty bend over
and touch your toes.
Now Adam you see the boy’s anus place
your fingers right there and feel no hair development here either. So
what you will need to do is every day after a shower thoroughly check
your sons body. Make sure you do not miss feeling him entirely.
Now for the next part the doctor smiled
Since Scotty has not yet entered
puberty you’re going to need to taste his juiced to make sure that
the testosterone is working right.

So let me show you how. Knell down
again and take your sons penis in your mouth then slowly move it back
and forth. Lick the head Adam and continue until your son has an
orgasm. Both father and son were lost in the new experiences they
were having.
Now Adam you continue while I check his
prostrate. The doctor went behind the boy. Hand took a jar from the
tray and applied a huge amount on his fingers and then rubbed it into
the boys anus ring.

The doctor slowly entered the boy’s
rear while his father continued to suck,
the doctor felt around till he found
the boys sweet spot.
The boy’s knees buckled and he almost
fell to the ground. He father holding him tightly by his penis and
the doctors large middle finger sliding in and out of him helped to
steady him.
In a few moments the boy began to buck
and shake. He exploded in a dry orgasm in his father’s mouth.

Adam looked at the doctor and told him
that there was no fluid.
The doctor looked at the both as he
withdrew his finger.
Is that OK with you Scotty ?
Of course doctor you and dad just want
to make sure I am growing right.
Yes so please do not miss a day and you
should grow to be a fine young man.
Scotty smiled and Adam shook his hand
as the boy started to get dressed.

As they left the doctor’s office Adam
looked at his son who he now knew intimately.
“Son are you OK with me doing these
things with you every day?”
Sure dad I don’t mind at all. In fact
dad most of my friends fathers do the same thing.
I have been wondering when you would
care about me the same way their fathers did.
Adam grinned. He knew he liked this

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