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Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #7

Stella Maris, Marina and I are in a role-play – in the final day I am Master over my Slave Marina
Stella Maris is Servant – shall I have revenge at Marina who as Servant intrigued the day before?
Stella Maris liked her idea to have my virgin anal Rose ripped by strap-on by her sweet Servant!

I wake up and my ass is in pain – Rose the tiny tight Sphinxter turned into a burning Cullifower

I wake up and wake Them up – I order Them to shower each Other and wash properly my Ass as well!
I want You to prepare You Two for a special Ceremony before breakfast, Brides of my brown Banana
I want You to wear white short sexy Summer see-through dresses while I will not need any clothing

I notice Marina is not afraid at all, looks back at me with a big Smile – seems sure of Our love
I now want Her as my Slave, not only for this final day of role play, but forever as second Love
I prepare to propose to Marina to Marry me as well as sweet serving Slave for permanent Pleasure

I have so far only as Slave my steady great Girlfriend Stella Maris since her Submission last week
I have plans for a Future for the three of Us together for entertaining Enterprise and lots of love
I have my scenario set and know the roles I will offer Stella Maris and Marina soon in Our Ceremony

I inaugurate immediately indeed my white bright Brides after accepting Contract conditions

I ask sweet submissive Stella Maris to set the ceremonial cassette with wedding music melodies
I start it at noon and ask Her first to confirm She shall be my Slave on my newest Conditions?
I want You to be my Wife and born beautiful blond Babies for us Whom You will educate and raise

I ask as submissive Sign of Your acceptation You will offer my brown Banana Your sexy Sphinxter
I want You to prove Your dear Dedication by offering me your Orgasm within only six Sexy minutes
I ask my Slave of this day to support You by kneeling between your legs to lick Your Love Lips!

I inaugurate indeed my first Slave within six minutes with the hot horny Help of my mighty Marina
I invite Marina to listen to her future Duties if she shall decide to Marry me as well as Stella:
I want You to make me more beautiful blond Babies best all be gorgeous Girls and as talented as We

I ask also of my Slave of this so special Day in our Lives to help hard making money for Us all
I want You to be my main sexy Secretary and second Writer woman of our flexible Fam1ly company
I ask You Beauty to bend over for official Inauguration and sexy Stella Maris munch Your Cunny

I wonder whether You can come faster foxy Female – in only five Foxy minutes I hope Bride!
I inspect her hot tiny tight sexy Sphinter – as dry as Stella was when I made her my Bride
I Initiate and Inaugurate my Marina as my mighty second sexy Slave orgasming with the tide

I explain my mighty Dears details at Our Brunch with my Brides of the big bend brown Banana/b]

I tell the beautiful Brides of the big bend brown Banana they shall keep both of Us Hot and Happy
I want to make sure We want You Two to make me three beauties Babies each, best all be good Girls
I tell Them that We will live wherever the Sun will shine on Our commonly cared erotic Enterprise

I envisage we will be in Europe only from halfway Spring till some time in Autumn as I love Sun
I am not too fond of Sons by the way but the Boys will work with me, their education on the job
I envisage We will be in Australia somewhere second half of Our endess many yummy Years on Top!

I will need SM to run the Household and all Education which is her academic Specialisation anyway
I foresee fantastic fine Corporation of Love in lust in living together as an awesome tasty Triple
I will need my Marina to help me manage our international flexible fine Firm under good Guideance!

I know now We will raise the dear Doddies and perhaps an odd Son to prepare for next Generation
I want Us all to go for a fine Future of freedom in beautiful Bondage in Our long lasting Travel
I know how as a Student of Technics Physics and Philosophy We will prosper in Era of Information

I announce now the second part of our Wedding Ceremony to start exactly at midnight my warm Wives
I explain You two why – it will be full moon this nice night and Stella will ovalute as my Wive!
I announce also where We will conduct the Closing of our wonderful Wedding ceremony Celebration:

I know SM’s ovulation will be around full moon – sure she will be pretty pregnant very soon

I want us Three to be Upstairs in the round Room with the wonderful View from our window of Love
I see Stars shining in Your eyes Stella Maris the ‘Star of the Sea’ in lovely old Latin language
I want You to watch the Stars and full Moon till You will see stars from me making our first Baby

I need my Marina to sexily stimulate Us Two, so She shall sit between both Our legs to Finger Us!
I like my Marina to kiss Stella’s Love Lips and cute Clit to make Her Come long for our long Love
I need my Marina to make specially sure We will Orgasm one after another – first Me to shoot Seed

I propose to pray Us Three Together in Our Ovulating tasty tender Threesome – Oh Holy Ovulation!
I pray to You with my Wives for a Beautiful Blond Baby Great Generous Girl to be Born by My Wife
I propose to Play perfectly with Her every Day to Teach Her hot Happiness right from Her Start!

I feel a Finger of my mighty Marina slowly and softly enter my swollen Sphinxter, hands hold Balls
I know now I can trust this tasty lovely young yummy Lady with our Love Life in her hot able Hands
I feel Her Fingers Playing the pretty Pussy of my main long Love – till She makes me Come so Long!

I carry my wonderful Wife with my mighty Marina to Our bed keeping Her lovely looking long legs up
I want to make sure my hot Holy Seed will not leak out of her pulsating Pussy swallowing my Sperm!
I pray with my Slaves for Being Blessed by a Blond Baby born by my First Female and Wonderful Wife.

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