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Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #5b

In the continuation of the last day of rule by Mistress Marina we are all one lovers in a threesome
We wake up in each others arms, take turns to please each other as best as we can all day and night
We become an ideal triple: two tasty great girls of only twenty – both very dearly submissive to me
In fact we stop to care whose role it is to be Master or Mistress and Servant or Slave in our play!

Pure love rules the last few days of our love holiday of trying SM relations and sex in Spain/b]

With two willing wanton sexy slaves the rules of our game stopped to apply – they cared about me
With me as their one and only lover and Master my intelligent intimate fresh friends have one aim
With me they want to serve in order to fulfill the dirtiest of my dreams as both are devoted to me
With these two tasty so sexy great girls of only twenty years young it is only me who has to gain!

We make sweet love without any inhibitions, from when we three wake up till late in naughty night
We focus on pleasing each other not on getting ourselves any next orgasms, as they come by anyway
We find pleasure in challenging each others to reach new heights also try to keep each other tied
We lose count of coming as no-one rules anymore, count only our mutually served sexy satisfaction

Everything we do together these last three days of only love longing for more sexual gratification
Any role play melted down to the roles we like best – one elder dominant male and his younger subs
Erotic excellence emerges in helping each other to please my prick’s wishes with their horny holes
Any sexy encounter caused my balls to lose lots of their warm weight – again ham and eggs for food

We make love all the rest of day of the rule of mighty Marina as our outraging submissive Mistress
We kiss love fondle and fuck each oher in every possible way – and start all over again every time
We are an ideal triple I hope we can stay together like this till the very end of our days on Earth
We know no taboos and do the dirtiest possible things emptying our bladders over each others bodies

No-one notices that one tasty taboo is left carefully – they don’t dream to think of it even

My mighty Marina and sexy submissive Stella Maris try to satisfy me in every way they can think of
My foxy friends try to even daringly insert their frolicking finger into my virgin tight sphinxter
My prostate loves to be tickled from the outside since the very beginning – from the inside is new
My member reacts responsively – hardening in short time to serve the pleasure inside their holes!

I develop a fresh preference for protruding inside their anal canals to celebrate my domination
I enjoy their eegerness to submit to me and any of my possibly pervere weirdest wishes with them
I need to be fed with at least a dozen eggs daily to keep up my levels of supply of fresh sperm
I love to have first half of my harem at my dirty disposal for mindless fucking, hot humilation

The church bells in next village sound in the numbers of our orgasms together that long evening
The count of ten, eleven and finally twelve announce a change of Mistress, but none of us cares
The Mistress of the day is Stella Maris – but we all three stopped to care about any hierarchy
The party in bed and on the floor continues till we all three are exhausted – in Morpheus arms

Next day continues in the same manner under the direction of Stella Maris with me as sex slave
Next time making love at the terrace and in thee garden tied to the trees there in the evening
Next night of ending exhaustd in each other arms and those of our mythologicl member Morpheus
Next installment will be about that penultimate day of role play for three tasty foxy frinds!.

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