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Stella and Marina: SM is Spain #3

Third day of our role play I’m finally Master first time, over servant Marina and slave Stella Maris
The bells afar toll for midnight as Marina bends out of the window spreads her cheeks offers a choice
The promotion from slave to servant is expressed by pleasing her pussy with my hot rod for her orgasm Time has come, after we both come, to take her down for a night cap and inform Marina about my plan

My servant gets me a double wodka from the freezer and a cold beer, while she has a ‘Black Russian’.

My servant is curious for the next naughty things to happen to her, after all sexy surprises so far.
My servant wonders whether I will want to tie them up to teach them a new experience in obedience.
My servant giggles as I tell her I don’t think I will need to tie them up for their pleasure by me.

Marina kneels down between my legs as I relax in my arm-chair and I consider my options as Master.

Marina licks my member clean, tasting her own pussy juices. She feels very confident as my servant.
Marina takes pride in making me hard again in her mouth as she listens to the details of her duty.
Marina fondles my balls with one hand, the other one pulls at her butterfly cunny, plays her pussy.

Stella as a slave and you as servant shall be clean for me in your deepest crevises for making love.

Stella shall be spanked and paddled at wake-up as a wake-up call to her role and duties to us both.
Stella will get her first ever enema by you after she has served us our morning coffee and pleasure.
Stella shall next serve you the same, so the two of you will be properly prepared for my main game.

Marina mouthes my member, getting wet and hot by my interesting ideas for the full day of my rule.

Marina gets so excited that she loses control of the sexy situation. She comes hard, ahead of me!
Marina immediately realises she will be up for some serious correction for side-stepping my rules.
Marina sucks so hard at my hard-on that I indeed explode deep in her throat. She bends over my knee.

My servant gets her ass painted red by my paddle to remind her of her role for the rest of the day.

My servant starts to love my tough treats. Soon I will need to punish her by denying her any orgasms!
My servant loves me alternating hard hits with soft caresses of her slit, checking how wet she gets.
My servant is all mine in either role. She loves how we open up new realms of making love to her!

Stella still unaware of what will be up to her, as she wakes up to her full day of sexual slavery.

Stella seems to dream happily, to judge by the expression on her face, as we curl up besides her.
Stella spoons up, presses her tight teenie-size bums to my half-hard pole, her plum to Marina’s ass.
Stella moans as I grab her left tit a bit and start my day with her by a lovely little nipple play.

Sixty-nine offers perfect possibilities of six sexy hot holes at close, all open for me
Stella turns horny fast from my fumbling and her twat gets wet for my first fuck of my sexy slave.

Stella comes to lay on top of me, riding my rod, her knees at either side of mine, spreads her legs.
Stella rides me in the rythm of the spanks at her ass by the hot hands of my strong severe servant.
Stella tries to postpone her orgasm, waits for my permission to come, her muscles milking my member.

Stella feels how I shoot my semen deep inside of her, which sends her off to an awesome hard orgasm.

Stella realises quickly the loss of self control will hurt her burning bums even more right away.
Stella stays at the brink of coming, while my servant switches to a wooden spoon to spank her ass.
Stella keeps a firm grip at my big brown banana as her cunning cunny cramps after every sexy smack.

Marina smiles at me with an eye-wink when Stella collapses on top of me from coming continuously.

Marina soon lifts her from me to carry Stella to the bathroom for a cold shower and a return to duty.
Marina gladly accepts my invitation to curl up with me, while we wait for Stella serving us coffee.
Marina feels as my number one girlfriend today. We whisper and wonder whether Stella will be jealous.

Marina takes Stella with her for an improvised anal cleansing, after we enjoyed our breakfast in bed.

Marina shows Stella how to help her to prepare as(s) well for their sexy service to me to come soon.
Marina lets me doze for another hour, while the girls get clean and ready for more foxy fun with me.
Marina waits till I wake up to ask me politely if the girls can help me shaving, having a hot bath.

My servant executes my wishes with our slave, to build at our balcony a podium for our love making.

My servant sets up a table with a mattrass on top where the girls will start their sexy show for me.
My servant switches positions with my slave in sixty-nine, making each other come as I order them.
My servant knows what will be up next and longs for my participation, while Stella is lost in lust.

My servant feels how I pull her head from licking Stella’s snatch and let her head dangle down.

My servant eagerly opens her mouth and courageously tries to handle her first ever deep throat.
My servant lets go as I switch to my slave’s snatch, soon take her also up her buttered-up butt.
My servant gets a buttplug up hers, while I hand my slave a dildo to take the fat twat of Marina.

My girls take turns to serve as top or bottom, while I change sides to try the other three holes.

My girls feel filled all the time in at last two of their three wet warm horny holes on offer to me.
My girls lose count of their number of comes in our long lasting love session style sixty-nine-six.
My girls both feel winner as I honour Marina with an anal creampie, letting Stella lick it all up.

My girls need a break. Long hours of love, while the sun got as hot as we are.

Let’s get inside.
My girls giggle. Yes Master, always welcome inside us, says smart-ass Stella, sorry to speak Sir.
My girls deserve a sweet sexy siesta Spanish style, as much as I do, after all our erotic efforts.
My girls make a big bed for us. They cover me with kisses to thank me the sexy start of my rule.

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